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BC: The End Thanks for reading. :)

FC: Future of the West By Travis Belich

1: Ideas? Well, there were dozens of ideas that were brought up in the westward expansion. For example, Western Settlement. This includes anywhere west of the thirteen colonies. The settlers would often travel West with guns, wagons, and their daily necessities. They would set up farms growing corn, and would have corn husking events. Men often played in wrestling with other guys. There was lots of thoughts of savage Indians, That discouraged some people. The settling of the far west would take about four months. This westward expansion led to new ideas as life went on.

2: The idea of Indian removal was thought about due to the issue of land. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 payed the Indians money to move to Indian territory in Oklahoma. Many approved, but lots of tribes resisted, causing President Jackson to use force. Jackson loved the Indians and thought that the removal of them was a benefit to them. Wars even broke out amongst groups.

3: Natural Geographic: The Rockie Mountains Were one of the biggest impacts on the settlers. It caused hard travel and death among the settlers. Due to the High mountains and ruff terrain towns and settlements were hard to build.Though this climate was good for trappers, as it held lots of fur bearing animals.

4: Gold and other minerals changed and started new ideas for settlers. Because of gold, people gained and lost money. The lives of Indians were changed as they were pushed off there land, like in Georgia. Which eventually led to the Trail of Tears.

5: Using the River was an amazing idea that eventually led to the canals. The river was a fast and efficient way to travel or transport goods.Because of the use of rivers, steamboats were invented, as well as river canals. The rivers were faster then land,horses and etc...Because of rivers, people led to ideas of new inventions.

6: There were social actions? Yes, quit a bit. For example: the relationship between the Indians and the Americans. is that many battles broke out between both groups, and rarely did they see eye to eye. Like when the Americans and Seminole fought three wars against each other. The time span lasted about a couple of decades. But the price was expensive, a Forty to sixty million dollar price tag. Many of the Indians were paid to make this problem go right by and to get the situation over quickly.

7: Were there more? Yes. Relations between the Americans and Mexicans. The cause was that the settlers that took up the oath to be a catholic and live by Mexican rule, were unhappy and wanted to live life their way. This caused anger between both the Mexicans and Americans. Many wars were fought and this eventually led to the Mexican war. Though Mexico didn't like the breakaway of Texas, they claimed as much land as they could. The Americans did the same, starting the war.

8: Political: Who,what, when, where, why, are some important questions about politics. President Jackson is a good issue to talk about. Jackson was a man who loved to veto bills. He sent vetoes on more bills then any other president. He even used pocket vetoes to delay the time of bills. But his biggest event was when he passed the Indian Removal Act. This forced Indians to leave their land and move to Indian Territory.

9: John Quincy Adams, played a major role in the planning of the West. Adams, made the Adams-Onis Treaty with Spain. The treaty made the limits of California. In 1828 Britain still argued with the Americans against the control Oregon. Adams, when president, mentioned to Britain to divide Oregon on the 49 N line of the latitude. The two sides agreed, and thousands of Americans moved to Oregon.

10: Economics Were very Important! The Second National Bank created the strong economy that helped the government deal with affairs. The bank was need after the War of 1812 to help the economy. The bank chartered for 20 years, It could make large loans, it was even though to be a monopoly used by the rich to gain power. It was often critized by lots of state banks

11: Culture? The Nez Perce tribe, were a rich group of people. They were big in horses. They had up to 10000 horses, and used them in transportation. Their religion was passed on in fables. The government consists of nine members and this was used a lot when settlers moved West. | The Black Foot Indians, were nomadic people who traveled around a lot, where ever there was food. They were traditionally enemies with the Nez Perc and the Shoshone. They mainly hunted buffalo, and live in the northern plains. When the Settlers moved west, there were about fourteen thousand members of the Black Foot Tribe.

12: Technology! This was a very important area to work on back in the 1800's. For example: the steamboat, made transportation, and trade faster then using sails. The steamboat, built by Robert Fulton, had a powerful engine, and could drive up to Albany from New York in 32 hours. The Cotton Gin helped the cotton industry, by removing the seeds from cotton faster then a person. It was as fast as fifty people, and was made by Eli WHitney. He then created interchangeable parts that made working on machines faster and safe, and easier.

13: Conclusion What has changed? We don't use steam boats and the cotton gin as machines, due to the new technology. Plus we don't even settle out west anymore, because there's no place to go. What has remained the same? There are still Indian reservations. We even still search for gold, and other minerals. Bills can be vetoed. Plus wars still go on between us and other foreign countries. Who has benefited? The present day citizens of the U.S.A.,because we have lots of resources that we wouldn't of had of we didn't move West. Plus we have more land to use, or build on. Who has not benefited? The Native Americans. They have little land compared to 200 years ago. Plus many of them are converting into our culture, while the culture of the Indians is depleting. Many Native Americans are even discriminated by the whites.

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