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The Day I would never forget.

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The Day I would never forget. - Page Text Content

S: The Day I Would Never Forget

BC: Always be kind to others.

FC: By: Danny Malischewski | The Day I Would Never Forget.

1: My name is Walter Schmidt. I am going to tell you about one of the strangest experiences of my life.

2: It all started with the ring of my alarm clock. It was 6:00A.M. on October 27th, 2008.

3: There was something strange going on that morning. The alarm was louder than usual, the floors didn't creak, my dad wasn't snoring, and I fell out of the shower.

4: I spilled my cereal all over myself and went to the bus stop. I got on the bus and I was so exhausted from my terrible morning that I fell asleep.

5: I Was only to be woken up by a massive bump in the road and Jimmy John's yogurt spilling all over me. | All he could say was," I didn't mean to. I'm sorry. It meant nothing to me though. I was to angry to care what he was saying.

6: I got to school after that terrible bus ride and went to homeroom. I couldn't help but fall asleep in Mr. Smith's social studies class. I woke up and found a pink slip on my desk. That meant I had a detention.

7: I went through the rest of my school day getting yelled at by every teacher in the school. It was finally time to go home. The end of this horrid day had come.

8: I got home late because of my detention so that caused my parents to be very angry. I had gone through so much yelling that day that it started to become a regular thing.

9: I was sent to bed after I ate dinner and got a stain on my shirt. It was actually a relief to go to bed. It gave me time to relax and it meant this horrible day would never haunt me again.

10: I woke up and was so excited that the day had passed. Then I noticed something. My alarm clock was strangely loud again. The floors didn't creak and my dad wasn't snoring. I also fell out of the shower again.

11: I went to get dressed and I opened my drawer. I found the same shirt that I wore yesterday and it wasn't stained. This was very creepy because my mom did not do laundry last night.

12: I spilled my cereal all over myself again and that is when I started to get worried. Everything that happened yesterday is happening today. Then I realized that today wasn't October 28th, 2008. I was stuck in October 27th, 2008.

13: I went to the bus stop and got on the bus. I dozed off just like yesterday and then we hit that bump in the road again.

14: Jimmy John's yogurt got all over me again and he said the exact same thing as yesterday. | "I didn't mean to. I'm sorry" I still paid no attention to him just like I had done before.

15: I got to homeroom and then went off to first period. Mr. Smith's Social Studies class. I fell asleep again and I got another detention.

16: I went through all my classes getting yelled at again and then I went home only to be yelled at some more.

17: I ate dinner and was sent to bed again. I hoped that I would wake up the next day and it would be October 28th, 2008.

18: I woke up and everything happened again. The alarm clock was loud, the floors creaked, my dad didn't snore, I fell out of the shower, I spilled my cereal, and Jimmy John's yogurt got all over me again

19: I thought I was stuck in this day forever and then I started doing wild things. I drove my dad's car with no consequence because in the morning everything would be the same as it was at the start of the day before.

20: I woke up the next morning and everything was back to normal. It was still October 27th 2008 and it was if I never took my dad's car for a spin.

21: I kept doing wild things throughout the next few days such as: Making a scene in class, ditching school, and I even stole my dad's wallet.

22: I woke up the next morning on October 27th again. I was truly stuck in this day.

23: Then I had an idea. If my day was so bad all the time. If I make it the best day possible, I just might make it to tomorrow.

24: I took extra care getting out of the shower and eating my cereal. I didn't fall or get any cereal on me.

25: I was kind to Jimmy John's when he spilled his yogurt on me. I said "Don't worry about it. I'll be fine." I didn't fall asleep in Mr. Smith's class so I didn't get a detention. I even complemented his tie.

26: If I got yelled at by any teachers I made sure to treat them with respect and I would promise that I would not cause trouble again.

27: I got home with a smile on my face and my parents were delighted to see me. This day wasn't so bad anymore. I ate dinner with care and I didn't stain my shirt.

28: I went to bed hoping my idea had worked. I closed my eyes and eventually fell asleep.

29: I woke up and the alarm clock was normal, the floors creaked again, my dad snored again, and I didn't slip in the shower. I got on the bus and I asked Jimmy Johns," What's todays date?" | He said,"It's October 28th today." "Why do you ask?" I said with a smile on my face, " Just wondering."

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