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The Crucible

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The Crucible - Page Text Content

S: The Crucible

FC: The Holy Bible | Abigail Williams

1: April 4, 1692 It was easly yesterday morning when Betty and I got dressed in order to be in the woods on time. It was a Wednesday, and that is when we always meet with Tituba. You could feel the air of excitement as all the girls came pouring from their houses, forced to be silent by all those stuck up Reverends. God forbid one of them should wake. | Descriptive

2: As I was wandering through the forest with the chicken in my hand, I knew what I was going to wish for with Tituba's spell. John Proctor. John and I have been through so much, and its obvious he wants to be with me, and he could if it was not for that wife

3: of his. Curse Goody Proctor. She is an old hag anyway. As I was saying, this morning was going to be full of excitment. The wind was blowing through my hair, which was down for the first time in a while, and I could feel the limbs brushing up against my body as i ran through the woods. Coming up on the clearing, I could

4: hear the other girls peals of laughter. Finally away from the town, we were free to express our inner feelings, the deep secrets that lie within. For some of us the sexual temptation of the men in the town. This would be our chance to burst loose. The next events are foggy in my mind, but I remember the way I felt as my soul came forth, and my spirit released.

5: At once it felt as though I was rising obove the clearing; my soul and all those around me were no longer attached to their human form. My body was free and before I knew what happened, I was shaking from the cold and my nightgown was beside me. I swallowed, but instead of tasting my own saliva, I tasted blood. It was not revolting at all but soothing, almost holy.

6: I heard Tituba scream, but it was too late. The spell was cast. I do not even remember saying the words. "I want Goody Proctor dead", but I did, and it was as if the devil possessd me. I was never scared, but felt the need to dance. So there in the clearing I danced with my spirit and naked body. no secrets were kept that morning. Finally all of me was free. Then

7: Then from nowhere, Reverend Parris came out of the woods, why he was there I do not know, but he saw all of us. Naked. At that moment, I have never been more scared. The red on my mouth must have been like a beacon against the forest brown. I am in ghastly trouble, mostly because my actions broke Puritan law. No matter, I will find a way out of this!

9: April 6, 1692 This afternoon Betty "awoke" for a few short minutes. I yelled at her for at least ten minutes about her stupididty for acting possessed. Thanks to her all of with be punished now. She says I should lie to get her out of trouble, but I think she should stop being such a baby. She was not even naked in the woods. She cried for a while and then told me I should tell | Narrative

10: Uncle it was all witchcraft. Betty said, "Blame it all on that old hag you do not like, Goody Proctor. Tell everyone that she came to you with the devil. Everyone in the town will believe you, and then we will not be in trouble anymore. It makes prefect sense Abby." I told her it was a stupid idea, and John would only blame me for his wife's death, since witchcraft is

11: a hanging offense, as Mary Warren put it. For such a young | girl, Beth sure does have an evil mind. I do not know whether I should blame Goody Proctor or Tituba first, but I'm sure the opportunity will arrise soon.

12: John has been ignoring me for the past few days, and it is really started getting annoying. | So, I decided I'm going to write a letter to him explaining how I feel, and maybe he will change his mind. It was wrong of me to cheat with him in the first place, but my feelings are too strong to abjure now. | April 9, 1692 | persuasive

13: Dear John, You have known for the longest time that you are the only person I trust. I cannot live without you anymore. I have known you for my entire life, and the moment we finally touched, it was magic. I knew that we should be together forever. This is not one of those silly crusshes like those other coquettish girls in the town have. My feelings are concrete, and that should be obvious to you now that I have risked my name for you.

14: I have risked my name, John, my families name. Do you not see how much that means? Those few moments in the house with you, even if it could not be in our own wedding bed, were magical. I was ill-fated to be born many years younger than you, but I am still wise for my age, and my feelings are pure. I need you, John, and I cannot live without you. Feelings do not disappear over night, but they have only grown stronger as the dangers I face grow nearer. I beg

15: you to think about my feelings and concerns. My heart aches for your lover, and my body aches for your touch. You have barely noticed me since the accusations yesterday, and I cannot stand it any longer. You are my true love, and I cling to you. God have mercy on me for commiting adultry, but he is telling us to be together. There is still time. Think of how happy we would be if we left now. We could esacape together.

16: I have a sense for heart, John, and yours draws me to my window. I see you burning in lonliness. I can be the companion your wife cannot. If only you would come with me. You have put knowledge in my heart, and you cannot leave that knowledge that you spawned now. Please come with me. I have it al arranged, if only you would trust me. You love me, John Proctor, you still love me. I beg you one

17: time. Please love me, let me love you, and let us be happy; together. Love always, Abigail Maybe this drawing will remind you of the time we spent together. Someday I will have the courage to send this to John.

18: April 19, 1692 A few days have passed since I last wrote. The girls and I used Betty's idea of blaming the Tituba for witchcraft. They actually called in an exorcist. I think this Reverend Hale is a fake. There are no spirits in this town, just thost of us who are scared. I would never admit that to the other girls though. None of us thought the plan would catch on quite this fast. Since last week there have been four people accused of witchcraft. | descriptive

19: Goody Nurse was one of the first. Of course I could not go straight for Good Proctor. These things take time and there must be some other witches to take the blame from us girls. After all, we were possessed by Tituba and harassed by Goody Nurse's spirit. Some of the girls think were just sportin' but I beleive all of it. Yesterday during the trials, the Devil spirits were all around us. It was terrifying. Some of the spirits I did

20: not recognize until later today. Goody Sibber, Goody Bibber, and Goody Booth were al there with the devil, and tomorrow in trials I will accuse them. The Devil must be stopped and Goody Proctor must be disposed of. John thought I was a silly girl with a crush. Obviously he does not realize how far I will go to get his love. My guilt from the woods will not carry over to the courts, and if it does I will throw witchcraft at them, and no one wil suspect innocent girls.

21: April 26, 1692 Today Mary Warren was brought to court to testify the innocence of Goody Proctor. She was brought be John! After all I have done to keep him within my reach, he still prefers that nasty woman. In court today we had no choice but to accuse Mary of witchcraft. She was going to ruin the whole plan. However, things went farther than we ment them to, and we eneded up | descriptive

22: running down to the river and John yelled out, "God is dead" He will surely be hung now. I cannot think of anything to do to save him either. I am accused of being a whore, which may be true, but was never ment for public ears. I do not know what to do. Why must God always ruin my life. All I wanted was Goody Proctor gone. We had the perfect plan, but now I have to bail out John. I must think of a plan,

23: and quickly. Surely now that Mary Warren has turned the attention away from herself we can devise a plan. This doll was a stupid idea. Mary Warren promised it would word, but Goody Proctor is still alive. Why am I surrounded by fools?

24: It has ben over a month since the morning of the gathering in the woods. | Since then, the other girls and I have devised several plans, none of which have worked. Hoever, for the past week I have been slowly stealing money from Uncle's | May 5, 1692 | reflective

25: purse, and Mary says I could use it to bribe the guard and excape with John. I can only hope he will have enough sense to say yes. This entire calamity is enough to haunt me for the rest of my life. It was terrible seeing those innocent people hung, but it was better them than me, I suppose. No matter, their faces will haunt me in my sleep, and when I wake they will still be there. I have changed greatly in the past

26: month. I know now that lying gets you no where, and never what you want, so why bother? If John knows what is good for him, he will come with me. I am leaving Boston, and Massachusetts all together. If he joins me, we will be free at last from all this hatred and worry. However, I fear this madness of Goody Proctor having a child wil stop him. Through all this, I still feel hatred for her. Tonight I will

27: go to John. I will go with or without him, but I cannot stay here any longer. Damn all of Salem into Hell for the misery they have caused me.

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