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Sophia's Historical Fiction Report

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FC: Historical Fiction Number the Stars By: Sophia Cousins

1: Table of Contents Page 2 - Entry 1 Page 3 - Entry 2 Page 4 and 5 - Entry 3 Page 6 - Entry 4 Page 7 - Entry 5 Page 8 - Entry 6

2: Dear Diary, September 14, 1943 My name is Annemarie Johansen, and I am ten years old. My family and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Also at the same time as me writing this there is a war going on. It is called World War Two. During the war the Germans were capturing Jewish people and killing them or putting them in prison. And the bad part about that is that my best friend Ellen Rosen is Jewish. Also I have two sisters Lise Johansen and Kristi Johansen. Lise is dead. My father says that she was hit by a car on the day before she was getting married. The man that she was getting married to was Peter Nielson and he is always coming to our house to visit.

3: Dear Diary, September 28, 1943 My best friend Ellen is in trouble. She is Jewish so German soldiers are trying to hunt she and her down. It’s the Jewish New Year and Kristi and I are going to over to Ellen’s house. Ellen’s mom is here but she does not look happy. Some how mama understands. Ellen’s mom says Ellen has to stay with us because her parents have to leave. N ow we are getting ready for bed. Ellen wonders if her mom and dad are safe. I tell her they are (even though I don’t really know if they are.) We are going to bed but not sleeping because there is so much to think about. So papa said, “That if you two are quiet, you can whisper to each other”. Then Ellen and I heard a knock at the door. It ended up being Nazis soldiers. The two soldiers stepped into our apartment and asked us if we knew the where the Rosesns were (since we were best friends with them). But we said we did not. And that was true other then for Ellen. We knew exactly where Ellen was.

4: Dear Diary, September 28, 1943 During the time when the German soldiers were in our house an interesting but scary event happened. Once the soldiers were done talking to mama and papa, they asked to search the rest of the house. Mama begged, “Please don’t, you’ll wake the children.” But the soldiers did not listen. They walked all around and finally stopped in the room that Ellen and I were in. The soldiers looked around the room, they looked at us, and then at the in which Kristi was in having a peaceful sleep. Then I looked at Ellen after the soldiers were done looking at us and realized that Ellen was still wearing her necklace with the Star of David. If the soldiers saw it, they would take Ellen right away. So I had no choice but to rip it off her neck. So that is what I did and I squeezed it tight in my hand. Then the soldiers asked, “What are all your names”. And I told them, “This is my father and mother and sister Lise and my other sister in in the other room sleeping”.

5: September 28, 1943 continued “Really” said one soldier, “Then why does one of you have dark colored hair”. “Because that was the way she was born” papa told the soldier. “Prove it then” shouted the soldier. “Okay” said papa. And he grabbed the photo album, tore of the dates of when they were born(because Lise was born about twenty years ago), and handed it to the soldiers. The soldiers asked papa “Who are all these people” and papa told them, “This is me, my wife, and these are the girls, Lise, Annemarie, and Kristi as babies. “Okay” said the soldiers, “But if you ever see the Rosens, please let a soldier know”.

6: Dear Diary, October 1, 1943 Tonight I was stopped by soldiers. My job was to deliver a basket to my uncle. In the basket was bread, an apple, and cheese. But there was also something else. I don’t know what and I don’t know why, but all I know is that I have to get this basket to my uncle. So mama told me “Take the basket to your uncle, and make sure you get it to him. “Also if anyone stops you, act like you are just giving your uncle his lunch that he forgot”. So I started running through the woods and about half - way through two soldiers stopped me. And they now had dogs. Then one soldier asked, “What is in the basket”. And I told him that I was taking my uncle his lunch because he forgot it. Then the soldiers grabbed the basket and fed everything to the dogs. Then they found the handkerchief and asked, “What is in here”. and I told him nothing. But then they also dropped that in front of the dogs as well, but when the dogs sniffed it, they backed away and ran off. Sot he soldiers had to go chasing after them. And finally I could take the basket to my uncle with just the handkerchief because the food was destroyed.

7: Dear Diary, May 8, 1945 Today is a day that is free of a war. Mama is cleaning the house for the Rosens (like other family's are for their Jewish friends that safely escaped.) Also we heard our friend Peter was going to be killed. Then (for the first time since Lise had died), papa told me how she had been found just like Peter, helping Jews escape. Finally after the celebration, I asked papa if he could fix Ellen’s necklace because it was broken after I ripped it off her neck. And he said he would. Also I asked him if I would ever see Ellen again, and papa said I probably will.

8: Dear Diary, February 8, 2012 If I were to ever meet Annemarie Johansen, I would ask her how her life was back during the war. Also I would help her tough out the hard times. And if I could go back to that time with her i would help her find a way to not let Peter die. I think that Annemarie and her family were brave trying to help the Jews escape and that if I were to go back to that time I would want to be like her. Also I think that participating during that time would be fun with lots of adventures but also be quite scary risking your own life to help friends.

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