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The Alchemist (Digital Storytelling)

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S: The Alchemist

FC: The Alchemist Written by Paulo Coelho Digital Retelling by: Jesse lee Period 2

1: Table of Contents | Characters page.2-3 Purpose of Characters page.4 Major Plot Events page.5 Major Plot Events Pictures page.6 Setting page.7 Conflicts page.8-9 Historical Context & Connections page.10

2: Characters | Santiago - The main protagonist of the novel. He is outgoing and determined. Santiago, who was originally supposed to be a priest, decided to take hold of his own destiny and became a poor Shepard so he could travel. As the story progresses the reader sees more of this outgoing embrace of destiny, as Santiago pursues a treasure that was for told to him through a dream. We see through his actions that although many times he is faced with in picking a path of living comfortable or pursuing his dream. Time and time again he chooses to stick to his goals in taking up his dreams, giving insight to Santiago's character.

3: The Alchemist- First heard of from the Englishman, The Alchemist is Santiago's wise guru. He is considered one of the best alchemist due to his possession of the Master Work, which are actually two items. They are the Philosopher's stone and the Elixir of LIfe. The Alchemist never gives his answers away easily and leads Santiago to understand the Soul of the World. Which gives Santiago mystical powers. He resides a little south of Al-Fayoum Oasis. He is serious and tries to preserve Santiago and any characters independence in achieving his/her destiny.

4: Purpose of characters | The reason I chose Santiago and the Alchemist is because in the book they have the strongest relationship. Although Santiago may have a burning love for Fatima and have other ties with different characters, The Alchemist seemed most appropriate. He represents a part of Santiago's own mind and heart. He is the same part of Santiago's soul that insisted on traveling the world instead of becoming a priest. He is the part of the soul that strives to achieve his own "Personal Legend" or his Destiny. Even though through most of the book he is Santiago's teacher it is safe to say he is a parallel character of Santiago.

5: Major Plot Events | Through out The Alchemist Santiago pursues his "Personal Legend" which is to find a hidden treasure. This came to him in a dream while he was at a broken down church with an enormous sycamore tree inside of it. After getting his dream interpreted he follows the advice of characters throughout the book and is lead on a path to the Great Pyramids where the treasure is supposed to lie. He starts off as a poor shepard boy selling the wool off his sheep in a small town, Tarifa. He meets his first obstacle here. An internal one where he desires to stay in one place forever abandoning his dreams of traveling. He overcomes this by meeting the "King of Salem" and through his words he travels to Africa. He is faced with troubles of robbery and he starts out with nothing and works to get money keep on pursuing his dream. Eventually raising enough money to travel he is lead to the Oasis Al-Fayoum. He meets his true love here and once again he is faced with the obstacle of staying in one place. He meets a powerful Alchemist who encourages him to follow his Personal Legend. He does so and finally makes it to Egypt. He digs and digs to find a treasure, but never does. Finally two men come along. One mocks him for pursuing a dream. He to once had a dream about a broken down church and a sycamore tree. He dreamed he would find his treasure there, but he never pursued it. Santiago now knew where to find his treasure and when he returned to the church he had found it. Not only was he rich now, he had gained many lessons and became a much wiser character than when he first started.

6: Main Plot Visual | The Great Pyramids | The Old Church with the sycamore tree.

7: Setting | Because the story has to do with Santiago pursuing his own Personal Legend the setting changes drastically through out the book. Every time the setting changes it affects his dreams or personal legend. For example when he first arrives into the town of Tarifa he suddenly stumbles in his desire to travel and wishes to stay in that village for good and get married. This happens twice more. Once in Africa where he is hired by a Crystal Merchant and he makes good money and after that at the Oasis where he is promised his true love and a wealthy position in the tribe. Each time he enters a new setting he is faced with the challenge of impeding his goal to achieve his personal legend. Each time it gets harder and harder, but each time he fights the urge to and so the setting, in the end, helps to move him closer to his dream.

8: Conflict | Although the reoccurring conflict of the desire to stop pursuing dreams was a constant problem, there were other conflicts. The two conflicts that stuck out to me were, when an army of tribal warriors arrived at the oasis, just as Santiago had predicted. The second was when Santiago and the Alchemist were captured. Each solution was creative and exciting! When the army had come to take over the oasis they were fooled and slaughtered by the tribe in the Oasis.

9: Conflict Cont. | When the army had come to take over the oasis, they ended up failing horribly due to Santiago's predictions. Because Santiago had predicted the attack through omens, the tribal leaders were able to fool the intruders and kill every last one of them. When Santiago and the Alchemist were captured, Santiago was able to use the Soul the World and talk to the wind and sun to create a giant wind saving them from death. Although these solutions were exciting it was what Santiago learned from them that made these conflicts so important. From the first conflict he learned to follow his instinct and it would lead him to the best. Also afterwards he was able to choose to move on with his destiny even though the tribal leaders offered him great wealth. From the second conflict he developed greatly because communicating with the Soul of the World in the story means that Santiago had officially found who he is and achieved a great accomplishment.

10: Historical Context and Connections | The Alchemist connects to our studies in class through culture and belief systems. In both cultures there was a desire for wealth. However there was a difference in the the belief systems of the 1920's and the unclear almost biblical time period of The Alchemist. In the 1920's we see that the upper class made money through cheating and stealing. However, in The Alchemist we see that people work hard to become wealthy. For example Santiago's father, the Crystal Merchant, or even Santiago himself. We see that there is a clear difference in the moral values between the times. Probably due to the impact of religion. We also see the difference that during the time period of The Alchemist in terms of superstition. Omens are a big difference between the belief systems. So there is only one similarity between the two time periods. Many of the other connections differ as if they were totally different worlds.

11: Historical Context and Connections Cont. Pictures | OMEN- two hawks The Alchemist | Liquor Smuggling

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