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Senior Farewell

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S: Dereck Deontaye Scott-Mims Jr.

BC: This Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

FC: A JOB WELL DONE '12 | Dereck Scott | "A man who won't die for something is not fit to live-Martin Luther King

1: Table of Contents | .Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2-Favorites Chapter 3-Characteristics of Me Chapter 4- The Earlier Years

2: My name is Dereck Deontaye Scott-Mims Jr., born Monday May 2, 1994 10:45 a.m. at Harris Hospital in downtown Fort Worth,Texas. Conceived by Latterria Scott&Dereck Mims. I am a 17year old African American male that attends Mansfield Legacy High School graduated in 2012.

3: THE JOURNEY HAS BEEN FUN... | 2012 | Im goofy beyond measures , most of the time i just laugh over lttle things that look funny sadly most of the time people dont see it when i do so i get looked at crazy . Sports, Music & dancing have basically been my life.

4: My family is my life, family comes first. My mama & daddy and step-mama are my backbone. They are a big part of the man i am today. Mama,is the person who gives me athletic advice & jokes. Daddy is the one with all the life stories, to show me not to make mistakes he did. My step-mom is the person i go to when i don't know something. she's very intelligent.

7: A woman told me once "you can be anything you want to be don't let no one stop you" i told her that i wanted to be a performer, she said "I'll be in the front row every time, just look for me" That was when i was ten years old, and five months later, that women died, that women was my aunt Ava. That was seven years ago, and every since then, those words have been molded into my memory all my life, ever since the day she told me that. When she told me that. Ever since then i perform my hardest & give it my all, because i know my aunt Ava is watching me.

8: I could eat spicy food for a living, most of the time if i'm not making music or working on homework i'm eating . Soul food also is one of my favorites. Growing up living down the street from my grandma its not hard to believe that i got many meals and lots to eat during the day & night. If i don't like the food you can tell because i make ugly faces, but thats a rare moment for me to do that.

11: Uplifting, enlightening, stirring, powerful, spiritual, soul reaching, inspiring, calming, and soothing. These things are what I feel while both listening & making music. The Creation of music is the greatest thing invented by man to me. What would you do without music? Music moves you, calms you, gets you happy. Just keeps your life better. i love to perform to give people that energy or feelings i have to them so they can feel it.

12: The characteristics of Dereck Deontaye Scott-Mims Jr. would be Goofy, shy, outgoing, quiet, respectful, nice, and careful towards others. Analyzing both of my parents I can clearly tell I get my goofiness from my dad, but I don't care because laughing is better than crying and frowning all day no matter how much somebody complains about you laughing. My shyness comes from both of them, I think. I can basically get along with anybody as long as they aren't disrespectful and in a boys or man’s case they can't be disrespectful to girls or women either, that’s a pet peeve of mine. Being around my grandma all the time I learned to respect my elders and also ones that’s my age also, not because I got in trouble for it, but because I picked up on it by being around her and other family members that treat anyone with respect.

14: Sports are things that keep me preoccupied and drive me to do better in other thing. I don't think I've went one year without doing any type of sports since 2nd grade. When I was 6 I used to go out to track meets with the big kids and watch them run, I got tired of watching so I went outside every day and ran around my yard or my grandmas yard till my mama put me in track. When I was put in track I became good from the start, honestly I think it's just one of Gods gifts he gave to me. Every year I went to state and still in love with track and running. During the time I wasn't running track I use to watch my cousin Jaron at his Football games and I figured he's just one year older than me so that means I can do it too. I got into football and at first hated it then grew to love it about weeks later, becoming good at it with my mama supporting me every game. Then came basketball, I always wanted to be like Michael Jordan so I decided to do Track, basketball, football, and baseball. Any sport I wanted to play just to have something to do.

15: !


17: I haven’t been many places during my lifetime yet, my family has a bit of a tradition though. Every year on the fourth of July and for my great grandmas birthday we go to Shreveport, Louisiana so that our family can get together and have a good time and have good laughs and have all drama and other family problems that goes on in our life’s or family feuds go out the window when we are together. Previously we visited Atlanta at my uncles house but I don’t know what happened I was really little back then so my memory has faded about that.

19: Dereck Scott is a goofy, shy, but at the same time outgoing man. Most of the time I have to know you to be outgoing with you, if not then I’m very quiet and shy I won’t say anything and you will forget that I’m even in your presence. Then again sometimes I will just randomly be outgoing one day for no reason at all. Dereck Scott is a person where if he sees his friend is in a bad mood, or sad, or mad. He won’t stop until that person laughs and gets that anger out of their system with laughter. Seeing people mad or sad eats me alive. If it’s time to be serious and talk it out until they get into a good mood dim willing to do that, but at the same time I will make a few jokes to make them laugh. Dereck Scott is a Goofy, shy, outgoing, loving, and helpful person.

21: WHAT I LIKE :)

22: I love superheroes, i love the idea of people having super human abilities. so much to were i don't see my self as average or normal in life. i think the bigger your imagination the bigger you go in life. I love superhero movies. if its a movie like that then i have to see it i don't care what it is. I'm always looking for new superheroes to find and when i do i study their ability's. Everybody is superhuman at something in life. My favorite superhero has always been flash, just the fact that i can run fast when i saw him he automatically became my favorite one out of all of them. Now every time i run in track i think I'm flash, its a great way to motivate my self to go as fast as i can.

23: Like Most teenage boys i am infatuated with girls. Even though some bring a lot of drama and attitude to the table i still stick around for the good ones. I mean really, what would the world be with out women? probably a real filthy place and kind of broke down. Women need men and men need women for this world to stay together. Everybody has that one celebrity they wish they could be with because they are so attracted to them even celebrities. Mine happens to be Paige Hurd, and I'm not wishing i know it will happen. Plus shes only a year older than me, so i think i got a chance at her hopefully. If not than I'll just wait it out and try all over again.

24: Never ever do i go a day without laughing at least twice a day. I Love watching sitcoms and funny movies. Laughing and seeing people make fun of other people in not a bad way is hilarious and seeing people doing funny things, but then again i am very goofy so things are easily funny to me. I think people shouldn't go without smiling at least once a day or then your life's just not as good. Even poor kids & families smile. My favorite sitcom on TV would have to be The Boondocks or Family guy, its kind of a hard decision to make between the two being that there both great shows. If i had to choose one it would be The Boondocks though because i can relate to it more.

26: Since freshman year I've been drinking the same juices everyday of the year. It would be impossible to think of a time i didn't drink them, because i never have went a day without drinking one or the other or both. Sunny D & V-8 splash mango is my favorites that i could drink every single day of my entire life. Trust me this is no exaggeration,I'm being serious. Sunny has that tang to it and so does V-8 splash. I'm thinking thats why i love it so much and then again i love juice period. For breakfast i drink sunny d & v-8, also for lunch, and dinner.I'm drinking so much i might just overload. They say too much of anything is bad. Well im going to drink till something bad happens because of it.

27: Other drinks like Powerade & Gatorade and other sport drinks are also my favorite but i dont drink them as much as i would sunny d or V-8. At the same time Gatorade makes you want more and more and you just cant stop drinking it. Eventually its all gone in two minutes but for some seconds. Either Way its a good drink. Also Arizona's are amazing for a drink to be so cheap. Whenever i go out somewhere I'm always searching for a Arizona to get. Luckily I'm successful just about every time i go to search for one. Who would of though that i 99 cent drink would taste so good when you buy it.

28: The Earlier Years | "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school" -Albert Einstein

29: When I was a freshman, entering into Legacy was probably one of the scariest moments in my life. The first step I took into the building I looked all around me already feeling lost. Wondering if we still even used our lockers even though they would it be way out of my way, instead of near all my class. Just like it was in Middle School. I had no idea where any of my classes were. I didn’t know many people and I was somewhat intimidated by the junior and senior class, they were all some much bigger then I was. I remember seeing a group of guys who would always stare me down every time they walked past me, so every time I saw them coming I would walk the other direction avoiding the eye contact. I played football and made a few friends during that but not many.

30: Since I’m one of those shy guys at first meeting friends my freshman year wasn’t as easy as it would have been for the most out going person in the world. I was and still am that one kid who never talks to many people in a class if I don’t know many people in it. I met my best friend Marvin playing football freshman year. He opened me up to some people, so he introduced me to other people. Which is how I started becoming friends with different people, and which made me start to open up and let people see the real funny guy that I am. Or at least think I am. Even though I was making some friends I still didn’t feel comfortable with the school and the people I was surrounded around. Not only was I in football but I was in track as well but didn’t have much success in it.

31: Sophomore year things began to become a little bit more easier. I started getting use to Legacy and the teachers and people attending it. I began to loosen up and show my true self to my friends. Meeting new people seemed to become easier because the high school environment was no longer a new thing to me. I was comfortable with Legacy a lot more then freshman year. Playing football wasn’t doing well for me I had most of my success in track. I began to find myself loving and enjoying to run over anything else. I work hard in track and give it my all. Track season was all I began to look forward into during the school year. I started to careless about football. My new priorities in high school were my grades which are really important to me, I had and still do have to keep up good grades. Also track I had to practice hard and give all I had which made me successful.

32: In my classes my sophomore year I still never really talked to many people even though I was a lot more comfortable. I like to get my work done rather than sit and talk and add on to my homework pile that I already have. Sophomore year was kind of a blur to me I don’t have much of a great memory about it. But not many people will, it’s a year that isn’t really important to a lot of people. But I do remember the first time I made first place in a track meet was my sophomore year. I could never forget that day ever in my life. I show that medal off with pride and a big smile on my face. My sophomore year is when me and my brothers started our music group called N.A.F. Now and Forever. We weren’t ever as serious about it then as we are now. My sophomore year we never really thought at we would make it this far but we did.

33: Junior year I began to grow tired. You get to that point in your school career where you realize you have one more year left and you no longer really want to try as hard. But when you are an athlete you have to always remember that in order to make a meet in track you have to have good grades. I toughed it out. I began to use to Legacy and once you get use to something it begins to get old real quick. Then you become so bored with it you tend to give up and no longer care as much. Being a Varsity runner in track is what motivated me though. I wanted to maintain my good grades and also keep up the same work ethic I had the first two years of attending Legacy High School. I wanted to keep my grades up so I could continue in doing what I loved. Which was making all the track meets and being successful enough to run in them.

34: "The Whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows -Sydney J. Harris

35: FullSail Recording | After graduating high school i plan to be attending FullSail University in Florida. Majoring in Recording Arts & possibly acting. By going there i hope to better my craft in music making & recording music, so that when it comes to my own personal music it will be unbelievably good beyond measures. Also i plan to learn the tricks and shortcuts to making songs. When someone needs help on producing a track: i wanna be the one they call upon to do what they need me to and show them so they can pass it on. I also wanna be a star actor. While in high school Ive learned that i have a good acting ability that i never caught on too in my early years. I love it, it's fun to do. Hopefully i will better my craft in that also.

36: Nothing so distinguishes great acting in any style, in any historical period, than the feeling that the actor has the potential to 'go off' at any moment, and to unleash an explosion, a flood of lava, that will be totally uncontrolled and uncontrollable. Great Acting always dances with danger. Acting is such a good way to tell a story to the audience and yourself. I feel like i can express myself in acting just much as i do in music. It's exciting to see movies and not know if the actor will go in a downfall or something exciting happens to them. Acting has become a passion and something i want to do now.

37: A tool for manipulating our emotions, music can alter our state and increase our memory power. ... Ancient cultures used music as a mnemonic device to imprint vital stories ... You can use music to incite yourself to perform at a high level, using a ... the crowd to their feet and clapping, but have you played a favorite song to perform. Thats what i love about music. In a couple of years that is what i will be doing and i will make sure it comes true. Every since i was little, it has been my dream. After school that dream will be my future.

38: For many people I know, a big house to call their own sure sounds like the ultimate dream. Think of all that wonderful space and room and potential to do whatever you want in that space. But there are obvious downsides to having a huge house: number one on the list is the maintenance cost. I'd rather be success with a 2 story house, but extra stuff in the basement. Long as I'm living good and making it through life everyday I will be just fine. I want to be living on my own by myself for a while till i get bored and lonely then share it with my future wife & kids. My house will be just perfect for me

39: Many people are afraid of the world beyond their door, yet the vast majority of humans are not thieves, murderers or rapists. They are people just like you and me who are trying to get by, to help their families and go about living their lives. There is no race, religion or nationality that is exempt from this rule. How they go about living their lives might be different, but their general goals are the same. I just want to explore and entertain all over the world and eat different things, see different things, learn different things. Some things i wont do by just sitting the same spot. so while doing music & acting i want to take the time out to look at landscapes & monuments around the whole world. It would be a very good experience

40: "I got hate letters from girls all over America because i wouldn't go to prom with them"

41: Unfortunately i didn't go to prom, so i decided to just to go the after prom that our school was provided. It was so much fun, and I'm glad that i decided to go to it. The whole thing was very creative overall. The games, the tattoos, and the dance floor with the big speakers playing while a video is at the same time as well. I had never really been to anything like that, that had evolved school before. I appreciated the school doing this for us. While i was there i had gotten a drawing of myself that looks basically exactly like me.

42: I never really get to spend time with my friends that i go to school with outside of school: so the fact that i got that chance was a good thing for me and my friends. Most of the time we just danced on the dance floor, but before that many of us had a great time in the photo-booth. I felt extremely hyper the entire night because i didn't attend the prom.To my Surprise everybody else was hyper too. i had a great time.All of us were acting pretty good

43: Even though i wasn't at the actual prom. When i got to after prom i heard a lot about prom. White said how much fun they had at prom, and the black people said some different things. As soon as i got there people were telling me that i had won most talented at prom, but i wasn't there to except it. I knew that i was in the running for the category, but i didn't think i would actually win the award. Everyone that approached me told me that i had one it. After the third person telling me that it had gotten annoying, but in a way i was glad they cared enough to tell me.

44: The amount of hours and sweat that everyone produced that night at after prom was ridiculous but definitely worth it. We all arrived at the same time to after prom, got there, played games, and then we saw the dance floor. We stayed on the dance floor for 3hours straight dancing to every single song that came on the speakers. No matter if it was old, new, boring, or just plain stupid. we didn't care. Everybody was in there own zone. It felt like we had a big family reunion. There was no drama, no fighting, no problems at all. We cheered each other on like we were family. It didn't matter if you could dance or not. Now that i look back on that night. I see that we are just one big family.

45: Mama I just wanted to say thank you. You have been here through thick and thin and I thank god that I have such a amazing, and wonderful mother to raise me into the man I am today. For thirteen years you have making sure that I get the education and knowledge I’m supposed to and I appreciate you for that. You are my back bone and my everything. Nobody is closer to me than you are. You have been there for me through sickness and health; I know that I can come to you for anything. Most kids have dreams and then they tell their parents about their dreams and then the parents tell their kids that the dream In not possible in life, but God gave me a supportive mother that is there to guide me and make me stronger to accomplish my goals and dreams. We laugh, we fight, and we go places together. In my mind we are inseparable. Even when I see that you are struggling to go to work and take care of me at the same time, you still try your best to make me happy. You are made of steel. You're my superwomen. Nobody is stronger on this earth or galaxy then you. The strength and courage that you prove to me, goes to me. I strive to be as good as you are, I strive to be as kind hearted as you are, I strive to be the prince that will go through anything to make his queen happy and take care of her. Just as much as the queen has been taking care of the prince for eighteen straight years. To have a mother that hasn't gave up on her family is a hero to me. You are my superhero, my favorite superhero. All the powers combined from every single superhero ever invented couldn’t touch my mama. The clothes on my back, the shoes on my feet, the pants that I wear, I owe all to you. Why do I need Google when I have my own personal guideline that has supported me for eighteen years in a row without a glitch, or program failure? When they made up the saying “a dog is a man’s best friend” they weren’t talking about me, because my best friend is my mama and always will be till my lungs have no more oxygen in them. Then after that, in heaven I will still be there with my best friend making me happy. Thank you for all you do mama, and I just wanted to tell you I love you.

46: I owe all to you. Why do I need Goggle when I have my own personal guideline that has supported me for eighteen years in a row without a glitch, or program failure? When they made up the saying “a dog is a man’s best friend” they weren't talking about me, because my best friend is my mama and always will be till my lungs have no more oxygen in them. Then after that, in heaven I will still be there with my best friend making me happy. Thank you for all you do mama, and I just wanted to tell you I love you.

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