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FC: Sniper By Ronald Fung




4: This is my life.

5: Imagine your victims gasping in your mind quietly dying over and over again

6: He screamed out in pain. | He was having the time of his life. | I killed these men.

7: He started yelling for his wife and his 5 - year - old daughter. | these men.

8: This is my life

9: Imagine the thoughts as your victim approaches.

10: I wonder if he has a child. | Will anyone miss him? | Its for the greater good. | He's the enemy and I'm the hero. | His family .. will be destroyed. | These men will kill my friends .. | I ... am a murderer

11: I don't want to kill him. | I think I'm going to be sick. | Remember your training. | I'm going to be responsible for this death. | His friendships will be forever broken | Breathe. | erer | Breathe

12: This is my life

13: Imagine the echos of heroism the echos of respect resonating in your mind

14: Congratulations! | How does it feel to win this award? | You must be proud!

15: Congratulations Daddy! | Can I see the award? | Honey .. you look dashing.

17: Was the medal really worth all these deaths? | Am I a hero or a villain? | Were my actions honorable? | Am I saving or destroying myself?

18: Explanation of visuals Panels 6 and 7 : These panels represent the victims that the sniper has killed, and the thoughts that accompany them as the sniper recalls back. The eye in the center of the panels represents the sniper looking into his memory and recalling each individual victim that has suffered the bullet of his rifle. Panels 10 and 11 : In these panels, there is a picture of a soldier with a target on his head. This symbolizes that this soldier is the sniper's next assigned target. The sentences scattered around are the sniper's thoughts as he awaits his target. They are how he views his task of killing this dangerous man. Panels 14 and 15 : These panels represent the time away from the war, when the sniper receives a medal of commendation from the army. The reporter and the family represent the people present at the ceremony that congratulate the sniper - his family is especially important as they are the reason he continues to protect his country. However, around each panel are black - and - white pictures of each killed victim who symbolize that behind the happiness and recognition of the medal lies the memories of each individual victim.

19: Panels 16 and 17 : In the very center of panel 16 is the medal from the previous panels. The pictures around it - that once made a background - represent the doubt in the sniper's mind that the victims that he killed aren't worth a medal. This then leads to panel 17, where the sniper exposes his thought process to finally arrive at the burning question in his mind: is he a hero, or a villain?

20: Worldview of the sniper I see the world as a power - hungry place, full of predators preying on the weak and defenseless. Everyone has their own opinion, and no one is smart enough to compromise their own thoughts to achieve peace worldwide. Instead, we all go to war, ready to fight it out to the death in order to make our opinions be heard. I see myself as a defender of peace, ready to relinquish the land from the wretched evils that threaten to invade the serenity in the world. I see myself as a harbringer of pain and of despair, of broken relationships, of destroyed families, of hopes and dreams hopelessly thrown apart. I see myself as a pawn in a necessary battle of wills, a battle called war, in order to satisfy everyone's individual opinions. Fighting in this war means preserving the peace that my family deserves. I see myself .. as both a hero and a villain. That is my role in the world.

21: My worldview I see the world as a system where there is no equality among us. Even in the richest countries in the world, signs of poverty, famine and homelessness are all too present. Why is that? Why, when we consider ourselves to have the "luxury life", are there people suffering right across from us? I see the world as a utopia ruled by big corporate giants, and we are the tiny ants that scurry around helplessly to satisfy their every need. All they need to do is say the word, and all our basic necessities will be gone : electricity, water, even food. I see myself as a pawn in this world, where I work all my life to achieve a satisfying conclusion. I see myself working everyday to try to enrich the lives of the people around me, to no avail - for every person who gains happiness, another is set into a state of despair. I see war as an unnecessary battle between stubborn, egocentric leaders who thirst for adrenaline and for more power, and between peace - keeping leaders who don't understand the value of communication. I believe that communication is the key to world peace. That is my role in the world.

22: Comparison of worldviews The biggest difference between our worldviews is the sniper believes war is a necessary battle to achieve world peace, while I believe that world peace does not have to be achieved through world peace ; rather, it can be achieved by compromise and reason. The sniper believes that war is a battle of wills between world leaders to establish their dominance as the alpha male or female of the pack. Every battle won is a message of recognition of power and of authority. Only through war can one achieve world peace, as everyone's opinion is satisfied. The sniper sees himself as a pawn of the war ; his job is to simply defend the peace, and ultimately defend his family with the protection they deserve. Unfortunately, the sniper also sees himself as a murderer who brings despair and hatred. The sniper is constantly switching between these identities, and is trying to choose a concrete ego in which he can comfortably live in. I believe that war is a battle between arrogant, mentally unstable dictators who don't understand the meaning of "reason", and good-natured leaders and presidents who undervalue the power of communication. From a young age, we have been taught to speak up, to listen to everyone, to carefully analyze opinions, and to reason and compromise. It is puzzling how world leaders do not appreciate the value and the strength behind communication. If war is inevitable, then soldiers who participate in the war should be aware of every consequence that may happen, like death. I recommend the soldier to believe in himself and his job ; soldiers should be constantly aware that death may be awaiting them at every corner. Therefore, he is not a murderer, but a soldier defending his family, his country and his world. For every enemy soldier killed and for every battle won, we are one step closer to achieving world peace.

23: No one is perfect. Everyone is both a hero and villain.

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