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Six Pillars of Character:Citizenship

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Six Pillars of Character:Citizenship - Page Text Content

BC: Emily Akiyama

FC: Six Pillars of Character: Citizenship | Citizenship- (noun) membership in a community, such as a school

1: Key terms:: | ethicist: a person who studies principles governing right and wrong ethics: behavior and decision making based on your set of values and morals values: the things we think are right and wrong morals: the things we believe are right and wrong based on your values

2: Why Purple?

3: The color purple can help you remember "citizenship" by thinking of purple as a royal color . Royalty represents the state.

4: The test of good citizenship is loyalty to country. Bainbridge Colby (founder of the progressive party)

5: What is a better idea of citizenship than being a citizen of a country? Bainbridge Colby was the founder of the Progressive Party. which was popular in 1912 to 1952. It's main goals were to change and reform America, much like President Obama today. What Colby is saying is that to be part of the country, you need to have loyalty, which is a test of citizenship.

6: Remember the Principles of American Citizenship?

7: --> Responsibility --> Diligence --> Respect --> Kindness --> Fairness --> Honesty --> Cooperation --> Self-Control --> Trustworthiness

8: So, whats been going on recently that | The recent murder of the police officer, Victor Decker. Who was a good citizen then? Who was not? | Two football teams fighting after a game in Norfolk. Good citizenship or bad citizenship?

9: shows or does not show citizenship? | Road signs in Southampton County have been disappearing recently. Is the thief a good or bad citizen? | Many people are supporting the special Olympics during disability awareness month (November) Are the volunteers showing good citizenship or bad citizenship?

10: Like the body that is made up of different limbs and organs, all moral creatures must depend on each other to exist. — Hindu proverb

11: Just like the body, Citizenship is made up of many various things (think the nine principles of American Citizenship). We also depend on other people (teachers, friends, family, etc) to help build our traits of citizenship, both nationally and by character.

12: How can you show | A- Pick up a piece of trash you dropped

13: good citizenship? | B- Leave it on the ground and let someone else take care of it | Answer on the next slide!

14: A nation, as a society, forms a moral person, and every member of it is personally responsible for his society. — Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father and third U.S. president (1743-1826), in a letter to George Hammond, 1792 | Choice A shows citizenship

15: Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States, knew what he was talking about when he referenced citizenship. Citizenship doesn't just come from or describe one person. Citizenship can also be a national description. Think about the United States. Do people show citizenship?

16: What else can you do to show good citizenship? | Help your neighbor carry in their groceries | Listen when a teacher or other person is talking and wait your turn to say something

17: Help someone in need with their homework or when they fall | Show pride in your school and do clean up after yourself at lunch or in the library | What else can you think of?

18: Citizenship is a tough occupation which obliges the citizen to make his own informed opinion and stand by it. Martha Gellhorn

19: Martha Gellhorn is an American journalist/writer. This quote shows citizenship by displaying a characteristic of citizenship -making an informed opinion. This is especially important in events like elections where you are choosing someone to represent you and make good decisions.

20: What past events have occurred | The writing of the United States Constitution by the founding fathers | Fredrick Douglass during the American Civil War

21: that shows good citizenship? | Women rallying to gain the right to vote in the 1900's | Americans in the World War II era had ration books and supported the soldiers through victory rolls.

22: If not now, When? If not me, Who? Don Mashak

23: Don Mashak is a business owner of a repossession company and political activist. He currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnisota. Throughout his life, he is a good citizen by speaking out against injustice and changes things that aren't good in out country.Basically, Mashak is saying,if you don't be a good citizen, who will? At the same time, if you don't do something (like pick up a piece of trash) it is possible that no one will and your classroom or Earth will be dirty forever. If something doesn't happen now, it may never happen (like saving the environment or endangered species). I believe that this is the strongest quote because it really shows citizenship and the importance of good citizenship.

24: I think if the people of this country can be reached with the truth, their judgment will be in favor of the many, as against the privileged few -Eleanor Roosevelt | Part of citizenship is standing up for all people, not just the people you relate to: eliminate racism.

25: Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. — Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, public philosopher and poet (1803-1882) | Part of being a good citizen is being a nice person and caring for one another.

26: Citizenship: | Being a good citizen means that you make things better, you are involved in your school and community, and you obey the laws and rules. | Good citizens try to improve the lives of others. People like philanthropists, police officers, and firefighters are all examples of good citizens.

27: A Recap | There are many ways to be a good citizen at any age. | Remember, all of the pillars of character build off each other. If you are not being a good citizen, you may not be following another character trait.

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