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St. Ann Church

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S: St. Ann Church of East LiverpoolMemorial Book

BC: St. Ann Church Making Christ Present in East Liverpool 1915-2012 | Making Christ present in East Liverpool for 96 Years.

FC: St. Ann Church | Memorial Book | St. Ann Church of East Liverpool | Memorial Book 1915-2011

1: Foreword "There is an appointed time for everything, a time for every affair under the heavens. A time to be born and a time to die." (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2) In the summer of 2010 the Bishop started to implement the Diocese of Youngstown's reconfiguration plan for its parishes. According to the plan, the parishes of St. Ann and St. Aloysius-which were located in East Liverpool, and Immaculate Conception located in Wellsville, would merge into a new parish...the location to be determined. The transition teams from the three parishes began to meet each month. Father Nicholas Shori, had been named the Diocesan Director of the Reconfiguration. He provided a "Ten Leg" process to guide the churches through the steps that would lead to the merging of the parishes. One suggestion was that each parish would compile a Memorial Book for its parishioners to assist them in the grieving process. This is that book! Over the next few months some steps were accomplished. Each parish asked for suggestions for a name for the parish that would result from the merger. A ballot was cast, elections held and the name for the new parish was determined to be Holy Trinity Church. The Bishop approved the choice. At the March 2011 transition team meeting, St. Ann representatives were informed by the St. Aloysius/ Immaculate Conception participants that their combined Parish Councils had voted for the merger to take place on the Feast of the Holy Trinity in June 2011. The St. Ann representatives replied that they would take that information back to St. Ann Parish Council for its formal response, as the transition team lacked the authority to make that commitment. A special meeting was called for the St. Ann Parish Council, the St. Ann Finance Committee, and the parish transition team members, to thoroughly discuss the situation. Because St. Ann Church was a financially stable, fully functioning parish, with a full time priest who would not retire until December 31 2011, it was determined that St. Ann Parish would officially request that the Bishop allow the parish to withdraw from the merger and that the parish be suppressed, as of the 31st of December, 2011. This would allow the other two parishes to merge in June, 2011, as they wished to do and allow St. Ann Parish to be suppressed after Christmas. Since the date of the first Mass celebrated at St. Ann Church was Christmas 1915, it would be very appropriate that the last Mass be celebrated on New Years Eve 2011. And again, the Bishop approved the request. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the St. Ann Parish Council was then led to the opportunity to establish the "St. Ann Church of East Liverpool Endowment Fund" through the Diocese of Youngstown's Foundation program. The spirit of St. Ann Church lives on! " I recognize that whatever God does will endure forever; there is no adding to it or taking from it. Thus has God done that He may be revered." (Ecclesiastes 3 1:4)

2: "As I look down from the balcony I reminisce from time to time -I was a young girl baptized into the church. I look to the left where my father always sat. I received the sacraments of Confirmation, First Communion, and Matrimony here. My daughters were baptized here and blessed to have the church help me to send them to Catholic school. As I look down from the balcony to the right I see my daughters as altar servers. I also reflect on my father's funeral and how comforting the church was. I am proud to be a member of St. Ann's for almost 50 years now and hope that someday I look down (not from the balcony) and reminisce of my life at St. Ann's. " - Rhonda Schell | "After attending St. Ann's for 45 years, I will miss our trinity- Father , Mary Ann and Ralph."- Anita and Marty Kukich | "St. Ann's has been my church since I was 12 years old. I will miss going to church there. The people are the best. The best part was working for Meals for the Needy. I made a lot of good friends there and I love them all. I wish the best for Father George. May God bless him and take care of him." - Dorothy McKnight | From the first time I walked into St. Ann's as a teenager, I felt like I was home. I have had many happy times. It is very sad to lose all of this."- Rose Ann Gerace | "The memories of true Christian love will always stay in our hearts. The dedication of helping others in need was one of the greatest reminders we will have of St. Ann Parish Family. Father Balasko's words of wisdom, "God doesn't give you everything you want...he gives you what you need"... stand true. In difficult times, the Communal Penance Service changed my life. We were healed in spirit, mind and body. Love all of you and will miss you."- Fred and Nancy Hoback | "The closing of St. Ann's reminds us when Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs of two to spread His message and teachings." - Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McCarron | "Thank you for taking me into your family!"- Helen Vidovich | My mother, Nancy Musurca Laneve, was one of St. Ann's first parishioners , and now at the age of 96, her daughter and grand daughter are among the last at St. Ann's parishioners. The closing is very sad for us all, but we have had many happy memories of worshiping and fellowship with the St. Ann's community. It has been a wonderful God-filled 96 years."- Nancy Barlow | It is with Great trepidation and sorrow that we have to admit to the closing of our Great St. Ann Parish. Charlie and I were the first couple married here that were actually married on Our Feast Day!....married July 26, 2002. We celebrate that every year and will continue to do so every year after the church closes! There are a great many other special memories that come to mind and that cannot all be listed here. My first husband, the late Jimmy Dolmovich, and I were parishioners here for a lot of years...and took great pride in being parishioners here. My parents, Bill and Ruthann Savage were also parishioners for a number of years...and they were greatly loved here and loved the people here! It was grand to not only celebrate Sunday Mass here with all of our friends and other parishioners but so many other activities like the wonderful Polka Masses...and also the festive outdoor concerts in the summer, started when Fr. George Balasko became our pastor. It is with great sadness that we leave our wonderful St. Ann Parish and all our fellow parishioners and friends. MAY GOD BLESS US ALL.!" - Charlie and Franny (Savage Dolmovich) Braunstein | "You mean I'm gonna have to clean off my desk?"- Mary Ann Ferlaino | Well...mom will finally have to clean her office." - Vince Ferlaino

3: Cornerstone Laying 1915

5: Diocese of Cleveland 40 Hour Devotion 1914

6: Roman Missal This Roman Missal was found in the basement of the rectory. It was printed in 1914 and is believed to have been the first Roman Missal used by Father Jerome J. Reidy who offered the first Christmas Mass at St. Ann. | Ciborium This Ciborium was found stored in the basement of the rectory. The age is unknown. | "Italians moving into East Liverpool's east end, after the turn of the century, decided not to affiliate with St. Aloysius Parish, in the downtown district. In July of 1914, they began holding services, in a vacant store room, while planning to construct a new church on Pennsylvania Ave. The new church St. Ann was opened on December 25,1915. " (excerpt from The City of Hills and Kilns)

7: Original Altar 1915

8: Remodel under Father Sfara 1968-1974 | Front Steps Remodel under Father Balasko 1979-1988

9: This Risen Christ would hang over the Altar from Ascension Thursday until Ash Wednesday. | The above stained glass window of St. Ann and Mary was originally in the wall behind the main altar. After the 1968 remodel, the window was stored until 1979 when it was placed in the vestibule of the church. | This Dove window was originally mounted over the main entrance doors of the church, until 1968 when the church was remodeled. The Dove was stored until Father Gibas had the window hung in the Choir loft of the Church. Unfortunately instead of descending on the Parish, the Dove was positioned to be flying toward the rectory.

10: Stained Glass Windows | In Memory of Rudolph Seufert Henry Vorndran | In Memory of Donald Allison | In Memory of Everett Robinett

11: Stained Glass Windows | In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Vogel | Branch No. 227 L.C. B.A. | Thomas Canne

12: In Memory of Mrs. George Perks | Carroll Council #509 Knights of Columbus | Edward Holtzman and Family | Stained Glass Windows

13: Stained Glass Windows | In memory of James Blatter | In memory of Leo S.Ryan | J.J. Weisand and Family

14: Infant of Prague hung over the right exit, inside of the church. | The | The above Crucifix hung above the altar from Ash Wednesday to Ascension Thursday. | This Golden Sacred Heart Statue stood in the side yard between the church and rectory. | The above statue of Christ hung above the confessional entrance.

15: Icons | The above book contains listings of every deceased Parishioner of St. Ann Church 1915-2011

17: Rev John C. Rath | Rev. Arthur M. Nist | Rev. Joseph A. Tamburrini | Rev. Robert G. Gibas | Rev. George J. Balasko | Bishop Benedict C. Franzetta

18: Banners | Pope John XXIII and Father William H. Hohman. This photo was taken at the Vatican May 10th, 1960 | Pope John XXIII was born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (November 25, 1881- June 3,1963). Following the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, Roncalli was elected Pope, to his great surprise. He had even arrived in the Vatican with a return train ticket to Venice. After the long pontificate of Pope Pius XII, the cardinals chose a man who- it was presumed because of his advanced age- would be a short-term or "stop- gap" pope. Upon his election, Roncalli chose John as his regnal name. This was the first time in over 500 years that this name had been chosen; previous Popes had avoided its use since the time of the Antipope John XXIII during the Western Schism. On the choice of his name Pope John said that " I choose John...a name sweet to us because it is the name of our father, dear to me because it is the name of the humble parish church where I was baptized, the solemn name of numberless cathedrals scattered throughout the world, including our own basilica (St. John Lateran). Twenty-Two Johns of indisputable legitimacy have (been Pope), and almost all had a brief pontificate. We have preferred to hide the smallness of our name behind this magnificent succession of Roman Popes." On December 25, 1958, he became the first pope since 1870 to make pastoral visits in his Diocese of Rome, when he visited children infected with polio at the Bambino Gesu Hospital and then visited Santo Spirito Hospital. The following day he visited Rome's Ragina Coeli prison where he told the inmates: "You could not come to me, so I came to you." These acts created a sensation, and he wrote in his diary: ...great astonishment in the Roman, Italian and international press. I was hemmed in on all sides: authorities, photographers, prisoners, wardens... His frequent habit of sneaking out of the Vatican late at night to walk the streets of the city of Rome earned him the nickname "Johnny Walker", a pun on the whisky brand name. Far from being a "stop gap" pope, to great excitement, John called an ecumenical council fewer than ninety years after the First Vatican Council. Cardinal Giovanni Montini (Pope Paul VI) remarked to a friend that "this holy old boy doesn't realize what a hornet's nest he's stirring up." From the Second Vatican Council came changes that reshaped the face of Catholicism: a comprehensively revised liturgy, a stronger emphasis on ecumenism, and a new approach to the world.

19: Lenten Seasons

20: Easter

21: Pentecost

22: Thanksgiving

23: St. Nicholas

24: Banners | The above Banner was carried in procession at Holy Thursday Chrism Mass celebrated at St. Columba Cathedral in Youngtstown | Banners were made by Hilda Barbuto and Freda Tomlison -under the direction Father Balasko.

28: Sacraments Received at St. Ann's | Marriage | Nancy Musuraca married Anthony Laneve 1947 | Mary Jo Nesselrode and Michael Rose 1968 | Tracy Adkins and Kevin Leopardi 1980 | Dennis Adkins and Donna Nesselrode 1959 | Mike, Mary Jo and Michelle Rose

29: Baptism | First Communion | Confirmation | Communion Class May 14, 1961 | First recorded burial at St. Ann's | Right: Antonio Perorazio last First Communion celebrated 2011

30: St. Ann Vacation Bible School | Bible School Class 1937-1938

31: St. Ann CCD and Youth Ministry

32: Hilda Barbuta Freda Tomilson Grace Bosco Ralph Bosco | Meals for the Needy 1988-2011 | St. Ann's Tuesday afternoon Meals for the Needy program, headed by Ralph Bosco, has fed over 86 thousand men, women and children since its inception 23 years ago. The food pantry has provided thousands of bags of groceries to help the adults. The Christmas angel tree project provided hundreds of clothing items and toys to bring joy to the children. | Deuteronomy 15:11 "There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land."

33: Father Ugo Montagner Our Lady of Loreto Maranhao ,Brazil | Guatemala Santa Maria Carolingia Parish Before & After assisted renovation.

36: Parish Outreach | Leviticus 20: 32 " Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the Lord." | CCD students visited and entertained residents at the Nentwick Convalescent Center throughout the years.

38: Judges 5 :3 "Hear this, you kings! Listen, you rulers! I will sing to the Lord, I will sing; I will make music to the Lord, the God of Israel."

39: Lawn Concerts

40: Leviticus 25: 35 "If one of your countrymen becomes poor and is unable to support himself among you, help him, as you would an alien or temporary resident, so he can continue to live among you." | Habitat For Humanity

41: Peace on Earth

44: May Day Celebration

45: Ministries | Leaders of Song | Family Servers | Eucharistic Ministers Photos not available: Marsha Coukart Jim Davis, Dennis Adkins Nancy Barlow, Chris DeSarro and Jane and Jim Zimmerman | Photos not available: Diane Laughlin, Marybeth Peters, Emily Barlow and Connie Muschweck | Lectors Photos not available: Chris DeSarro, Mary Ann Davis Vincent Ferlaino, Delores Dray Carol Dalverny and Suzanne Fitzgerald

46: Time, Talent and Treasure

47: Vickie and Mike Newlen | Inscription on above wood. "March 27, 1916 This church was built and plans and specifications drawn by J.J. Weisand, architect and building contractor. Building was started in August 1915 First Mass Christmas, December 25 ,1915 Rev. Jerome J. Reidy, pastor" It is signed J.J. Weisand Born August 21, 1852 | Final Time, Talent and Treasure Celebration

48: Mary and Makenna Perorazio | Andrea Heaton Jim Osburn | Nick, Michaela, Joni and Alexis Volino | Joe and Maggie Galeota | Mary Jo Schmidbauer, Rose Ann Gerace Mary Vallera and Dolores Bailey | Dennis and Donna Adkins Mary Jo Rose

49: Vince and Jeanette Ferlaino | Ana Osburn, Veronica Heaton, Isabella Johnson, Mary Heaton and Bill Heaton | Edna Harzen, Matt Chronister, Fanchon Chronister and Dorothy McKnight | Sophie Harzen Denny McKnight Denver McKnight Sr. | Robin and Bob Bosco Pat Maley | Marty and Anita Kukich- Sandy Hawthorne and husband

50: Constance Muschweck Anna McKinnon and Dennis McKinnon | Matt and Becky Provenzano Carol and Fred Dalvrny | Goldie Guildo Helen Duffy | Grace and Ralph Bosco- Marilyn and Vic Bosco | Guest, Ila Horger, Phil Hendron and Helen Vidovich

51: Clubs and Organizations | Back: Ralph Bosco, Jim Davis, Carol Dalverny, Father George Blasko, Dolores Dray and Mary Ann Ferlaino Front: Mary Perorazio, Jeanette Ferlaino, Mary Ann Davis, Donna Adkins and Barb Creaturo (chairperson) | St. Ann Senior Citizen Club | 2011 Parish Council | Perpetual Rosary | 2011 Finance Committee (photo not present) Dennis Adkins, Roy Dray, Jim Davis (chairman) Mary Ann Ferlaino, Mark Peters, Mary Jo Rose and Father Balasko

52: St. Ann Church Service Club The St. Ann Church Service Club was established February 10, 1954. In the beginning, all members of this organization were men who were 16 years of age or older. As found in their Constitution and By-Laws, Article 2, the Service Club: "... shall be a men's organization to promote the spiritual, material, and social welfare of St. Ann Parish, to obtain money for the improvement and maintenance of special church projects and to assist in special religious and social functions." This was fulfilled thanks to the members who served in this organization. During the clubs existence, they provided transportation for the St. Ann's children that attended St. Aloysius School; they planned and hosted Bazaars for the parishioner's amusement, and worked with the other church organizations to pay the parish's bills. The service club also bought and installed the book racks on the pews in 1958. Another project they completed was the Shrine to St. Ann outside of the church building. The St. Ann Church Service Club continued to be of service to the Parish through the 1980s. | St. Ann Guild The St. Ann Guild, otherwise known as the Women's Guild, was an organization within St. Ann's Parish. Members of the Guild were woman who were members of St. Ann's Parish, either on their own or through family affiliation. The earliest recorded meeting found of the Guild, indicates that they were established prior to July 5, 1982. During this meeting Freda Tomlison (President), Joyce Ruble (Vice-President), Mary Bowers (Secretary) and Jane Gilkinson (Treasurer) were the presiding officers. The meetings began with role call and always included Pig-in-the-Poke raffle for the members. Their Constitution states that the Guild's mission was: "... to promote the spiritual, material, and social welfare of St. Ann Parish; to obtain financial aid for the improvement and maintenance of special church projects and to assist in special religious and social functions." The women of the St. Ann Guild fulfilled their mission during their existence. The Guild held many events as either fund raisers or simply for the enjoyment of the parishioners at St. Ann's Parish. They held numerous yard sales, parties, bake sales, bingo nights and holiday dinners as fund raisers for the Parish. The St. Ann Guild was very supportive of the parishioner's of St. Ann's Parish during its existence. Even though it was disbanded several years ago, the Parish still appreciates the efforts they made over the years.

53: Last Christmas Masses

55: Last Mass at St. Ann 12-31-2011 | Father George Balasko- Celebrant Diana Laughlin- Leader of Song Delores Dray- Lector Jim Davis- Eucharistic Minister

56: Fred and Nancy Hoback Renewing their Vows. | Presentation of the Flag in Memory of the Parishioners who had served in the armed forces. | Breastplate representing the 12 tribes of Israel surrounding Christ. Designed and created by Delores Dray | Final Holy Communion

57: Undressing the Altar | Adoration of the Altar

58: Acknowledgment: We would like to thank the members of the St. Ann Memorial Book Committee. Carol Dalverny (Chairperson), Barb Creaturo, Mary Ann Ferlaino, Andrea Heaton, Mary Perorazio and Helen Vidovich. We thank them for their donation of many hours of time and talent to compile this book. A special thank you to Toni Smith (Toni Smith Photography) for her valued expertise and creative insight which insured the books production.

59: A final Message from Father George... "There is a great deal of difference between loss, change and transformation. A loss is a set back, a change is an opportunity; transformation is a step forward. The common denominator in these three realities is the fact that one must give up something. It is possible for both loss and change to lead to transformation but it is not possible for transformation to occur unless something is lost and something is changed." (Anthony Padovano) Here at St. Ann's we have lost our parish building. The loss has given us an opportunity to change. And through that change, the Parish of St. Ann has transformed itself into the Saint Ann Church of East Liverpool Endowment Fund...a fund that will benefit religious education to the Catholics and provide community outreach to the city of East Liverpool for many, many years to come. So be not afraid! Go forth and enfold yourselves throughout other Catholic communities like yeast into dough. Take the knowledge, talents and stewardship qualities that you used to make this parish grow and prosper out into your future worship sites with faith and confidence that Jesus is always with you-always ready to help you follow His lead. All you need to do is ask. May the Lord Bless you and keep you; May His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; May He look upon you and your families with kindness and give you Shalom! In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! St. Ann Church is now closed. Let us go forth in the Love of God. Yours in Christ, Father George Balasko

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