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FC: THAILAND | Thailand is surrounded on all sides my multiple countries on the North, East and West sides, along with the the Indian Ocean to the south.

1: THAILAND'S FLAG | Thailand's flag symbolizes the different people in the country and the government as well as the religious faith of the country.

2: The primary religion of Thailand is Buddhism and it is shown in this picture of a statue of Buddha.

3: The cities of Thailand have recently suffered from a massive storm that caused record breaking floods around the country and are interfering with normal life.

4: The Red Cross provides aid to the citizens of Thailand after the massive floods that have occurred in the most recent months.


6: Sincerely, Collin Higgins | The U.S. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, visited Thailand to talk about the floods and how the U.S. will be helping out with relief efforts. She also talked about how the U.S, will stay by Thailand until the relief efforts are finished.

8: Dear Mr. McFadden, Yeah, it’s me again, just letting you know how things have been going since my last letter. I have gotten to work a lot with Thailand’s military that is working around the clock to provide supplies to citizens in need. I have to work a lot all around the city to help the people that are still stranded and to help with distributing supplies to all those who need it. I am just amazed at how well the countries citizens are coming together to help one another in this time of need. And all the other countries that are helping provide aid to the country is really impressive. I have also been seeing around the city people working to move the water out of their houses and trying to get it to flow somewhere else. I also saw a group of people trying to clear a river that was filled with debris so that the river could move the water and help to clear the water from the streets. I’ll be seeing you soon so we can talk even more about this life changing experience here helping out those in this great time of need. Sincerely, Collin Higgins

9: All of the flooding causes the citizens to make a critical decision to either stay at their homes and become stranded, or try to leave the city and lose most of their belongings.

10: Dear Mr. McFadden, Hey it's me again I’ve been having a blast over here in Thailand since my last letter. I really feel good about helping all of the people in the city that need me too. I‘ve been distributing food and water to the citizens of Bangkok all around the city because the floods ravished the city streets and it is making travel around the city nearly impossible for the citizens. My friends and I have been going around with the military as well to give out supplies to people because they need all the help they can get. I have also been doing special work with helping people that can't travel around the city by driving them on the raft I have been given by the military. The flood have really been tearing the city apart and many people in the city are very annoyed with how the government has been going about helping them because they say they aren't doing enough. Since the flooding started in July and didn't really end until the largest storm in half a century completely took over the city and made it nearly impossible to do any usual activities easily. I have seen a lot of upsetting things around the city for instance I saw a mother carrying around her two kids on her shoulders, while she carried the supplies we had just given her half a mile to where she was staying cause her house we destroyed by the flood. It really is a depressing environment but I’m trying to make the best of it by thinking about how it will all be better in time, but it maybe not soon enough. Sincerely, Collin Higgins

11: Dear Mr. McFadden, Hello again, I’ve been up to a lot since my last letter to you. I have had to do a lot of working with the flooding in the city and providing supplies to families in need, but the thing that I have been working on the most is rescuing animals around the city and helping families that need to get to better shelter and a suitable place to live for the time being. I have to travel around the city very often to help the people that are stranded in their houses and buildings, and take them to one of the various locations that we are set up in, or the hospital for medical attention. There have been a lot of tragedies in the country and the people are staying strong by knowing that they will make it through the hardships and survive. The people that are stranded in their homes and can't go anywhere are the ones that have to work the hardest to survive so I’m glad that we get to help them often and give them as much help as we can. The military is trying their best to give out as many supplies as they can to everyone they meet so that the people can live easier without as many struggles. I’m also very glad that the U.S. is helping out to provide aid to the country in such an important time of need, and it makes me even more proud to be an American because of how the country helps out other countries. Sincerely, Collin Higgins

12: Many animals around the city have had to be rescued and moved specially because they have been stranded by the floods and don't have homes any more.

13: Structure of Legal System in Thailand | The new Constitution signed by His Majesty the King BHUMIBOL in 1997 is the highest and supreme law in Thailand. Major legislatives in Thailand include Code (e.g. Civil and Commercial Code, Penal Code, Civil procedures Code and Criminal Procedures Code), Acts of legislature (e.g. Securities and Exchange Act and Public Limited Company Act), Royal Decrees, Emergency Decree, Ministerial Regulations and other governmental notifications and regulations. Since Thailand is a civil law system country, then process of enactment of laws and legislationsin Thailand issomehow complicated. It takes time and requires several procedures. The enactment procedures briefly include proposal by the Cabinet for House of Representatives and House of Senate approval. If both House of Representatives and House of Senate approve on the proposal, then the proposed law will be submitted to the Prime Minister and later forwarded to His Majesty the King BHUMIBOL for approval respectively.

14: Thailand's Constitution | May there be virtue. Today is the tenth day of the waxing moon in the eleventh month of the year of the Ox under the lunar calendar, being Saturday, the eleventh day of October under the solar calendar, in the 2540th year of the Buddhist Era. Phrabat Somdet Phra Paramintharamaha Bhumibol Adulyadej Mahitalathibet Ramathibodi Chakkri Narubodin Sayammintharathirat Borommanatthabophit is graciously pleased to proclaim that whereas Constitutions have been promulgated as the principle of the democratic regime of government with the King as Head of the State in Thailand for more than sixty-five years, and there had been annulment and amendment to the Constitutions on several occasions, it is manifest that the Constitution is changeable depending upon the situation in the country. In addition, the Constitution must clearly lay down fundamental rules as the principle of the administration of the State and the guideline for the preparation of the organic laws and other laws in conformity therewith; and whereas the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, B.E. 2534 as amended by the Constitution Amendment (No. 6), B.E. 2539 established the Constituent Assembly, consisting of ninety- nine members elected by the National Assembly, charged with the duty to prepare a draft of a new Constitution as the fundamental of political reform and His Majesty the King graciously granted an audience to members of the Constituent Assembly for taking His Royal speeches and receiving blessings in carrying out this task, and, thereafter, the Constituent Assembly prepared the draft Constitution with the essential substance lying in additionally promoting and protecting rights and liberties of the people, providing for public participation in the governance and inspecting the exercise of State power as well as improving a political structure to achieve more efficiency and stability, having particular regard to public opinions and observing procedures provided in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, B.E. 2534 as amended by the Constitution Amendment (No. 6), B.E. 2539 (1996) in every respect; Having carefully considered the Draft Constitution prepared by the Constituent Assembly in the light of the situation of the country, the National Assembly passed a resolution approving the presentation of the draft Constitution to the King for His Royal signature to promulgate it as the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand; Having thoroughly examined the draft Constitution, the King deemed it expedient to grant His Royal assent in accordance with the resolution of the National Assembly; Be it, therefore, commanded by the King that the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand be promulgated to replace, as from the date of its promulgation, the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, B.E. 2534 promulgated on 9th December B.E. 2534. May the Thai people unite in observing, protecting and upholding the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand in order to maintain the democratic regime of government and the sovereign power derived from the Thai people, and to bring about happiness, prosperity, and dignity to His Majesty's subjects throughout the Kingdom according to the will of His Majesty in every respect.

15: The people of Thailand's capitol, Bangkok, were forced to move to these temporary concrete shelters after the flooding occurred

16: WORKS CITED | Buddha Image. 2008. Photograph. Collection of CultureGrams. ProQuest, 2011. Web. 28 Nov 2011.

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