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Susan's Retirement

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Susan's Retirement - Page Text Content

S: Susan's Retirement

FC: VA Career 1975 - 2010

1: December 22, 2009

2: Susan & Vincent LaMonica | Nelson Rowe's wife, Mary Leu | Several "Perry Point Village People" came to Susan's Retirement Tea. Susan has organized several annual events to honor them, their memories and contributions to Perry Point.

3: What surprise do they have for Susan? | Looks like Shannon is getting ready to "work her magic"!

4: Susan was surprised with bound copies of her Perry Point historical book!

5: "Susan, I know I'm your favorite"

6: Back Row: Maxine, Tara, Susan, Shannon, Karen Front Row: Nellie, Sandy, Carrie, Joan

7: The "Hat Ladies"

9: Dr. Dave "Piano Man"

10: Cakes by Carrie

12: Everyone enjoyed themselves at the tea----and the hats were the perfect touch! | Dave and Nellie | Christine Dalzell

13: Karen Brown & Dawn Davis | Mike Lee | Christopher Crayton & Erin Reinhart

15: Center: Carrie and Dawn Clockwise: Dan Briones, Carrie, Carla & Karen; Karen, Tara & Carrie, Mike Beam, Joe Tadalan, Dan

16: Back Row: George, Mike, Gary, Joe T., Susan, Dan, Dr. Collins & Willie Front Row: Christopher, Mike, Dave and Kousick

17: The guys having fun!


19: GOOD TIMES with Carrie, Tara, Gary, Karen and Nellie!

21: The Big Day is here for Susan and Dave

22: Surprise!

23: Special People

24: The limo ride was a present from Susan's family!

26: Best Friends

27: Is Gary her favorite?? Of course he's everyone's favorite! | Best Friends

28: Grant Huang & Joe Collins begin their heartfelt congratulations...

29: ... Shannon & Nellie present a gift from co-workers.

30: A special certificate was presented to Susan from Joan Repaal

31: Hugs from Gary

33: Sam then read a beautiful poem to Susan about how much she means to her family.

34: "Big Sis" As you enter retirement we could not help but reminisce about some of our fondest memories and thoughts about you, our favorite sis. Yes, we remember those short skirts you wore and all the dates you had. Dad didn't understand the importance of the prom as he made you play baseball that day which made you so mad. Mark called you "Little Mom" and you took Sam to get her license instead of Dad. Yes, you handled your responsibilities amazingly and for that we are glad. Then there are the nice family traditions you have started such as cookie day. You sure do make a mean black bottom cupcake which will brighten anyone's day. Yet, your talents are not merely limited to baking for your quilts and stained glass are awesome too. Just ask your nieces and nephews who have graduated how much they appreciate the quilt from you. You are a take charge kind of person who can meet any deadline that comes your way. In fact, you do more before 8 a.m. than most people do all day. Yes, you can make a quilt, bake a cake, visit the elderly, and wash the car, have Abriana's friends over, do a craft, and make a book long before most people's alarms awaken them from afar. Then there are the wonderful trips we took to New York to see a Broadway show, and when we go traveling with you we know we will always be on the go.

35: There's no time to eat when we are sightseeing for we must see everything in twelve hours, this is why we don't eat until midnight when we are running out of power. But let's get real and not forget how blank our albums would be if it weren't for all the photos you take our books would be a very sad sight to see. Your photos have captured the essence of our family and keep our precious memories alive. You sure liked that zoom lens in the delivery room when Jon and Zach were born and began to thrive. Then when it comes to doing a wedding shoot you usually put the carriage before the horse, for the photos are usually ready long before the bride and groom consummate the marriage. | But all kidding aside, there are many adjectives that perfectly describe you: sweet, wonderful, thoughtful and charming are only just a few. You are not only our big sister but also a compassionate and caring friend, one who listens and offers good advice even if we choose to ignore it in the end. You are a wonderful grandmother to your grandchildren and as giving as can be. For you always go the extra mile and will be even more amazing as a retiree. So CONGRATULATIONS on your retirement Susan for no one deserves it more than you, and we wish you the best life has to offer: LOVE . . . JOY . . . and CONTENTMENT in all you do! | Poem created by Donna Johnson, Sunset Designs

37: During my 35 years of services (starting in 1975) with the VA, there were times I questioned whether to move to the public sector---but am now happy that I made the choice to stay. With the economic times being what they are, I feel very fortunate that I have my retirement plan with the government under the old system. I have many people to thank for my long career with the VA. Years with the ERDO staff are filled with fond memories. Dr. Pare, Ed Hobson, Betty Temple, Betty Fayer and June Carter were all role models for me as I was the "baby" of the group back then. Those were the years I had my children and everyone in the group understood the dilemmas of a working mom. I especially want to thank Dr. Pare for his support as he had enough faith in me and my talents to promote me while working in ERDO to a position that made it possible to move forward in my career. This led to me applying for the NIDA Project Manager position in CSP in 1992 and I certainly was out of my comfort zone for a few years. Then in 1998 I took the position of Administrative Officer---and again a big change for me. I want to take a few minutes to individually thank people--- - Grant Huang and VACO staff. Leadership has been outstanding and you're always thinking and planning ahead for the good of the CSP Program. - Baltimore Research Office (Dave Johnson, Shirley Rutledge and Rhonda Turner) - Joe Collins for his unwavering support over the years - IT - Deb Davis and George Roeshner Also a big thank you to the rest of the staff at CSP. It's an outstanding group and I feel confident that you will continue to move forward to keep the Perry Point CSP strong and healthy.

38: Thank you Shannon for all you did for me----- I love you!

39: Shannon, I want to personally thank you for all you’ve done for me over the years. Your computer skills and knowledge have saved me over and over again, and your patience with me has been amazing. It seems like every time you walked by my door I would ask for your help to solve a computer problem - and you always were able to fix it. Thank you for all your help and advice with the pictorial history project. I also want to say that you are one of the most giving people I’ve ever known. I’ve observed and listened over the years and am amazed at your generosity, not only to your family, but your co-workers as well. You’re a good friend." Susan

40: Gary, a great guy!

41: "What can I say that everyone doesn’t already know about Gary. He is without question one of the most wonderful men I’ve ever met and I know that everyone who knows Gary feels the same way. I believed Gary coined the term “team player” and he is always the first to volunteer for any work that needs done. Even when you’ve not felt well, you were still volunteering to help in any way you could. Without his help, the historical book would not have been possible. You are a gem, and I wish you the best. Our hope is that your physical problems disappear and you’ll be restored to your youthfulness." Susan | Susan is one of those rare people that when you are around her, it makes you want to be the best person that you can be. I love and admire her and am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. I consider Susan to be one of my best friends and I know that I am her favorite because of all of the black bottom cupcakes that she has baked for me. Gary | Thank you Gary!

43: Susan, words cannot express how much I admire you. You are an extremely strong woman with way too many talents. I miss you more than you will ever know. I miss having a friend that will just listen. Our paths in life have been similar in many ways and I miss the guidance, support and most of all my “Mom”. No one can ever replace you. Love You!!! Annette | "Annette, your work ethic is beyond compare. You're absolutely dedicated to your studies and always go above and beyond to make them successful. You're a great resource for other project managers, and I wish you success in your new role as Lead for that group." Susan

45: "Nellie, sweet, sweet Nellie. Her performance in her new position as budget analyst has been outstanding. She certainly took an enormous amount of work off my shoulders over the past year. Her involvement with the Budget Domain has allowed her to “spread her wings” and she is drinking in all the knowledge and doing an excellent job." | Susan, I want to thank you for your friendship, guidance and believing in me. You make everything look so easy. You are a classic example of grace under pressure. I will miss you. Nellie

46: "Carrie and Karen---not only are they wonderful hard working employees, but they’ve unofficially served as the “cheerleaders” for CSP. Whenever there’s an event to plan or a good deed to do, they are always first, not only to volunteer, but to make things happen." Susan

47: "I had been working at CSP for 6 years before I got the pleasure of working more closely with Susan, or perhaps she drew the “short straw” and had to work with me! She had always treated me with respect and support prior to me joining the Admin department, but my appreciation for all that she did for CSP and her employees grew immediately stronger when I joined the Admin department. I was always amazed at the fact that she didn’t muzzle me as my silliness sometimes (often) got enhanced by my co-workers, thus bringing a whole new level of noise to the respectable Admin trailer! I miss her terribly and although I am so happy for her new step in life, I will always look back at that time period with such a sad heart because I no longer have her encouraging and supportive words to carry me when I need them most." Karen

49: Susan, Thank you for the incredible kindness that you have shown to me. You are an amazingly talented and compassionate person. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with you and I will miss you. Enjoy your retirement!! Sandy | "Sandy Dixon- Although she’s only been on our staff for a short while, she’s proved herself over and over again. Whatever needs to be done, she is there to help, and that was so apparent when I needed help with the history project." Susan

50: "Tara, she has been a jack of all trades since she's been in CSP, and I would like to personally thank her for all her support over the years. She's a wonderful resource person and always willing to take on any new challenge.'

51: Susan, you are an amazing woman! As a young working mother (well, younger than you ), you will never know how the personal strength you showed impressed me. How you were so able to at least PORTRAY holding everything and everyone together still amazes me. Didn’t matter what was going on in your world (work or home), you had a free ear and I do believe I used it often. Your guidance and advice will stay with me until I retire (in about another 50 years) – so with all that said, you better not have lied to me, especially about the part of how I’m going to miss them being small one day. I’m kinda looking forward to missing that just a little (well, that and hot flashes – really looking forward to the hot flashes!) I love you! {HUGS} Tara

52: "Joan- I tried for years to get her to come to work in CSP, and she would only consider it after she retired- we’re fortunate to have her on our staff. She’s not only good at her job, but a pure joy to have around." Susan

53: Dear Susan, Thank you for your friendship over the years. Thanks for all the talks about what books to read and how to survive raising our boys. Thanks for all your help when I needed it during my years as Program Specialist for the NVVRS. Thanks for making your staff available to me during times when I had no support from the hospital. But mostly thank you for being such a caring, kind, friendly and genuine person. I feel so blessed that God allowed me to know you. You are rare by society’s standards today. I will always remember and miss you. Joan Repaal

56: Thanks Mark, for coming.

57: Family and friends made the day PERFECT!

58: Family and Friends!

60: Dave Weiss and Susan both retired on the same date.

61: Joe Collins, Dave Weiss and Grant Huang | Dave looks very happy today!

62: The happy retirees!

63: SPECIAL PEOPLE TO SUSAN THROUGHOUT HER CAREER | Cindy Howell | Jeff Tang | Tracey Serpi | Chris Dalzell | Nellie Banks | Betty Fayer | Debra Davis | Mike Kavchok | George Roehsner

64: Kousick Biswas | Joe Collins | Dave Weiss | Grant Huang | Joe Collins

68: Shannon prepared an amazing slideshow. The next few pages consist of some of Susan's most favorite pictures. ENJOY . . .

69: Susan started her career at the VA in 1975. She worked in the Clinical Laboratory for three years.

70: Back Row: Dr. Pare, Mel Buck and Marion Nesbitt Front Row: Susan and Betty Fayer | Perry Point Day Care Committee Betty Fayer and Susan are on far right | Mel Buck on far left; Susan on far right. Artist is a Perry Point patient. | Susan and Dr. Pare are in center of picture. | Eastern Research and Development Office (ERDO) Days (1978 thru 1992 | Approx. 1982-1983 | Approx. 1985 | Between 1981 and 1984 | 1985 or 1986

71: Top left: Susan with Jesse Reeves and Gene Isom (Pavlovian Lab) Top right: Dr. Pare, Ed Hobson, Evelyn Johnson, Betty Fayer and Susan Bottom: Susan with Evelyn Johnson and Betty Fayer | 1987 or 1988 | 1987 or 1988 | 1987 or 1988

72: Back Row: Bill Jenna, Evelyn Johnson, Dr. Pare, June Carter Front Row: Ed Hobson, Susan and Betty Fayer | Left to right: June Carter, Betty Temple, Susan and Betty Fayer | Far Left: Betty Temple and Susan Far Right - first row: Betty Fayer and June Carter | Back Row: Dr. Pare, Susan, June Carter and Ed Hobson Front Row: Betty Fayer, Evelyn Johnson and ? | 1987 | 1987 or 1988 | 1989 | 1989

73: More ERDO Days (These pictures taken at ERDO's 10th Anniversary. Location was Bldg. 82.) | 1989

74: Back Row: Susan, Dr. Pare, Marilyn Pare, Ed Hobson, Les Temple Front Row: June Carter, Betty Fayer, Sylvia Hobson and Betty Temple | Back Row: Dr. Pare, Ed Hobson and Susan Front Row: June Carter, Betty Fayer and Betty Temple | Left to right: Dr. Pare, Susan, Betty Fayer, Betty Temple, Ed Hobson and June Carter | 2007 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | ERDO Annual Christmas Luncheons

75: Susan cherishes this letter received from Dr. Pare shortly after her retirement.

76: Top Left: Susan and Linda Halsey Top Right: James O'Quinn, Linda Halsey, Susan, Tammy and Veronica Bottom: Susan, Barbara McMullen, ?, and Peggy Antonelli | Cooperative Studies Years (1992 - 2010) | 1994 | 1994 or 1995 | 1996

77: 1994 | 1995

78: Top left: Susan working as Administrative Officer in CSPCC Top right: June Carter's Retirement Party. Back row: Susan, Dr. Pare, Ed Hobson, Les Temple; Front row: June Carter, Betty Temple and Betty Fayer Middle left: Back row: Eric Washburn, Barbara McMullen, Nellie Banks and Sandy Kilby; Front row: Janie Smith Hundertmark, Debbie Wagner and Barb Yndo Middle right: Back row: Shirley Scott, Susan, Debbie Wagner, Sandy Kilby; Front row: Janie Smith Hundertmark, ?, Barb Yndo Bottom: Susan and Shirley Scott | 2003 | 1999 | 2002 | 2002 | 2001 or 2002

79: Halloween Fun at CSPCC (2009) | CSP Administrative Officers' Meeting at the Mansion House | Goofing around at Colleen Crigler's Retirement Tea Top: Annette Wiseman Middle: Shannon Affleck & Karen Hessler Bottom: Nellie Banks, Tara Burke & Susan | 2006 | 2008

80: Favorite Baby Pictures of Susan

81: School Years

82: Susan and her boys

83: 1971 | 1982 or 83

84: Susan and Abriana

85: Allison | Allison | Allison | Abriana & Allison | Abriana | Abriana | GRANDDAUGHTERS

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