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FC: William Shakespeare during the the Renaissance By: Maria Lopez

1: How does the Renaissance influence literature and history? Before the Renaissance, Literature and Arts had more focus on religion. Since the Renaissance Literature and religion focused more on humanism. Queen Elizabeth actually enjoyed plays so she contributed to make them more popular. Still today we read some of the most famous plays by William Shakespeare. A new way to speak, read and write was introduced that people still today study.


3: Geography: Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance because Med. sea allowed them to trade with others and become very prosperous. Religion: In the middle ages everything was more spiritual while in the renaissance people put a bigger focus on wordly values and human accomplishments. Achievements: Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, inventor and scientist(best known as the artist of the Mona Lisa). Raphael Sanzio was famous for his use of perspective. and Petrach and Boccaccio were known as the fathers of humanism and were great poets. Politics: In the Renaissance merchants began to dominate the gov. Florence has a republic. During the Renaissance the Medici family ruled. Economy: Their economy was largely based on Trading through the Med. sea. Society: Movement was based on human potential. women were not expected to seek fame. women had little influence in politics.

4: COMPARE THE ITALIAN RENAISSANCE AND ELIZABETH ENGLAND During Elizabeth England and The Italian Renaissance there were many factors that were similar. For example both had a big focus on art and literature. During Elizabeth England, Leonardo Da Vinci was the famous artist of the Mona Lisa. Even today it has been a world wide known portrait. In the Italian Renaissance, William Shakespeare, a famous play writer that students even today study was the writer of the world known play, Romeo and Juliet. The economy of Elizabeth England and the Italian Renaissance are both very similar due to the fact they are both based on trading and agriculture which has made them very prosperous.

5: CONTRASTING THE ITALIAN RENAISSANCE AND ELIZABETH ENGLAND Although both were very alike, they also had some major differences. During Elizabeth England, everything was mostly based on religion. Literature, art, and many more things would focus on their religion, they were catholic. In the Italian Renaissance people didn't focus much on religion but they focused more human potential, humanism. The Italian Renaissance had a republican government while Elizabeth England had a monarch.

6: SHAKESPEARE'S LIFE Shakespeare was born and baptized in Stradford-Upon-Avon , although his death is still a mystery many believe it was around April 23, 1616. Shakespeare had 8 siblings and out of all of them he was the third. His parents were John Shakespeare who was a local business man and Mary Arden. William Shakespeare attended school from 1571 when he was 7 to 1578 when he was 14 a total of 7 years. His school focused on teaching them grammar and behavior. Later on William All his life he lived in Stradford-Upon-Avon and his wife died on August 6, 1623.

7: Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway and had 3 children, Judith, Susanna and Hamnet. Hamnet later on died of the bubonic plague.There a rumor going around that during Shakespeare's marriage he was involved with another women. All his life he lived in Stradford-Upon-Avon and his wife died on August 6, 1623.

8: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S CAREER William Shakespeare was famous for being an Actor, Writer, and Poet. In total he wrote 37 plays, aside from that he also wrote alot of poetry. Some of his plays were mainly based on history, comedy, and tragedy. He wrote the play "Julias Ceasar" which was a history play, "A Midsummer Nights Dream" was a comedy, and "Romeo and Juliet" one of his most famous play was a tragedy. William Shakespeare had an acting company name "The Chamberlains Men" but was later on changed to "The King's Men."

9: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S CAREER FAMOUS LINES FROM PLAYS: "Romeo, Romeo, where are thou?" "To be or not to be" "What the dickens"

10: LANGUAGE OF SHAKESPEARES TIME During Shakespeare, people wrote in early modern English prose. only some people actually spoke like the way they did in William Shakespeare's plays. William Shakespeare is credited by the Oxford Dictionary with the introduction of at least 3,000 words. Although the Elizabethan dialect is slightly different than the modern English, the principles are generally the same. The English language has changed a lot over the years, and still remains to change, words used by Shakespeare may have different meanings or written differently.

11: SOME WORDS USED BY THE SHAKESPEAREAN LANGUAGE 1. ART-are 2. ERE-before 3. HARK-listen 4. HENCE-away 5. HATH-has 6. MARRY-indeed 7. THEE-you 8. THOU-you 9.THY-your 10. WHEREFORE-why

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