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The Boy Who Turned into a Robot

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FC: The Boy that turned into a Robot

1: The Moral of th story The Moral of the story is that with great power comes great responsibility.

3: Created By: Griffin Ilustrated By: Griffin

4: Once upon a time there was a boy named Skittle. This boy was a drop out in his school and everybody hated him. Skittle was very weak and scrawny and wasn’t the smartest guy on the corner. He had a dream though; his dream was to be strong and smart (like a robot) and do things he can’t do like lift huge trains up or save people from danger.

6: So one day Skittle was walking on a side walk and was looking for fossil rocks when all of the sudden he fell into a ditch. For days Skittle was unconscious in the ditch. Weeks had passed and Skittle was still unconscious.

8: Finally he woke up and realized he was still in the ditch. Skittle started to cry because he knew no was looking for him. Then he thought if he should stay in the ditch for the rest of his life or if he should go back home. Skittle then got up from the ground and decided to go back home. When he reached his house his Mom was sitting on the couch. Then he sat down next to her and started to cry. Suddenly he heard something shatter upstairs.

10: He quickly ran upstairs and before he saw what shattered he was hit by a baseball bat on the side of the head. Days later he woke up. He lifted his head up and used his hand to touch the side of his head. For some odd reason his hand was freezing he looked at his hand and started to panic. His hand was pure metal and his body was too. He hit himself on the face and tried to wake up thinking it was a dream.

12: Skittle then heard someone walking and started to think off an idea. He got from the chair he was in and ran out the door. He realized that he was extremely fast and he could jump super high. He knew that he was special and that his dreams were finally true. Skittle got home and looked at the couch his mom was still lying there with her mouth open with drool all over her face.

14: He quickly went to the bathroom to look at himself. He looked at himself in the mirror and he was surprised. His face looked the same but his body was pure metal. Suddenly he heard his mom wake up. Skittle ran downstairs to see her. His mom saw Skittle and was terrified. She grabbed a knife and told Skittle to leave and never come back.

16: So Skittle ran outside as fast as he could and went to the park. He saw a little kid about to fall off a cliff near the play ground. Skittle ran and then jumped so high that he caught the kid that was about to fall. His mom saw this and thanked Skittle. Everybody at the playground started to clap. Skittle had never felt happier in his life.

18: After this exciting event happened skittle decided to be a super hero. Many months had past and everybody in the town knew Skittle. He was as famous as spider-man, but one day something bad happened. Skittle had grown so strong that he couldn’t control his powers and his strength.

20: He started to tear his town apart hurting people and destroying important things. He felt so sad inside and wanted to stop what he was doing but he just couldn’t control himself. He tried as hard as he could to stop but just couldn’t do it. He kept on trying but I’m afraid to say he couldn’t stop. Finally skittle had a solution. He found a power button on his robot body that could turn off robot mode. Skittle knew if he turned the robot body off he would never be able to use it again for a long time but skittle had made up his mind he turned the robot body off and began to shut down. Skittle felt human again he looked at himself and his body was human. Skittle realized that with great power comes great responsibility and skittle knew that he should never ever try to use his robot body too much or tragic events such as these would happen again

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