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Sneezing Like Thunder

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S: "Sneezing Like Thunder"

BC: I Appreciate Your Time

FC: "Sneezing Like Thunder" | By:Kevin Krawczynski

1: "Sneezing Like Thunder" | By: Kevin Krawczynski 8th Hour May 14th, 2010

2: Table of Contents | Letter of Introduction.............................4 Personal Alphabet..................................6 Room Sweet Room....................................7 Personal Recipe....................................8 Ultimate All Purpose Excuse........................10 CGo Outside........................................12 How To Be A Creeper................................14 A '72 'Vette.......................................16 Who Am I?..........................................18 The Tear...........................................20 The Fear of Adult-hood.............................22

3: Now Prepare for the literary experience of your life . . .

4: A Letter of Introduction | Mr. Eickstead has assigned a writing project to help us see how far we've come. We are required to choose from various writing prompts and compile them into a writing portfolio. I have decided to title mine "Sneezing Like Thunder". Yes, I am aware that I have an abnormally loud sneeze. This particular quote came from my friend Molly. One day it was raining and I sneezed. Molly jumped and yelled "Kevin! You sneeze like thunder!"

5: It turns out that this has been a very rich analogy. I sneeze like thunder, I may be small, but if you make me angry, there is a storm inside. I am strong despite my size, and sometimes it feels like it's just a storm in my life, but then I sneeze thunder and let it out. Please enjoy these selected entries with an open mind, and plenty of imagination... Sincerely, Kevin Krawczynski

6: Personal Alphabet

7: Room Sweet Room | The best thing about my room is that it's MINE. It has all my stuff in it. It may be cluttered, but I know where things are. It has my guitars and piano in it, which makes it an extremely desirable place to be. But it is also the hottest room in the house, which makes it uncomfortable in the summer. Overall, I wouldn't trade with anyone in the house.

8: Ingredients: 2 TBS. of Music 2 TSP. of Strength 1 1/2 TBS. of Intelligence 3 TSP. of Common Sense 2 TSP. Speed 1 Dash of Thunder A Pinch of Spice Mix all ingredients in a bowl and mix gently for 1 minute, take out another bowl, and don't use it. Take out a third bowl and pound on ingredients for another minute. | Symbolic Recipe

9: Add: 2 OZ of Confidence Leave ingredients alone for about 2 minutes. Then throw into a large bowl. Bake for 30 minutes. Take it out, let it cool. And you've got me.

10: The ULTIMATE ALL PURPOSE Excuse | Well Mr.Eickstead, after 7th period my sister proceeded to wait outside of Miss O's door and attacked me with her Concordia Self-Study Bible. When I woke up, I ran outside but I tripped and fell in a mud puddle, when I went to the bathroom in this building to clean myself there was no toilet paper or paper towels, so I went to the other module, but they were out also (you can check if you don't believe me) so I had to go all the way back to the new building. When I had finally cleaned my self of I came out of the building and noticed that an old lady needed some help crossing the street through the complex and swift traffic. Being the kind-hearted and helpful young man that I am, I helped her across

11: the street, but when I got to the other side a wolf-dog came out of the brush and chased me down Babcock all the way to 1604 where I ran across the access road and it was hit and killed. After giving it a proper burial, I trudged back. Unfortunately, when i returned Ms. Poertner caught me with my shirt untucked and gave me a warning. And now I stand here at your door, humbled by this chain of events, begging for your mercy.

12: Cheer Yourself Up | Go Outside, Throw a ball, Make a friend, Big or small. Play a sport, jump up high. Be happy, and laugh, don't sigh. If you feel like like crying, Just remember you're not dying.

13: :) | :D | XD

14: How To Be a Creeper | 1. Frequently ask people for their personal information e.i. address, phone number etc. 2. If they refuse to give you said information, you must acquire it from another source such as the Internet or school directories. 3. Hang out with the person ALL THE TIME especially when they are having personal conversations with other people. 4. Follow the person to places like their home, the bathroom, or other places where they would like to be alone. 5. Constantly post comments on everything they do on Facebook and make sure to use excessive winking faces.

15: 6. Hide and then surprise them by tickling them. If they tell you to stop this means they just want more, so keep doing it. 7.Always be extremely excited when you see them. Long hugs, and alot of physical contact is always good. 8. Ask them if they're in a relationship every time you see them. If they say no, chuckle, and look at them intently. 9. Stare. 10. Breathe in their scent, and be able to recognize it, so you will know when they are coming. 11. Make a shadowbox for them of things they have dropped that you have collected i.e. used tissues, straws, or chewed pencils

16: A '72 'Vette | Three Words: '72 'Vette Stingray Color: Custom-Grey Faded to White License Number: Custom Plates of Course! They read: THNDR Stereo: I replaced the back seat with a giant Sub-Woofer...so it sounds like thunder. Dents: None...its perfect Interior: White Leather Because its classy, and flippin awesome! Transmission: Manual for an easy ride Responsibilities: I have to drive myself everywhere, and sometimes run errands

17: This car would also remind me of a special time when me and my dad went to a Corvette show. It was really fun, and driving my favorite make would be a constant reminder.

18: Who Am I? | Athlete- I play 3 sports: Basketball, Football, and Track | Brother- Yeah, I have a sister, but we ARE SIBLINGS. were tight.

19: Musician- I love music, and i play it with many things. | Christian-Jesus died for me. I know and thank him for it. | Life Enthusiast- I love life, and I'm having fun just doing it.

20: Remembering the Child | "Come on Mommy! Come on!" Cried Kevin. Kevin had just bought a new windsuit, and he was excited to put it on as soon as he could. They got inside and he put it on right away. He was about three, and he thought he looked so snazzy. He looked up to his father and said. "Daddy! I wanna go running!" His father gave in and put on his shoes. They went outside together and started to run around the block.

21: In Kevin's excitement, he started sprinting, and his legs couldn't keep up. He fell and tore the knee. His father was preparing for the tears, but Kevin just stood up, and said quietly, "It's OK Dad...lets just keep running." Kevin's father was proud of his son for being such a trooper, and he was also surprised. And so they ran around the block until Kevin was tired, and then they went inside, and Kevin's father knew that this would be something he would remember.

22: The Fear of Adult-hood | It's not that I'm afraid of being an adult. I'm afraid of forgetting or losing the things that define me now. Things like my friends. I wish things could go back to the time where all we had we had was time...Anyways, I think that there will be many memories that will stand out in my memory. Times like when Michael shot chocolate milk in his eye at lunch.Just times

23: you know it couldn't be any better. A big part of that my friends. I hope that my friends from LHS will stay clear in my memory. If not, an imperative part of my High School life. Other things that are important are my music. I love music because its something that I'm good at and I enjoy doing. All these things are important to me now, but I wonder if they will still be as important as they are in the future, or if they will be at all.

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