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The Black plague

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The Black plague - Page Text Content

BC: The Black Death

FC: Ashes, Ashes, we all fall DOWN! | The Black Plague in Medieval Europe | By: Kassidy Laczo

1: Dedication | I dedicate this book to Miss Torpey for being an awesome teacher!!!

2: The Black Death was a powerful disease spread by rats and fleas. It wiped out whole towns and cities in the 1300s. It was a huge scare. Doctors tried everything but could not destroy the death. | The Black Death

3: Spread of the Black Death | The Black Death was spread by rat fleas. The rat fleas bit black rats. Then the black rats bit humans then the humans spread it to each other. Men from Messina came into Italy in ships with rats and fleas.

4: Rats and Fleas | The fleas that contributed to the spread of the Black Death are unknown. They are thought to be the Xenopsylla cheopsid. That type of flea looks like a bent bearded man with no neck or waist. They are slender so they can travel through the hair that they live in. They have a stomach full of Bacillus. Bacillus are rod shaped spore. They also have proboscics to pierce their victim's skin. They use a liquid to keep victim from coaguating

5: The rats that spread the disease were Black Death were Black Rats. These Rats that helped spread the disease could easily scale a wall and jump four feet horizontally.They must gnaw constantly and can knaw through almost anything. They usually eat grain, but also eat most anything.

6: Symptoms of the Black Death | Some of the symptoms of the Black Death in the begining are headache, weakness and chills along with aches in the groin area. Then you get a white coating on the toungue and a rapid pulse. You have slurred speech, get very confused and you stagger when you walk. Some people expiriencefeelings of apathy. On the third day of the illness.

7: the lymphnodes would begin to swell the nervous system would start to collapse.On the fourth and fifth day terror and anxiety would set in. Some people would even die by the third day.

8: History of the Black Death | The Black death originally started in Italy. There was an argument between tha Tatars and the Christians. So the Tatars attacked the christians. While the Tatars were attacking the christians they were stricken by a strange illness. The leader of the Tatars shot dead bodies at the Christians to try to spread. The Tatars sailed back to Italy. Most of the men were dying or dead.

9: That spread the disease to a town called Messina. The People in Messina were hit with the same odd disease that the Tatars were. The sick traveled to a town about 55 miles away called Catania. Catania had hospitals that were open to Messinsa. Once Catana was infected with the disease, the people from Messina were left sick and dying. The people in Florence Italy were terrified of the Black Death.

10: Attempts of cure for the Black Death | Doctors attempted many different ways to cure The Black Death. The doctors tried cutting the person's sores open to try to bleed out the disease. Some people tried Bathing in vinegar and water. Some people tried holding a hen to their wound to try to transfer the disease. Some people tried even drinking urine.

11: Doctors wore protective suits (pictured on the left) the "beak" was stuffed with scented herbs because it was believed that the disease was transmitted trough smell. | Doctors | This is a picture of a doctor

12: June 4, 1348 | Dear Diary | People came in on ships a couple weeks ago from a town they called Messina. Many people were dead and many were dying. They had purple skin and odd large lumps. Pappa is starting to look like those people. Momma is crying in the mornings. I'm really scared. Please help me! | love, Thalia

13: Fun Facts | The popular children's game "Ring Around the Rosy" is based on the black death. The song goes,"Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posie, ashes, ashes, | WE ALL FALL DOWN!!! Ring around the rosy means a red rash on the person's skin.

14: Pocket full of poise means people would keep flowers in their pockets to make them smell good. Ashes, Ashes means the cremation of the bodies. We all fall down means death!

15: After the Black Death | After the black death disappeared people rejoiced. A lot of people gt drunk and sang in the streets. There were some new fashion trends. Some of those things included tight colorful garments.

16: About the Author | This book was written by Kassidy Nicole Laczo. She lives in Macungie, PA with her mom and three sisters. Her sister's names are:Victoria, Jenna, and Katherine. She has 2 cats their names are Bella and Oliver. Kassidy loves animals and cheers for Emmaus middle school.

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