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The Adventures of Young Isaac Newton, Edition: Gravity

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S: The Adventures of Young Isaac Newton, Edition: Gravity Nelli

BC: Also by Daniel Nelli: The Adventures of Young Isaac Newton, Edition: Laws of Motion and The Adventures of Young Isaac Newton, Edition: Spectrum of Light | Follow young Isaac Newton on his discovery to gravity. "It was amazing, I wish I could have written something this awesome, but that could never happen" -Alex Fernandez

FC: The Adventures of Young Isaac Newton, Edition: Gravity Daniel Nelli

1: The Adventures of Young Isaac Newton, Edition: Gravity Daniel Nelli November 20th, 2009 Setting: Lincolnshire, England, 1650

2: One day, little Isaac Newton was doing his chores. He was going outside to water the plants.

3: Suddenly, Isaac felt a thump on his head. "Ouch!" Isaac said. He looked and saw an apple on the ground. "Sorry are you ok?" he heard. It was his neighbor Waldo.

4: Isaac looked up; he was standing right under an apple tree. He saw Waldo up in the tree. "What were you doing?" asked Isaac. "I was trying to climb to the top of this tree, but I accidentally kicked that apple, and it fell down," he explained.

5: Isaac was confused, why did the apple fall? What made the apple fall?

6: He started to do some tests to find out why the apple dropped. He dropped rocks, an ear of corn, a candle... they all fell.

7: “This is so cool” thought little Isaac, so he wrote it down. He was so excited; he thought he had hit a scientific revolution.

8: Issac and Waldo tried to spread word around about what Isaac had found, but no one would listen. They needed experts who would type this for them, and spread the idea around.

9: Rousseau was taken, so they needed to get Mary Wollstonecraft to write it for them. She was a woman who could write very well, and had this idea about women being educated.

10: They figured they would go to the salon to find her. "Isn't that crazy, women getting educated?" mentioned Waldo. "Yeah" said Isaac.

11: Then they saw her. "Mary Wollstonecraft!" they called. They got her attention. "Can you write us something?" they asked. "Sure, what?" she replied. "This idea we have been testing," they explained as they gave her a copy of what Isaac wrote.

12: They met up a week later, and she gave them a paper. It was Isaac's idea, but it was neoclassically written, and it sounded very official.

13: "Now we need to find someone who can spread this around," said Waldo. They had heard about John Locke. “He could spread the word around,” thought little Isaac.

14: They met Locke in the salon. They asked him if he would spread the word around. "I'll spread it around, because it's amazing, and it influences Enlightenment," Locke said.

15: "Enlighten-WHAT?" asked Waldo. “Enlightenment, it is an act that uses thought, reason, and individual power to solve problems” said Locke.“Isaac, your statement represents Enlightenment for you used reason, thought, and your own power to solve a problem” he added. “Oh ok, I get it” expressed Isaac.

16: He spread the word all around. The philosophes didn't like this. “You can't just state this” they would say. Locke would come back with, “why yes we can, it's in the social contract.”

17: Voltaire and Locke went through a tough argument about the idea, but Locke won. Enlightened despots, or believers of Enlightenment, started to join Isaac, Waldo, and Locke's side. They were a major help for taking care of the philosophes.

18: In one argument, a philosophe stated that Locke, Isaac, and Waldo couldn't do this without permission from England. | One of Isaac's despots came back with, “England?, no one listens to England anymore, come on, get out of the geocentric theory age.” | Everybody laughed.

19: As time passed, everyone saw that what little Isaac found was true. He called it gravity. He was recognized by many. Even Galileo met with him and talked about it. People were amazed that someone so young found this out.

20: Gravity and other causes lead to the Enlightenment, which with other causes led to theses documents: the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.

21: “Good job Isaac, It's been a good month,” said Waldo. “You too,” said Isaac. “Why do you sound so sad?” asked Waldo. “Well, I just thought about it, I've been out of the house for basically a month,” exclaimed Isaac. “And...” said Waldo. “I'm going to have so many chores!”

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