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Sydneys Study guide!

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S: Context clues!

BC: The end

FC: Sydney's study guide!

1: Context clues! Def: To find out what a hard word means with looking at other words around it. | The ocean was Spectacular or wonderful as the waves hit your feet. | photo from Pics4learning

2: Simile: is a figurative language comparing two things with as or like. The fish was as bright as a summers day. | Figurative Language: A piece of writing were you try to make it more imaginary then literal. | Metaphors | Personification: this is were an object is described something a human does but it can't. The ocean talked to me like my best friend. | Metaphor: a figurative language that compares two things with out using like or as. the flower is a candle that lights up the beach.

3: Analogies: is a comparison of things that are alike in someways but mean different things. The ocean is like the sun but if you get to close it will burn | Idiom:a figure of speech that is taking a meaning that means something else. | Onomatopoeia: This is a noise or sound in your writing so that you can hear it in your mind. Woosh Woosh | tgeibklyyyibeeSTnvikus | Symbolism: A word or item that symbolizes something The ocean symbolizes life.

4: TEXT STRUCTURES: text structures is how your paragraph in a paper are written like if they describe something the text structure would be description | Problem, Solution: This is a text structure where you have a problem and at the end of the story their is a solution. I ran into a shark and i didn't know what to do i swam and swam for a long time than i realized i could just use pepper spray that i had so i did and it worked! | Comparison and contrast: this is when you think of the pro's and con's of two things or just finding the difference of the two and putting it in writing. I like the ocean because its huge. But, the pools pretty cool because it has a slide!

5: Sequence: This is a text structure that includes many first i did this then i did this. In order of events. First i went under the water. Then i coutunited to swim to the boat. After that i ate some cookies. | TEXT STRUCTURES! | Description: this is a structure were is describing something in detail. The fish has spots. These spots are circles and filled with white. The fish has a black tail with a yellow stripe. | Cause and effect: this is a structure that has a paragraph that has a lot of because this happened this Happened. This girl fell into the water. So someone rescued her.The boat stopped because of her and everyone got scared. | photo from

6: Summary: A summary is something that basically tells what the story's about in a few sentences focusing on the main parts. The water includes many sea creatures including fish, jellyfish, sharks, and dolphins. All of them have many special features. There is also animal above the water including birds, crabs, and seals. | The summary in this paragraph would be that many animals live in and outside the ocean.

7: Topic: A topic is what the whole paragraph or story is about. Main idea: the main idea is similar to the topic its what the who overall story is about. | All photos from this page came from | Supporting details: supporting details are the little things that tell about the topic or main idea. | Theme: theme is a central idea in a literary work. | the little mermaid's theme has to be that you can always belong even if its just for a moment. | Some of the supporting details in the little mermaid has to be that she feels like she is shining. |

8: Authors"s's purpose: This is why the author wrote this passage. | Ex: I always loved the water. The feeling of sand on my feet. Its the best vacation in the whole world you should really try going. The author's purpose would have to be that you should go to a beach

9: Literary Devises: things that bring interest to a story | Irony: is the difference between appearance and reality Ex. A girl said she would never be bit by a shark. The next day while in the ocean she was bit by a shark | Foreshadowing this is when you get a clue what will happen later in the story Ex.I just know i am going to win the contest at the beach tomorrow | FLashback: this is when a character looks back on an event that has already happened. Ex. The character thought about an amazing lunch she had on the beach the day before. It made me hungry

10: Glittering generalities example! | Statistics: this is a pursuasive technique were they apply statistics or charts to their ad or story. | Testimonial: is a persuasive writing using a athlete or star. | Emotinal appeal |

11: Persuasive Techniques: these are how persuasive stories are written. | Bandwagon: This is when they say that evenone is doing it so should you | Glittering Generalities: this is when the say that it's the best thing you have ever seen. | Emotional Apeal: this is when they make it so emotional that you could cry | Testimonial

12: Protagonist: this is the hero or the good guy in the story or movie. the protagonist.The little mermaid is the good guy | Characters: a character is a person in the story that has the conflict | Antagonist: this is the person who is a bad guy or a villain. In the little mermaid the octupus is the bad guy |

13: Setting: This is the place were the plot mostly takes place. ex. The setting in the little mermaid is under the sea!

14: Parallel Actions: this is when something happens over and over again ex. like in the three little pigs they all keep building house | Problem and conflict: the problem in the notebook is that she has all timers( man vs self) | Rising Action: this is the actions that lead up to the climax ex. their is many events leading up to when iqbal gets killed. | Climax: is the most suspensful thing that happens, this is right after the rising action ex. the climax of the girl on the milk carton is when she figures out that her parents are not her real parents |

15: Plot: everything that happens in a story | Subplots; this happens in a story when their is a story in another story ex. This happens in the notebook because their's a story inside a story. | Resolution: This is what solves the conflict. Ex. in the book girl on the milk carton the resolution is that she calls her real family | Falling action: this is what happens after the climax intill the end of the story ex. in the story of iqbal the falling action is when they have a funeral for him intill the end of the story |

16: Fact : a fact is something that is true ex. California has an ocean Opinion: this is what someone thinks and is not very true ex. I think the ocean is so cool in California. Photos from

17: Bias: this means to like something more than another ex. i think john Mcaain is the best candidate for presidency

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