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Star project

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S: Briesboeck- from baby to big

BC: Van Biesbroeck 8 cant be seen with your normal eye | Van Biesbroeck 8 is 21 light years away! | It belongs to the Ophiuchus constellation!

FC: Briesboeck- from baby to big! | By: Claire Grant 19 September 2012 Ms. Carson 2nd period

1: Briesboeck-From baby to big! | By: Claire Grant

2: Claire Grant | My name is Claire Grant. I am 14 and I live in Frisco, Texas. I was born on September 9, 1998.

3: Van Biesboeck 8 | Van Biesboeck 8 is a red dwarf main sequence star in the Ophiuchus constellation. It is an older star, and it is nearing the end of its life.It is a red dwarf with a temperature of 3,240 Kelvin. It has an absolute magnitude of 10.13*sun, a luminosity of .02*sun, and its mas is .48m *sun. | Van Biesboeck 8

4: Pregnant stage | This is the stage that is like the nebula stage, but for people. I grew in my moms stomach for 9 months, until I was born.

5: Nebula Stage | The nebula stage is the stage in the stars life where it is being formed, like me in my mom's womb. A nebula is a cloud of dust and gases, like hydrogen and helium floating around in space. It takes time, heat, and gravity for a nebula to become a star.

6: Newborn stage | The newborn stage is the stage right after birth. I was born on September 9th, 1998 ant 9:00 pm. A star is a newborn baby when its a protostar!

7: Protostar stage | The protostar stage is the stage right after the nebula. It is when gravity pulls all the dust and gas together from a nebula and makes a protostar.

8: adult/aging | This is the stage where I will go to college, then get a job and get married. I will start to age and grow old, like a red giant or a red dwarf. I may be growing old and dying off towards the end of this stage.

9: Red giant or Red Dwarf | This is the stage in a stars life when it becomes an adult. It cools down a lot, and may start to age. This is a long stage, but towards the end the star will start to die off. This is where Van Biesbroeck 8 is currently.

10: Old age and Death | This is the part of my life where I will grow old and die. This is the same as a white dwarf star!

11: White Dwarf | A white dwarf star is an old, dead, or dying star. It is very dense, but not as hot as other stars. It is also very bright.

12: Conclusion | This project taught me about stars and their life cycle. It also taught me how to put together and online scrapbook. I liked how you could make your own scrapbook and personalize it to make it look how you want. I would do this again to put together a scrapbook for a vacation, or a season like summer.

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