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Tales of The Otori

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FC: Takeo Scrapbook | Kensuke Kushimoto

1: -Resume -Family -Fathers -Hidden -Takeo’s Special Skills -Vengeance -Master -Great Mentor -Countries -Road Map -Fate -Friends -Drawing -Horse -Tribe -The Battle of Yaegahara | Contents

2: RESUME | Former name was Tomasu. A 15-year old kind boy who was living with a mother, a father-in-law and sisters in Hidden village named Mino. Loved to wander in the forest alone. During wandering in the forest alone, all Hidden people including his family members were brutally killed by Tohan soldiers. Nearly killed by Iida Sadamu who is the king of Tohan, saved by Otori Shigeru who encountered Takeo by chance during the trip. Taken by Otori Shigeru to his country named Otori due to Otori Shigeru’s inspiration for the fate. Named Takeo by Otori Shigeru, which named after his dead brother Takeshi. Later on, fostered by Otori Shigeru. Origin from the Tribe and evolved some special skills which are the genetic gifts from his real father, Kikuta Isamu.

3: FAMILY | oFather-in-law oMother oSisters Not aware of the real father until notified by Mutou Kenji. Living in the Hidden village with peace but brutally killed by Tohan soldiers while Takeo was wandering in the forest.

4: Takeo has 3 fathers. Real father: Kikuta Isamu Well-known skillful assassin in the Tribe. Dropped out from the Tribe and tried to live with peace with Takeo’s mother but eventually killed by the Tribe due to the betrayal. Father-in-law: Name unknowm Married with Takeo’s mother. Real father of Takeo’s sisters. Killed by Tohan soldiers. Foster father: Otori Shigeru Right successor king of Otori. Brave soldier and the person of virtue. Despite of the strong objection of Ichiro, decided to foster Takeo. | FATHERS

5: HIDDEN | A group of the people who believe in a particular religion. Living in the solitary village in the mountain. Pray before every meal. Hated by Iida Sadamu like that Adolf Hitler hated Jewish.

6: TAKEO'S SPECIAL SKILL | 1)Incredible hearing ability Able to hear tiny sound or conversation at far location. Takeo found the assassin approach to Otori Shigeru and the evil scheme of Otori Shigeru’s uncles with this skill. 2)Creating virtual shadow Learnt from Mutou Kenji. Able to pretend as if he is there by leaving the shadow while himself is away. 3)Physical ability Excellent physical ability. Able to across the nightingale floor without making any sound. Improve this ability with the floor that Shirou who is the chief carpenter of Otori Shigeru built. 4)Talent for drawing Able to draw the professional drawing quite easily. This skill helped Takeo to pretend he is not a soldier.

7: VEGEANCE | Being killed all family members by Iida Sadamu. Want to revenge for his family. Iida Sadamu killed Takeshi, a younger brother of Otori Shigeru. Otori Shigeru and Iida Sadamu are the fateful rivals. Takeo and Otori Shigeru have the same target by chance.

8: MASTER | Takeo has 2 masters. Otori Ichiro Subject of Otori Shigeru. Taught the writing and reading to Takeo. At first strongly against to foster Takeo, but later on supported Takeo. | Mutou Kenji The Tribe. Aware of Takeo’s origin and his genetic gifts. Taught Takeo how to improve these skills. On the other hand, planned to take Takeo back to the Tribe. Old friend of Otori Shigeru.

9: GREAT MENTOR | Otori Shigeru Saved Takeo from Tohan and fostered him. Takeo decided to dedicate his entire life to Otori Shigeru. The great soldier but also the man of compassion. The biggest rival of Iida Sadamu. Lost the wife 10 years ago and now in love with Maruyama Naomi who is the queen of Maruyama.

10: COUNTRIES | 3 countries are deeply involved in this story Otori Capital is located in Hagi, which faces to the northern sea and is isolated from outer land by rivers. The king is Otori Shoichi, an uncle of Otori Shigeru. Lost against Tohan in the battle of Yaegahara and lost much of land after the battle. Tohan Strong military country located in the east. The king is Iida Sadamu. The capital is located in Iiyama. Planning to conquer Otori and expand the territory. Seishu Consist of small allied countries. The capital is located in Kumamoto and Maruyama.

11: ROAD MAP | Takeo’s trip to Hagi with Otori Shigeru

12: FATE | Kaede, the princess of Shirakawa. A 15 year-old beautiful girl who has been captured since a child by Noguchi Masayoshi who is a sworn friend of Iida Sadamu. Iida Sadamu planed to have the arranged marriage for Kaede with Otori Shigeru. Both Kaede and Takeo fell in love at first sight, but tried to follow their destiny despite of the strong affection.

13: FRIENDS | Terada Fumio Only friend of Takeo who is living in Hagi. His father is a fisherman and Fumio always helped his father for fishing. Played with Takeo and sometimes taught him how to swim and fish. His parents hated the king of Otori because of unreasonable high render. Eventually his family left Hagi.

14: DRAWING | One of Takeo’s special skills. Able to draw the fascinating drawings. This skill helped Takeo to pretend he is not a soldier. Takeo gave one drawing to Kaede, and she kept the drawing as if it is the most precious thing to her.

15: HORSE | Raku, a horse that Otori Shigeru gave to Takeo, which has gray mane and tail. Quite attached to Takeo.

16: TRIBE | The group of people who have excellent skills for assassin. Takeo’s real father, Kikuta Isamu was from Kikuta Tribe which is lead by Kikuta Koutaro. Kikuta Koutaro tries to take Takeo back to the Tribe.

17: THE BATTLE OF YAEGAHARA | The Battle between Otori and Tohan happened more than 10 years ago. Otori lost and due to the agreement Otori Shigeru accepted not to succeed the king of Otori.

18: KEY PAGES | -"for we had no mirrors in the remote mountain village of MIno" -"The lord raised the sword with both hands, sidestepped under one of the poles, lopped off the head of the man holding it, came back at the wolf man, and took off the right arm, still holding the knife " -"I am Otori Shigeru." -"What's your name, boy? Tomasu. That's "a common name among the Hidden. You can be called Takeo." -"My dad was killed during the "betrayal." -"I was sixteen I was taller than my stepfather" -"I like this sounds that birds are whistling" -"I could kill, I thought, I could kill Iida. And then: I will kill him. I will learn how." -"I went to Hagi to lean how to write, use sword with Lord Otori," -""Takeo, you have to one more thing to return to Lord Otori." said, Abe." -""Let's go to Tsuwano to meet Kaede Shirakawa who future wife of the Lord Otori" I said." -"When I showed the picture of bush warbler, Lord Otori was unable to stand up as surprising." -"I knew nothing about them except that they had been defeated by the Tohan at the great battle ten years earlier on the plain of Yaegahara."

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