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Senior Year

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Senior Year - Page Text Content

S: Austin Mason's Senior Scrapbook

FC: Austin Mason

1: Chapter 1 Who am I? I am Austin Mason and I am a senior at THS. I live in Thomasville, AL. I love to play golf and hunt. My parents are Phillip and Lee Mason. They are divorced, but they are not the kind that fight all the time. I don't know which college I want to go to. If I could go on a golf scholarship that would be nice. I want to be a psychiatrist or a lawyer when I grow up. I have many friends but only four best friends. They are Zach Day, Vicki Knight, Joseph Smyly, and Allie Dunagen. I don't like school that much though. On a rare occasion I will wake up and want to come to school. I am a generally laid back person but sometimes I will get a very bad attitude. I get my attitude from my mom's side of the family. I most of the time can control it. This is who I am and I don't like to talk much.

2: Chapter 2 Before I Was, There Were... My parents are Phillip and Lee Mason. My grandparents are Charles O. Mason, Eleanor Mason, Buddy Allen, and Lynda Allen. My PawPaw (Charles O. Mason) died when I was four so I didn't know him that well. My MaMee (Lynda Allen) died when I was eleven and she meant the world to me. Two main people in my family have paved my way though.That would be my dad and my Uncle Beau. My dad is a big hunter and that is my favorite thing to do. I just push myself to be more like him everyday because he is a great person. My Uncle Beau is my mom's brother. He is a lawyer also and plays golf. He actually played golf in college. I can talk to him about anything because he is a very understanding person. These are people that I think have paved my way so far.

4: Chapter 3 Suddenly, I Became Me The summer after my ninth grade year is when I started forming my identity. I started realizing that I love to give advice and compliment people. It's also when I lost my attitude. I started giving advice to my close friends and sometimes now I will have some random person come up to me and ask for advice. I also started doing my best at whatever I was doing. Before I wouldn't try at anything or would quit. It can be from golf to playing video games, I want to be the best I can be. Also this was a process. I feel like just a few months ago I completed it. It took me a couple of years to form it then all I needed was Christ. Everyone knew I was a great person but didn't have my relationship with God right. Joseph started pestering me until I went to church one night. I fell in love with that church. A couple of months later I accepted Christ into my heart. That is when i felt I suddenly became me.

5: James 1:19

6: Chapter 4 School Bells I actually remember my first day of kindergarten. I remember walking down to Mrs. Rice's room with my mom and hanging my coat on the outside hooks. I loved Mrs. Rice as a person and a teacher. She actually lives right down the road from me. I would have to say Zach Smoker was my best friend back then. We lived close to each other and I road home with him after school. Zach and I went to the same church and to Mrs. Emily's together. As the years passed, Zach and I grew apart. We rarely hang out now. My favorite thing about Mrs. Rice's class was nap time. Everyday from 1:30 until 2:30 we got to go to sleep. I wish high school would do that. Learning to read was hard at first. I am a quick learner though and once I learned a couple of words, I was reading like crazy. Then I got to where I hated to read and still do. This is what I remember from my first years of school.

8: Chapter 5 More School Bells I hated the third grade. Math almost made me fail. I think I had a sixty in that subject. The teacher was Mrs. McManus. I couldn't stand her. I never thought she was a good teacher. This made me start to dislike school. I actually liked the fourth grade. Even though I got into trouble. Mrs. Griggs was my teacher. She had this book called a poison book. If you signed it, you got in trouble. I had to sign it about 100 times. I'm just playing, but I did sign it a good bit. I loved everyday but the first on in fifth grade. I was so intimidated by the lockers and the class changes that I didn't know what to do. Mrs. Thibodeaux was great though. She was hilarious. Mrs. Harvell was pretty cool too. I loved the fifth grade.

10: Chapter 6 I Grew Up Here I have lived in the same house since I was born. I have three neighborhoods that are around me. The golf course is right across the street from my house. I always had friends that I played yard football and such with. I grew up in the town of Thomasville. It's a small town but cool. Highway 43 pretty much splits the town in half. It's one of those small towns where everybody knows everybody. I also grew up playing basketball with friends. We created this court with a three point line and nine guards. It's pretty cool. Now every Thursday we go shoot with some black guys. This is the town and the childhood I had.

11: Home is where the heart is.

12: Chapter 7 Hide and Seek I played many different games growing up. At first it was just hide and seek and tag in my yard. Then it became neighborhood tag. Then we started being able to drive golf carts. That's when we started playing yard football and wiffle ball. We played those two for years. Then we got to middle school baseball and I got sick the week of try-outs and wasn't able to try out. This was when I started playing golf. I played everyday and eventually became good. I pretty much played golf until the ninth grade. Then we got interested in basketball. That's when we created out court and started playing. These are the games I played when I was younger and still play today.


14: Chapter 8 My First Girlfriend My first crush was on Hillary Duff. I absolutely loved her Lizzie McGuire tv show. Everyday I came home and watched it. I thought she was the prettiest thing in the world. I remember wishing I could meet her. Also I was scared to talk to girls when I was little. I overcame this fear when I got my first real girlfriend. Her name was Autumn Chaney. We were in the seventh grade at the time. After that I became much more social. Hillary Duff was my first crush and I will never forget it.


16: Chapter 9 I Wish I Could See My Grandmother Again I wish I could see my MaMee again. She died when I was eleven, from cancer. She had it twice, the first time it went dormant but the second time it killed her. She was no doubt my favorite person in life. She bought me anything I asked for and even things I didn't ask for. When I would see her at Christmas and such, I would always be near her. She died on August 3, 2004. It absolutely tore me apart. I didn't know why it happened, all I knew was that my favorite person was gone. I was mad at the world for a long time. I regret being like that. Everyday I wish I could see her again, but I know it happened for a reason.

18: Chapter 10 Middle School My fifth grade year was my favorite year of middle school. I had Mrs. Thibodeaux and Mrs. Harvell for teachers. They were great. I had all my friends in my classes with me. My sixth grade year was not great. I got in trouble a lot and picked on sometimes. Mrs. Craddock put me in the hall almost everyday. I couldn't stand Mrs. Knight. Her class was ridiculous. My seventh grade year was good. I was quiet kid again in the seventh grade. I made good grades and enjoyed it. My eighth grade year was great. I played football and joined the golf team. These were my middle school years.

20: Chapter 11 Let's Go to the Movies As a baby my favorite movie was Barney. I have all his movies in my old room. I had an obsession with him. As I got older my friends made fun of me for still having them out. I didn't watch them or anything, they were just on a shelf. My middle school years I loved The Pirates of the Carribean. I have all three movies and used to watch them all the time. About my tenth grade year I started liking comedy. Especially the old college frat movies. Such as The Revenge of the Nerds, Accepted, Road Trip, and so on. Those movies are crazy. They always cheer me up though no matter what mood I'm in.

22: Chapter 12 Most People Would Be Surprised to Know... I am a really good advice giver. I don't know how, I just tell my opinions. Not a lot of people know me well enough to know this. Only my close friends and a few others. The few others are the ones that always come to me for advice. Also I love to help people in any way possible. I think that's what drives me to give good advice. Most of the time when I just sit in my room I come up with "sayings". That's where all my advice comes from. For example, "A laugh is a cry of joy". I thought that up when someone is going through a tough time, you have to find a positive and try to laugh. This is my hidden secret.

24: Chapter 13 Let's Take a Vacation My favorite vacation was when I went to San Francisco, California. I was about nine or ten years old. It was cold even in the summer. I put my feet in the Pacific Ocean and thought my toes were going to fall off. Also riding on the cable cars were really cool. I rode them all over the town. One time mom and I got lost in China Town. My favorite thing was Alcatraz. That place was so cool. I got to see all the major convicts cells and staff. I think that kind of stuff is so interesting. This is my favorite vacation. | California

25: San Francisco

26: Chapter 14 High School: the Early Years I had a great first three years in high school. My ninth grade year we were a really bad golf team. I had a lot of classes with friends though. My tenth grade year however, was a lot better. We had an outstanding golf team once Zach and Coach Brown came along. I think we lost to like three teams all year. I also killed an eight point buck that year. I liked all my classes too. I had a lot of friends in them and they were not that hard. My eleventh grade year was not as good. Even though I played a lot better golf than I did the year before. I suffered a slight heartbreak, but nothing too serious. This is also the year Auburn rebuilt their winning traditions. These were my years as an underclassman.

28: Chapter 15 My True Passion My favorite two things in the world to do are golf and hunt. I would have to say my true passion is hunting though. I love the adrenaline rush I get when I see a big buck. I love the feeling of seeing him on the ground. I also love to be outdoors and just enjoy nature. I love to watch how the wildlife acts when people are not bothering them. One of the best sights I have ever seen is a spotted fawn playing in a patch. She was just running and jumping around. It was truly a great thing to see. I wish everybody could experience those great feelings. I took Daniel Zeher hunting last year. He was an Austrian exchange student. He shot his first deer with me. That was also a great time for me. This is why hunting is my passion.

30: Chapter 16 At Last, I'm a Senior My senior year has been good so far. However it has had some downfalls. I suffered another slight heart break. My best friend, who is practically like my sister, Vicki Knight, moved to Daphne. Auburn is undefeated and playing very well. I've got confidence in my hunting stand this year. I have made several new friends, such as, Alicia, Ralph, and Farrah. I am closer to Farrah and Ralph though. I actually introduced Ralph to God. I am getting baptized this year, also. Also the golf team is going to be great. I'm mostly excited about getting out into the real world. It's going to be so much different in college. It will be a great experience. This is my senior year so far.

31: Moving Forward | c/o 2011

32: Closing Final Thoughts One thing I would change is how I treated some people. The one thing I hope for in the future is to keep growing closer to God. I want to be a walking example of a Christian. I wish I could go back in time and treat those people better. There are some people that I have said some harsh things to. It's not to an extreme though. I wish I would have handled the situations better. Other than that I loved high school and look forward to loving college.

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