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The Anasazi

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FC: The Anasazi By:Meghan,Joe,Maggie,Mark, Sebastian,and Daniel

1: FOOD The Anasazi ate a lot of different foods.They planted their crops on very dry land.They would plant corn,beans,and squash.The Anasazi had to protect their crops from animals.When the crops were ready they picked them and stored them for the winter.Women cooked with corn and they boiled,roasted, or crushed it to make a powder called cornmeal. The women also mushed bread and tortillas from cornmeal.It took them a lot of time to crush corn ,nuts,and seeds because they used a stone.They would eat meat roasted or boiled.They also cut them in strips and let them dry in the sun to eat later.Women also cooked with onions ,wild grains,and some wild potatoes.To add flavor to them they used nuts,berries,and fruits.The Anasazi cooked a lot of different foods. l e

2: HUNTING The Anasazi would have to hunt for their food.The men would hunt for deer,sheep,and bears up in the mountains.Also they caught beavers,squirrels,and field mice by the rivers.The Anasazi would set traps for the wild ducks.To kill the animals they used a lot of different tools.The Anasazi men would have a lot of work to do.

4: LIVING The Anasazi lived in the desert at Mesa Verde near the Four Corners.The four corners are Arizona,Utah,New Mexico,and Colorado.Also they made their houses of rock called adobo.They lived in canyons and cliffs.They had very important homes.

5: INTERESTING FACTS Apache women made baskets.The also made amazing pottery.The The Apache fought better with horses and guns.

6: CLOTHING | These are some clothing that only and I mean only female Anasazi wore. Women wore dresses and had bags. Also hats and short boots too. They wore robes and skirts. They also wore belts. Now do you know why I said only female Anasazi? Here are some clothing male Anasazi wore. They wore blankets over their shoulders. They also wore boots. Now you just heard what male Anasazi wore.

7: Do you ever wonder what kid Anasazis wore? Well here is your answer. They wore almost the same things as the adult Anasazi. The girls wore dresses. The boys wore a blanket over their shoulders. The kids loved rabbit fur. Well there's you answer-that's what Anasazi kids wore!

8: RELIGION,CEREMONIES,AND BELIEFS The Native Americans had a lot of kivas.A kiva is a church that's under ground.They prayed to their gods when a war was going on.The Native Americans believed in many gods. The most powerful god was Sun Bearer. If someone is sick the priest will give them a special drink in the middle of a sand painting. The priest toasted the sand on the person from the sand painting.

9: HOUSES Some Native Americans lived on the side of cliffs.Then they made their houses out of adobe.The Apache lived on a reservation.Some houses are build onto ledges that look impossible to get into from any direction.

10: Weapons The Anasazi used bows and arrows to hunt and shot animals. They used the "Apache fiddle" to shoot animals but you need to blow into it to shoot animals and make them fall asleep. Hunters used spears to kill animals and to make clothes. The hunters used a club to hit animals and kill them. The Anasazi used a boat to go fishing. They also used an arrowhead to stab animals and eat them. They also used guns to shoot animals. The Anasazi used regular tools to bring food. For example, the Anasazi built a basket to carry food. The Southwest Native American used a stone ax that is made out of stick, rock, and grass. The Anasazi used ladders to get up from their homes. The Anasazi use a tent to go in if they didn't finish making thier home.They also use scissors to cut sheep hair and make clothes. The Anasazi used pottery that is made out of clay.

11: The Anasazi also used tools for everyday life. Anasazi used ropes to carry horses. The Southwest Native Americans use sticks to check how high plants are. They Anasazi use saqura fruits sticks to take fruit off cactus. They used clay to make pottery and for food. The Anasazi used horses for war and to carry food.

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