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Spinning Jenny

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FC: Spinning Jenny

1: BY: Karissa Hager and Tessa Wiens

2: Through Their Eyes

3: How did their world view affect their choices and actions? | What values, skills, and forms of knowledge did people need to succeed in the 1800's? | How did all groups of people in the U.S. view the invention of the Spinning Jenny? | How did the people in the 1800's view their world?

4: The people of the 1800's were very independent and hardworking. They believed that they could be successful and prosperous through their hard work.

5: Their world view majority affected their choices and actions. As a result of workers being in short supply, many Americans made their own essential supplies, such as candles, soap, food, and sewing materials. These skills were very important to the people of the 1800's because it allowed them to have their necessities while saving money through making their own. America was also a land that was growing and expanding. This, as well as a lack of workers, allowed American's to strive for new, more efficient technologies.

6: During the 1800's, the Industrial Revolution was taking place. This allowed many new inventions to be created in order to make tasks more efficient. One of these inventions was the Spinning Jenny. Most groups throughout the United States viewed the Spinning Jenny as an innovative machine that increased the efficiency and quality of making thread. However, some American's would not be for these advancements because they required less workers.

7: Cause and Effect | What caused the Spinning Jenny to be invented? | Who invented the Spinning Jenny and why? | Who did not support the Spinning Jenny to be invented? | What were the effects of the Spinning Jenny?

8: James Hargreaves was the inventor of the Spinning Jenny. He invented the machine in order to make the process of spinning more efficient. Essentially, James invention was multiple sinning wheels positioned on their side and bolted together. | Spinning thread was a very long process before the Spinning Jenny was invented. Previous tools used included the distaff/spindle and the spinning wheel. These tools both drew out and twisted fibers into thread, although the processes were a little different. However, previous spinners required multiple workers and could only spin one thread at a time. The Spinning Jenny could spin around 8 threads at once. However, the thread that was produced was quite coarse. The Spinning Jenny also decreased the need for as many workers.

9: The Spinning Jenny created a much faster and more efficient way of creating thread. It allowed thread to be more accessible, however the quality of the thread was often poorer. Also, as a result of The Spinning Jenny being run by one person, there were less jobs for workers at thread companies. | The invention of the Spinning Jenny was not supported by everyone. Inventors of the spinning wheels believed that the Spinning Jenny would cause them to lose almost all business. Workers also didn't support the Spinning Jenny because only one worker was necessary.

10: Turning Points

11: How did the use of the Spinning Jenny significantly transform people's lives, communities, and the world? | How did the use of the Spinning Jenny affect future choices in the United States?

13: The Spinning Jenny revolutionized the making of thread. The process of making thread was quicker and more efficient with the Spinning Jenny. It also required less workers. These benefits allowed large amounts of fabric to be made inexpensively and easily. Fabric could be made faster and cheaper than ever before. The Spinning Jenny led to new inventions in the United States. The Spinning Jenny was a major technological advancement during the Industrial Revolution. It inspired other inventors to continue making improvements and find even more efficient ways of producing thread. One of these new inventions includes the water wheel.

14: Change and Continuity

15: Who has not benefited from the Spinning Jenny since it was invented and why? | What has remained the same with the Spinning Jenny since it was invented? | Who has benefited from the Spinning Jenny since it was invented and why? | What has changed with the Spinning Jenny since it was invented?

16: Since the Spinning Jenny was invented, thread-making machines have greatly changed. Machines were made to be even more efficient, and eventually, no manual labor was needed. After the Spinning Jenny, machines were made that were run by water, and eventually by electricity. The machines have also been made much, much smaller. Thread is still important to everyday living. Thread is largely used and there are many companies that rely on it for income. Thread is necessary for cloth as well as stitching, and the process of spinning is still required.

17: Many groups of people have benefited from the Spinning Jenny since it was invented. Many companies earned a great profit from selling Spinning Jenny's. Inventors of the Spinning Jenny and inventors inspired by the Spinning Jenny have also benefited substantially from the product. However, many have been hurt. Spinning machines preceding the Spinning Jenny lost all business, and many workers were no longer needed. Children did not benefit either because they were regularly used in the companies that produced thread using Spinning Jenny's.

18: Using The Past

19: How is the Spinning Jenny different than something today? | How does the invention of the Spinning Jenny tell us about the history of the 1800's? | How is the Spinning Jenny similar to something today?

20: The process of spinning is still required in order to make thread. There are many machines today made for creating uniformed threads and winding them onto spools. There are also many factories centered around these machines, as there were in the 1800's. However, the Spinning Jenny and the current day winding/thread making machines have many differences. Although the Spinning Jenny was technological in the 1800's, it would not be today. Spinning machines have become electrically run and require no manual labor. They are also made with longer lasting materials and are more efficient.

21: The invention of the Spinning Jenny tells us many things about life in the 1800's. It tells us that the people were innovative, and they were constantly looking for new ways to create cheep and efficient materials. It tells us about the time period, in that the people were not advanced enough to use electricity, but they were willing to find the fastest way to make materials using manual labor.

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