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Taylor The Terrible Meets His Match

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S: Taylor The Terrible Meets His Match Jillian Gray

BC: Taylor The Terrible Meets His Match | James, Jack, and Robert are having trouble with a bully. They want to show the bully that he shouldn't treat kids like this. And they have a plan. Will the boy's plan work? Can they show the bully that bullying is wrong? Or will the plan fail and the bully will win, again? You'll have to read to find out!

FC: Written and Illustrated by Jillian Gray Gray Books Printing Press | Taylor The Terrible Meets His Match

1: Taylor The Terrible Meets His Match Written and Illustrated by Jillian Gray Gray Books Printing Press

2: Jack, Robert, and James were all sitting at the 3rd grade lunch table eating lunch and laughing at a joke Jack just made, when Taylor The Terrible came by their table and said "That was the dumbest joke I've ever heard! You all must be so dumb to even laugh at that." Then he started laughing at them very loudly so that everyone turned towards the three boys. "Look at these dummies I bet they don't know the answer to what 2+2 is!" And everyone started laughing at them. Jack, Robert, and James were very mad and embarrassed. "We've got the show Taylor The Terrible that he should treat others the way he wants to be treated!" said James. "But how are we going to do that?" asked Jack in a sad voice. "We'll have to be meaner to him than when he was to us!" Robert said very excited. "Then he'll see that it isn't worth it being mean to people if others will be mean to him too.", said Jack happier now that they knew what to do. At recess the three boys made their plan, they would show Taylor The Terrible that if he is going to be mean to others, others will be mean to him too. They planned to do it on Friday at lunch, which was three days away. Each of the boys were very happy with their plan and knew it would work. " You guys know what to do?" James asked, excited. "Yeah!" yelled Robert and Jack, they were very excited too. As the bell rang for recess to end James, Robert, and Jack walk back into the school with big smiles on their faces.

4: Jack, James, and Robert were at the same lunch table as yesterday. They decided that if Taylor The Terrible came over that this time they would say something to back to him. "I hope he doesn't come." Jack said to his friends. But just as he said it he wished he could take back the words, because Taylor The Terrible was right beside the table and none of the boys had heard him coming. Taylor The Terrible laughed as he said "Are you afraid of me? You and your friends are big wimps." Then Robert suddenly said "No we're not! We're just sick and tired of you being mean to us!" Taylor The Terrible didn't stop laughing even after Robert said that. Then he said "And what are you going to do about it, dork? You can't stand up to me, I'm bigger and stronger than all three of you put together!" And Taylor The Terrible laughed at them and laughed and laughed, he laughed so long that people just started to laugh just because they wanted to join Taylor. "Oh, he is so going to pay." James said glaring at Taylor who was walking away from the table still laughing. Then Jack said "We'll have to work harder on our plan to stop him. Because of what he said today I have a feeling that the plan we made yesterday isn't going to work."

5: James and Robert nodded in agreement. At recess the three boys worked on the plan again making better than it was before. "I hope this works." said James. "We'll just have to work on our plan more tomorrow because I think it should be stronger." said Jack. Then the bell rang for the end of recess and the boy's walked into the school with worried looks on their faces.

6: Thursday afternoon at the lunch table James sat down with a big smile on his face. "I know how to make the plan better!" James said. "What is it?" Robert and Jack said at the same time with excited faces. "Not only will we show him that he's wrong for being mean to us, and other people, but we'll also show him that we are stronger than he is.", James said smiling. Jack looked confused "So we have to fight him? I don't want to James, we'll never win." James said "No, no. That's not what I meant. I mean that we are strong enough to not be wimps when he says mean things to us..." James was looking at his friends for encouragement that his idea was really good. But Robert and Jack still looked confused. "How are we going to do that?" ask Robert "I mean when we tried to stand up for our selves he just laughed. And when we don't say anything he calls us wimps-". "And laughs." said Jack finishing Robert's sentence. Robert agreed.

7: "I know, I know. I thought about that too. All we have to do is be mean to him like he was to us, I know we already decided that, but we should act like a team. You know how he said 'I'm bigger and stronger than all three of you put together!'. We have to show him that we are stronger than him with all three of us put together. We'll all be mean to him, show what's what. Make working as a team to bring him down. Show him how it feels to be bullied", James explained. | "That's a great idea!" said Jack. James beamed. "Yeah," said Robert ,"after lunch we'll have to put that into our plan". Lunch was peaceful that day, because Taylor The Terrible was on his 4th grade field trip. Just as Robert said, James, Jack, and he, fixed their plan and made it so good that they knew that they would show Taylor that if he wanted to be treated nice by other people, he will have to treat other people nicely. As the bell rang again for recess to end the three boys were so excited that they couldn't wait till the next day.

8: It was Friday, the day when the three boys would show Taylor The Terrible what he's doing, and that it's very wrong. "I hope that he'll change his ways and not be mad that we did this." said Jack. "Oh, don't worry, it will be fine. He'll understand that this was the only way to show him." Robert said to Jack, trying to make Jack feel more confident. "The plan can't fail, Jack. I'm sure that it will work. It's not too mean to hurt his feelings, but just enough to show him that treating people this way is wrong." said James he had been very excited about what they were going to do and he didn't want Jack to ruin his spirits.

9: " | Then Taylor The Terrible came into the lunch room looking mean and nasty. "Let's hope this works." Jack whispered as Taylor came closer so he wouldn't hear him."Hey, Robert, that's a pretty shirt, a pretty ugly one!" Taylor said and laughed as if he made the funniest joke in the world. "You know that really wasn't funny. And who are you to even comment about my shirt. If you want to see an ugly shirt just look down." James said, their plan was in action. Taylor fell for it and looked down noticing that it was his shirt that they were talking about. James , Jack, and Robert, all started to laugh. Some people turned to see what was going on."Now, that wasn't funny, my shirt is fine." said Taylor startled by the sudden confidence that that three boys had gotten. "Yeah, to you." said Jack. The three boys laughed again.

10: Their plan was working very good. By all three of them laughing at once it was loud so even more people looked."So, you guys think your so tough now that I fell for your stupid prank." said Taylor. "No, we just think it's funny that you can't stand up to the three of us." said Robert smiling. "You guys could never match up to me." said Taylor trying to hide that he knew Rodger was right. "What are you going to do?" asked James.

11: "Well.... I can't think of anything right now." stuttered Taylor, he knew he was no match for them. "You don't like being picked on do you? Tell the truth we won't say anything." said Jack seriously. "No, I don't like it" said Taylor in a small voice.

12: "That's what I thought Taylor." said Robert. "Taylor," James began, "if you don't like being picked on, then why do you do it to us? Do you think that we don't feel the way you do right now when you pick on us?" Taylor just shrugged and put his head down. Jack continued from where James left off. "We'll keep doing this to you if you keep doing it to us. Because, if your treating us this way, it's like your telling us that you want to be treated this way too. So Taylor," Taylor looked up, "Treat people the way you want to be treated and everything will be fine. But if you treat us unkindly then we will treat you unkindly too. And that goes for everyone, not just us." Taylor nods his head and says OK. "I'll always treat people the way I want to be treated." said Taylor and he smiled at the boys.

13: Do you see our point now?" Robert asked. "Yes I understand, I was being unkind and I deserved it." From that day on Taylor The Terrible was no longer called Taylor The Terrible, just Taylor, people started to like him. He became good friends with James, Jack, and Robert, and was friendly to everyone else. He never picked on anyone again. He treated people the way he wanted to be treated. And everyone was happy. THE END.

14: Jillian Gray is a 7th grader at Cambridge Springs High School. She lives in Venango, PA. She plays, soccer, softball, volleyball, runs cross country and skis This is the first book Jillian Gray has ever written. Jillian Gray wrote this book because she thought that if she wrote this, it would show children that they should treat people the way they want to be treated, if they ever want to be respected in the world.

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