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Social Studie 1953

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BC: Printed by: D'Ambrosio Hnos. Edited by: Tu Madre Books, La Bombilla Petare 1426 © Marco D'Ambrosio 2010

FC: We Didn't Start The Fire 1953 Marco D'Ambrosio

1: This is a book reflecting on the year 1953 from the song by Billy Joel "We Didn't Start the Fire." Billy used these terms on this year because they were the highlights of that year, and most important events, like for example Stalin's Death.

2: Stalin. Joseph Stalin, Iosif or also reffred to as “ The Man of Steel” was a soviet dictator who's life came to an end in 1953. He is what you might call a "Russian Hitler," because he he was responsible for the murder of over 10,000 people in Ukraine, and he was the brains behind the Katyn, Poland massacre. The Katyn massacre is where he took thousands of prisoners of war and murdered them, he also tricked some military officers into believing there was a meeting, when the arrived all he was waiting to do was just murdered them. If someone ever dared to oppose him he or she would be murdered, it was an extreme oppression era. Within his actions, he suppressed the Hungarian elections of 1945 because the Communist only got 17% of the votes. After his death in 1953, The Soviet Union changed. St. Peters-burg was named Stalingrad after him, but it was later returned to its original name. After his death Nikita Khrushchev named him a brutal tyrant and let people have the freedom that Stalin never gave them.

3: Malenkov. Gregory Maksimilianovich Malenkov was one of the original 5 Members of the State defense committee, and then moved on to be the second secretary of the committee. He became one commissary for the Red Army in 1919, and later joined the Communist party in 1920, after a few years of communism he became the chief of the secret police in 1938. He was one of Stalins confidants and man of trust to him. When Stalin died in 1953 he succeeded Stalin as prime minister and 1st party secretary. Only to later turn into the prime minister for two years but was later forced to resign in 1955, and after his resignation he was kicked out of the communist party. From there on his career on the government was over

4: Nasser Gamal Abdel Nasser was the first true Egyptian to rule over Egypt, and had some Arab background. He was born in Jan. 15 1918 in Alexandria. When trying to become the ruler of Egypt he had to sacrifice some of Egypt's political independence for support from the Soviet Union. He was also part of many anti British demonstrations during his young years. after going to law college for a short amount of time he went and joined the Royal Military Academy. After the academy he and two fellow comrades created a secret revolutionary organization also known as “The Free Officers,” their goal was to oust British and Egyptian royal family. In 1952 he and 89 fellow Officers staged an almost Bloodless coup D'Etat which goal was to eliminate the king by executing him, but Nasser denied the execution and put him in exile, meanwhile he became the president. Then the country fell into the command of the Command Council. In 1954 he named himself Prime minister and that same year there was a assassination attempt on him. Finally in 1956 he announced the proclamation of a constitution where Egypt became an Islam/Arab welfare state, he also became the president that year.

5: Prokofiev. Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev was a Russian Musician/composer that wrote his first piece at age 3 it was called “Indian Gallop.” After being away from his country he decided to return to Moscow and between 1933 and 1945 he was one of the leading figures of Soviet culture. The reason why he is mentioned in this song by Billy Joel is that he died in 1953, and the same day as Joseph Stalin, March 5 1953. When he died he was in the making of his “Stone Flower” piece. He had over 135 pieces of work done in his life. He received some strong criticism over his work by the Soviet press, but he was later awarded the greatest Honored prize for a Soviet, The “Stalin Prize” for his 7th symphony in 1957, five years post-mortem, but late in his life he got strong criticism from the Soviet press.

6: Rockefeller. Nelson Rockefeller is mentioned in the song by Billy Joel because he became the under secretary of the department of Health and Welfare on 1953. Nelson belonged to one of the wealthiest families in the United States, putting him in privileged positions. In 1944 he was appointed assistant secretary for Latin America, as he helped ans supported the creation of the United Nations as a world peacekeeping organization. In 1953 he also became member and chairman of the presidents advisory meeting of Government Organization. He was also a chairman for the museum of modern arts (MOMA). Nelson tried to campaign in 1960 for the republican nomination for president but was rejected because he was thought to liberal. He later then became the Vice/President of the United States. After his long political career he retired and returned to his artistic background.

7: Campanella. Roy Campanella or “Campy” was a baseball player. He played as catcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers all of his career. In 1953 he became recognized because he was named the Most Valuable Player. He was the best player from the Dodgers team and played till near his death. He was also the first African American catcher to be on the Mayor leagues, and catcher in 5 world series. He was awarded Most Valuable Player in the years 1951, 1953, and 1955. In his ten year career he clubbed 242 home runs, and he lead the National League of catchers six times. He died in June 26 1993.

8: Communist Bloc. The Communist Bloc was made up of Russia's allies During the Cold War. They were also referred to as “Eastern Block.” The bloc was composed of seven parties it's members were Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia. They were together because they all believed in Communism, as Lenin and Stalin had idealized it. They believed that communism was the write way to be organized and wanted the whole world to establish communism too. They believed in a system were the government controlled and owned the properties and means of production. In 1953 this bloc was threatened by the workers uprising against the communists beliefs. The weakness of the system began to be revealed and the bloc formed by the ideal of communism started being questioned, and in response there was more repression.

9: To my readers: Thank You.

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12: QUESTIONS FOR SCRAPBOOK 1.Why was Campanella relevant in 1953? How does his career end? 2.Why was Stalin considered a “Russian Hitler”? 3.What countries where part of the Communist Bloc?

13: 4.Nelson Rockefeller was considered important because he did two important jobs, which where these jobs? 5.For which symphony was Prokofiev given the “Stalin Prize” ? 6.Gamal Abdel Nasser was the creator, along with three friends, of a secret revolutionary organization . What was it's name? 7.After being in the communist party for several years GregoryMalenkov was given what position

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