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Shakespeare's Elizabethean England

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BC: Thank You

FC: Shakespeare's Elizabethean England | BY: Zachary Rian

1: Bibliography |

2: Plays and Poems by Shakespeare | -Anthony and Cleopatra -Hamlet -Julius Caesar -King Lear -Romeo and Juliet -Macbeth -Henry the VI -Othello -Timon of Athens -All's Well That ends Well -The Merchant of Venice -A Fairy Song -Bridal Song -Dirge

4: Early Life of Shakespeare | -Shakespeare was born in Stratfrod upon Avon April 23 1564 to parents John and Mary Shakespeare. -He was one of eight children and the first to survive past a year. -He grew up in wealth due to the booming economy during Elizabethan times. His father John was a successful glove maker and was quite wealthy. -William went to school and studied grammar, Latin and translation and attended school until the age of 14. During that time, he became involved with the theatre. He also loved performing in the plays his school had. -Growing up he lived in one of the worst time periods due to the Religious Conflict going on. -HIs generation was thought to be the most literate group in History while in school. -Everything that he saw or occurred to him during his childhood became incorporated in his works.

6: Later Life of Shakespeare | -Shakespeare worked as a teacher. Later, he then wanted to pursue an acting career so he auditioned for a group called the The Queens Men after a spot opened up after one member killed another. They traveled throughout Elizabethan England. -Shakespeare later got married to Anne Hathaway who was six years older than William and they had three kids together: Judith, Hamnet and Susanna. Later on, Hamnet developed a disease that caused him to die. -Shakespeare abandoned his family in order to travel with the Queens Men. He enjoys being in the limelight more than being a father/ husband. -During this time also, Shakespeare wrote many plays that people could relate to. He wrote plays for people to laugh at the government issues. -He had to overcome adversity when his father went bankrupt and lost his spot within the town's government. -Co-owned the Globe theatre with many others

8: Legacy of Shakespeare | - Many of his plays that he wrote in the 1500's have stood the test of time and are still read within classrooms today. - His writing spread first throughout all of England first and then all around the world. -His writing was influenced by the Church he grew up in. -He used personal experiences in his plays and his sad feelings of being the opposite of the main religion of England at the time of Queen Elizabeth I. -Genres include: Plays and Sonnets (poems).

9: Now On To England...

10: Geography | -England is an island of the coast of Western Europe. -England is surrounded by many different bodies of water. This includes the Irish Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the Celtic Sea and the English Channel. -During this time period, England controlled a significant mass of land throughout the World. This includes present day England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. - The Climate varies between the different seasons. - Has a few small rivers due to the fact that it is an island. They are the Severn River, the Thames River, the Trent River and the Mersey river. - Present day Scotland and Wales are the most mountainous parts of England in the 1500's.

12: Religion | - | - There was a suspicion of witchcraft during the Elizabethean period.When any unexplainable events occurred such as the Bubonic Plague, people blamed it on witches. This lead to the persecution of witches, witch hunts and much tension within England. Women who were old, poor, unprotected, single or widowed were among the ones who were blamed for practicing witchcraft. - Due to the invention of the Printing Press, many bibles and books of witchcraft were printed an became popular. - Superstitions were popular throughout England such as when you sneeze you have to say "bless you" in order to make the devil go away. - The main Religion shifted a lot during the 1500's but the main religions of England were Roman Catholic or Protestant depending on the monarch of England. - A bill was passed stating that everyone had to go to church on Sundays and Holy Days or else a fine would be assessed.

14: Achievements | - The Printing Press was a great achievement allowing for the printing of books to occur. - Music and the arts were a main part of England. They thrived throughout this Golden Age of England. - Medieval artwork and paintings about the church and figures were popular and art was often used as symbols. - Many expeditions and explorations were common during the Elizabethean time period of England. This allowed trade to occur and the discovery of new land in the new World (the Americas). The most famous was the set up of the Roanoke Colony in America even though it is a mystery as to what happened to the English people that settled there. - England received its first Coach for the Queen to use thanks to Guilliam Boonen. - The studies and advancements in the scientific fields of magnetism and astronomy. -Very first Theatres built in Enlgand

16: Politics | - Plays had to be censored if the church was included due to unstableness of one Religion. - Queen Elizabeth I had all the power being the monarch which allowed her to create laws that other people might not like but she does so they have to obey it. - If a significant,severe crime was committed, the defendant would have to undergo numerous painful torture to bring out evidence. - Although her reign was a time of peace and prosperity, she at the end of her reign looked for trouble when she got involved with the Anglo- Spanish war. - How strong the government was depended on the strength of the leader. - Queen Elizabeth I was very good at dealing with foreign affairs resulting in peace. -Monarch had all the power and made decisions at all Parliment meetings. - The Privy Counsel was a group of advisers to the Queen.

18: Economics | - Queen Elizabeth did a good job dealing with trades with foreign countries. Being able to trade well with other countries allowed for a strong, wealthy economy. - Many people were able to gain great wealth during this time period including Shakespeare's dad John. - Population increased by 400% and more than 200,000 people lived in London due to its commerce and wealth. - A rise in the middle class of Merchants caused the economy to boom. - Iron, woolen cloth, tin and tobacco were the major exports of England. - Produce was normally grown at home. - Trade with the Portuguese included imports of spices, silks, ivory, pearls, silver and gold. - No postal service, firefighters, hospitals and little to no benefits for the people. - Economy was at first poor but as Elizabeths reign progressed, greatly improved.

19: Rise in Economy

20: Society | - Elizabethan England had a social class pyramid consisting of the monarch at the top, then the noble, then the gentry, then the merchants and lastly the laborers are on the bottom. - Believed that God created these ranks and gave each class a blessing sometimes. - What class you were in decided what clothes you wore and you were to not were any other classes clothing. - Children were raised by the bible and had to respect their elders - Education was valued - Family was very important during this period. Followed a system of hierarchy - The life expectancy of a lower class person would be living until about 42 years old and the higher classes lived longer because they had more money for doctors and medicine.

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