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Spanish Inquisition

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1: The Spanish inquisitor occurred in Spain starting in the year 1492, but its roots go much further back than that | Isabella and Ferdinand wanted to have a country that was purely Christian, specifically catholic, and so they decided to rid their nation of any person who followed a different religion: Muslims, Jews,protestants, Lutherans, etc. why were they so concerned about having other religions in their country? | It all stems back to the year 622

2: In the year 622, the Muslim empire was beginning to expand from its original location in the middle east. the leader of the muslin group, the caliph, wanted to enlarge his caliphate (area he controlled like a kingdom). | The caliph began by taking over all of the middle east and converting conquered people into Muslim. then the Muslims east and west, and by the year 750, under the rule of a new caliph, they had made their way across northern Africa to Spain.

3: Spain had a very narrow passage of water separating it from Africa (the straight of Gibraltar), it was the natural point for the Muslims enter into Europe and then from there they entered into Spain and Portugal.

4: Spain at the time was Christian ,and ruled by a group called the Visigoths, who were actually part of the roman empire. however the Visigoths were very disorganized and often fought amongst themselves. rulers didn't get along with one another. the Muslims saw this, and in 711, the Visigoths worse night mare happened the Muslims attacked them.

5: The Visigoths put up a fight when the Muslims attacked the Visigoths, but after several years of fighting, the Muslims finally beat out the Visigoths and began working to make Spain and Portugal a Muslim territory. | The Muslims built a large and beautiful mosque in the city of cardoda and encouraged their new people to convert to Muslim. but only a few did and the others did not and for that reason there was now a mixed band of religions in Spain.

6: The next 500 years Spain was part of the Muslim empire, which was ruled by a caliph far away. Spain got a new name it was named al-andalus. | However, life in the ,Muslim empire was not bad at all. the Muslim empire was large and covered many exotic places, so trade was great and wide array of goods could be found. the Spanish enjoyed very good shopping while living under the Muslim rule. | ```The Muslim enjoyed art, music, architecture, and other pleasures. they made their Spanish cities beautiful, thriving culture centers.

7: Learning and education was greatly valued in Muslim Spain. | In fact, it was the Muslims who started the fist university in Cairo in 971, 200 years before Europeans began building universities. | Muslim leaders encouraged their people to learn about medicine, science, ancient Greek knowledge, literature, and art.

8: But things never stay the same. by the early 1000s, the Muslim caliphate had begun to shrink, and little principalities, or states, had broken off from the main empire. these states began to bicker and fight amongst them selves, and a series of weak leaders started to make the Muslim empire crumble. | The hardcore sects, who had moved out to northern coast, saw what was happening in Muslim Spain, and set out to make it even weaker. they wanted to take Spain back for Christians.

9: Finally one of the most important things about lie in Muslim empire was that they were extremely tolerant to other religions. in fact, on his deathbed, the Muslim leader or caliph would make his successor swear to vow to respect and protect those who practiced other religions. no religious bullying here! | People who lived in Muslim Spain but didn't practice the Muslim religion were nicknamed "dhimmis" but weren't punished for their alternate religion.

10: The Christians began fighting the Muslims and named their move the "reconquista" or "reconquest". they were re-conquering Spain. | Over 407 years, the Christians slowly gained more and more ground, until after 7 major battles, they had reclaimed most of Spain. | During this fighting, the Spanish gained an edge over the Muslims by designing a new battle formation, where they grouped into tight, organized groups (all with the same weapon) that were difficult to overrun. this helped them win battles.

11: The Muslims would probably not have called it the "reconquista"- that term assumes who ever is "taking back" their land. the Muslims would probably have viewed this a hostile attack, considering they had treated the Spanish Christians quite fairly and with religious tolerance. | Finally, there was only one little area left to take back for the Spanish-Grenada . by this time, queen Isabella and king Ferdinand were in charge of Spain.

12: after the success of the reconquista, Isabella and Ferdinand became the official rulers of Spain. they initially allowed the Muslims to remain living in Spain (for the time being), and told them to convert to catholicism. they didn't want to make life easy for the Muslims | The king and queen forced a special fax on all Muslims. this was direct revenge on the Muslims, for the Muslims had made Christians pay a special tax when they were in charge. on a side note, the Jews had to pay the spacial tax, too, when the Muslims were in charge, and had had to pay the spacial tax as well when Isabella and Ferdinand were in power. no love for the Jews

13: However, not everyone who converted to catholicism actually believed in being catholic. they were still kind of Muslim. this made Isabella and Ferdinand very, very very mad

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