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The book of the Cold War

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The book of the Cold War - Page Text Content

FC: Book of the Cold War By: Cole Wurzer and Madi Roehrich

1: Cold War: The Cold war started in February of 1945 and ended August 1991. The Cold War is tensions between enemies, but not a full war. During the Cold War the US and USSR never faced each other in a direct war. They were two great superpowers and they both wanted to be the one superpower, out of hatred they emphasized their differences. The US was afraid of Communism and the USSR was afraid of Capitalism. | Cold War Trucks in the war

2: Truman Doctrine

3: Marshall Plan: A program that was designed to rebuild the prosperity and stability of a war toward Europe. It affected Europe by rebuilding buildings and things that were destroyed in the war. Truman Doctrine: Stated that the US would provide money to countries threatened by communists expansion. An example of how the Doctrine was carried out was the fighting of the Vietnam War.

4: Satellite States

5: Nato/ Warsaw Pact: Nato was created between the Western Allies and it was a defensive plan protecting each other from communism and the Soviet Union. The Warsaw Pact was a treaty between Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland. Romania, and the Soviet Union which was signed in Poland in1955. It was the response to Nato. Satellite States: An independent state but under control of the Soviet Rules including Albania, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Poland, Romania and Hungary.

6: Weapons in the Arm Race | Satellite orbiting the Earth

7: Arms Race: A race between countries to produce more advanced and lethal weapons. The detente is the easing of strained relations between the Soviet Union and the United States in the 1970's. MAD stands for Mutually assured destruction, meaning that the Soviets and the US both agreed to start reducing the nuclear weapons. Such as: the minute men missals. Space Race: It was the race between the US and the Soviets to get satellite up in space orbiting the Earth. The first Soviet Satellite to go around the Earth was Sputnik, this satellite was launched in October in 1957 and the US retaliated by making their own satellites and making the ICBM.

8: People protesting at the South Vietnam war

9: Cold War- South Vietnam: The two sides of conflict during the cold war were the communists countries and the countries that were trying to contain or believed strongly against communism, for example the South Vietnam. The Vietnam war was fought between North and South Vietnam. The North half of Vietnam was the Communist half and the South half was the side supported by the United States. This conflict happened over the idea of communism in Vietnam. The war resulted in defeat for the South. The country remains a communist country today. This conflict fits into the cold war because this conflict was all about Communism, and the cold war was over the ideas of Communism. The conflict of the Vietnam war is a direct example of how the Truman Doctrine came into play during the cold war. The U.S. came to the aid of Southern Vietnam because they were under threat of Communist expansion.

10: These two pictures are rivalries and these two teams compare to the Cold War.

11: In rivalry, its not just about winning but also about making sure the opposing side goes down. | The countries such as the U.S. didn't only want to be a non Communist country but they wanted to make sure that the Communists lost by not letting them expand | One example of a rivalry that compares to the Cold War is the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers football teams.

12: Citations: One Note Spielvogel, Jackson J. Glencoe World History. New York, NY: Glencoe McGraw-Hill, C2003. Print.

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