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South African Final Project

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FC: South African Final Project | The Flag of South Africa was most recently adopted on 27 April 1994 The colors on the flag black, yellow, green, white, red, and blue represent South Africa’s rainbow or variety of people. The Y design symbolizes the union of groups that form South Africa

1: Religions included in the region of SA are mostly Christians Afrikaans speakers belong primarily to the Dutch Reformed Church English-speaking whites are a part of Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Methodist, and other congregations . 20% of blacks follow solely to indigenous belief systems. Most Indians are Hindus:20%-muslims, 10%-Christians, 15% of SA’s- No religion | Xhosa Wedding | The currency of South Africa is called the Rand. One U.S. dollar would be equal to about eight rands.

2: Largest producer of gold and platinum South Africa is the richest country in Africa | Xhosa and Zulu are the most prominent speaking languages. English is also spoken for business | Trivia Did you know? That South Africa has a death rate of 17.03/1,000 people which makes it the third country in the world Did you know? That South Africa has 310,000 deaths a year from HIV/AIDS making it the most in the world.

3: South Africa is a middle-income, emerging market with an abundant supply of natural resources; well-developed financial, legal, communications, energy, and transport sectors; a stock exchange that is the 18th largest in the world; and modern infrastructure supporting a relatively efficient distribution of goods to major urban centers throughout the region. | MAKING MEMORIES | Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa is the wealthiest city

4: Music | Kwaito is a popular style of music here. Mixes African melodies and lyrics with hip-hop and reggae. | Government A republic government three branches: legislative, judicial, and executive. Like the U.S. Jacob Zuma is the president | Family Women assigned agricultural tasks, domestic work, and child care. Girls were assigned to fetch firewood and water for cooking. Boys served as cattle herders. Men were responsible for heavy agricultural labor and local political affairs.

5: { | { | Arts | Family White families live in small unit; Blacks live in extended family | Music, fine arts such as major cities hosting performances of the symphony, ballet, and opera. Each religion has their own kind of folk art. e.g. beadwork | The picture to the right is of a women selling beads

6: South Africans have similar foods to the U.S. They have meats such as roast beef and lamb. Fruits and vegetables just like we do But wild game food is also popular here as sometimes needed to survive.

7: Men hunt the food and women cook the food. Children gather water or any other needed ingredients Food is usually eaten at home 2-3 times a day. | The picture above is of Xhosa beer.

8: Dress Some rural black Africans wear traditional colorful clothing for special purposes. Western clothing on daily basis with headdresses for women Urban men usually just wear pants and shirt. Urban women dress of European and African fashions. | This picture above is what Rural women dress like and have to walk through everyday.

9: Geography Slightly larger than the size of Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma combined. South Africa has many plateaus and is mostly semidesert and savanna. With a little bit of subtropical near the coast. Rivers include: Orange, Vaal, and Limpopo Mountains include: Maluti and Drakensburg

10: Demographics Literacy Rate: 86.4% Life Expectancy: 50 years Median Age: 25 years Population: 49,004,031 | This neck ring could be one of the reasons the life expectancy is lower than others.

11: Whites usually live in the bigger houses made of brick like houses we have in North America Urban Blacks usually live in informal settlements called Shantytowns. Constructing these structure include materials like iron, wood and even cardboard. People living in these have to share water through the community and don't have any electricity | LIVE WELL LAUGH OFTEN LOVE MUCH

12: Education Schooling is necessary from age 7-15 Uniform system Classes are just like elementary when you learn all of your info in one classroom. Apartheid era-segregation has been a problem is now dismantled but will take a while to be normal again.

13: Recreation For entertainment in South Africa many people play soccer, rugby, or cricket. All ethnic groups value competitive sports. In Rural areas people tend to grow up making their own toys. | Kids playing soccer

14: Holidays | South Africans celebrate Christmas just like we do and usually go to church with family like us also. Human Rights Day celebrates South African men who refused to carry their pass books which allowed them in white areas. Others include Freedom Day (27 Apr.), Workers' Day (1 May), Youth Day (16 June), National Women's Day (9 Aug.), Heritage Day (24 Sept.), Reconciliation Day (16 Dec.), and Day of Goodwill (26 Dec.). | A picture of some South Sudanese people celebrating Christmas

15: Gestures Hand gestures are commonly used in a conversation. It's found impolite to point at someone with index finger, stand too close during conversation, and talk with hands in pockets | Blacks usually use the right hand to give handshakes or pass objects. Whites don't use many hand gestures and use either hand to give handshakes. | Above is a way to say hello or goodbye in South Africa.

16: South African indigenous tribes had to fight to maintain their land as Britain farmers found out gold and other expensive minerals lie in the "South African region. As many African tribes led the war such as the Xhosa and Zulu. The South Africans defeated the Britains and maintained their land known as South AFrica. | History

17: Global Contributions South Africa produces more than half of the world's gold and plantinum. It also exports diamonds, chrome, and coal. | some people working to try and find gold.

18: Climate Because South Africa is south of the equator, the winter months are June, July, and August. In winter the plateau is cool and sunny during the day; nighttime temperatures sometimes drop below freezing. Summer on the plateau is warm, but rarely gets very hot because of the altitude. Most rainfall on the plateau falls as thundershowers during the summer. Droughts can be frequent, prolonged, and severe. | The severeness of droughts in South Africa can kill many animals and people living in tribes a year.

19: Communications Cell Phones- 50.372 Million Internet Users- 4.42 Million Radio Stations- over 100 community based stations extend to rural areas Tv stations- 4 The info above tells me that they don't use electronics as nearly much as we do here in the U.S. and influences some of the cultures to keep living the way the are which is out in the wild in their private areas.

24: Trick or Treat


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