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The Diary of Sarah J. Wicox

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FC: The Diary of Sara J. Wilcox Written By: Elaina Hardy

1: what it was like to live in that time period. Along with a real replica or a homemade personal item you think your human being would have. The two best friends had no idea what to write about or what to make. Out of all the things they were individually good at, using their imagination was not one of them. However, Mr. Dunkin said, " Even if you have the doubt | It all started when thirteen year old best friends Rebbecca and Wesley started 7th grade. They were prepared to learn more about their favorite subject, History. The girls loved their teacher Mr. Dunkin until they had a major project due about the Enlightenment Revolution. They had to write a seven page paper from a young girls perspective of what it is like to live during that timeperiod

2: have the doubt you can't achieve this you probably can, hint don't every think it, anyway it's worth three test grades". It was a Friday night when Rebbecca and Wesley watched The Home Channel and they saw | that people lived in historic houses usually find something in it. They were just average day people living in an extinct home of the famous influential French writer Montesquieu and Thomas Hobbes. So they decided since Wesley | lived in an historic house they they would find something. So, the next day they went to the library and looked at her house blueprint. Rebbecca searched where the now dried out lake used to be. When the best friends found

3: what they were looking for they returned home and started digging. Three day passed when they hit something hard. Rebbecca and Wesley found a chest that was labeled Sara Wilcox 1796-1823. When the girls opened it they found pictures of friends and family, clothes, jarred food, pencils etc. but most important they found a diary. It was the peak of there project. They went inside got some iced tea, cuddled together and started to read. The diary started off like.......

4: May 16, 1811 Outskirts of Paris Today in school we have a test in History about what was created in the 1500's. I'm 100% ready. Mother made me study for this test. I didn't mind I like school. Every since my father died we've been struggling financially. I and David, my brother, got a job at a food store. It's fun there; I meet all kinds

5: of people. That's one of my good qualities, I'm a social person. I can walk down the street and start a conversation with a stranger. This afternoon I was walking next to a wealthy looking man and I said " Hello, how are you today sir"? " Fine young lady,and you"? He had a strong English accent and smelled of liquor. " Very well sir. I had a test on theories today. Did you know the Geocentric Theory was the belief that the earth was an immovable object located at the center of the universe? I memorized the whole definition. " No I didn't". " What about the Heliocentric Theory? It stated that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun. Did you know that sir?"

6: " Well yes, I did know that young lady, but I have to run now. It was nice talking to you, on the other hand, learning from you." " Nice meeting you to sir" , I said. Well diary it's after dinner and it's time for bed. I'll see you soon. May 19,1811 Outskirts of Paris It's a cool day. My brothers, sister and I cuddled up last night. It wasn't that bad with all of us cramped up in one room. Except having to hear Catherine complain about how she wished we were rich and could have a fireplace in each room. I didn't really listen, I tuned her out. She's still young so she doesn't realize we should be grateful for the things we have. Not that I'm saying it;s bad to want Mother is doing her best to provide food and

7: clothing for us. Mother said" You kids should use your brain to it's maximum and achieve something like the great English scientist Isaac Newton said " whatever goes up, must come down" as she demonstrated by trowing my sister into the air. I left around 8 a.m to go to work. This is the busiest time of the year, with the summer around the corner and all. It was boring today so I decided to reorganize all the food. When I was done i was starving, so I reached for my lunch. As soon as I was about to stand up straight a girl around my age was standing in front, we both startled. She had dark brown hair pulled into a neat bun with blue eyes. Looking at her she got me thinking, haven't I seen her somewhere? The girl slammed a handful of books on he counter while asking for her order. We had a nice talk about almost everything. How Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration Of Independence and how

8: and how he supported free speech, religious freedom and other civil liberties, even though he was a slave owner. As well as how we thank who ever was involved in the Scientific Revolution and the Social Contract. Her name was Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. You know the daughter of the famous woman who had a strong dedication to education. May 20, 1811 Outskirts of Paris I've seen Mary every day since the first time we met. She order the same thing each day. Sometimes she would even buy some candy for me and my siblings. One of the pieces I ate tasted like lemonade and cheese. I guess whoever makes the candy was experimenting and didn't taste it before

9: they put it on the counter. She could be my assistant helper if she'd wanted to. Later that day my dream came true, Mary Shelley asked me to a salon.

10: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. She gave this to me to show my parents what she looked liked and to remember were best friends.

12: Anyway I said " you're inviting me...me to a salon, the girl who has to get a job because her mother can't provide for her family." " I don't care about your financial situation. I like you for your personal, that's it." " But I don't have a dress." " That's okay, you can borrow one of | mine." She went out the door really fast. About one hour later Mary Shelley came back in the store with a gorgeous dress with my name on the tag. " Oh my gosh. Mary" I said " No, no it's the least I can do for you being so nice and caring to to. Plus that's what friends do."

14: "Miss Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley it is time to leave know", said her handsome driver. "The party is at six sharp at the Collate Palace Miss Wilcox". All I could say is okay. This will be fun; fancy food, fancy dresses and let's not forget the famed philosophers.

15: This was the ceiling to the palace. Isn't it Gorgeous.

18: " Girls are you up there?" yelled Wesley's mother. " Yes we are". " I thought you would have been sleeping. It's 10:30pm." " We're getting there mother." said Wesley. "Welcome back class it's time to present your projects and reports", said Mr. Dunkin. " Oh no we forgot all about our projects Wesley!' | " Don't worry I have this all worked out". The two best friends were first to present their project and Wesley pulled out the diary. At first the class didn't know what it was until she stated reading. The teacher was amazed at what they brought;he gave them a !00%. After the class was done he said " Well class I'm impressed. This was just a project to see how many of you are dedicated to this class.

19: I see all of you are enjoying History. So you next paper will be about the Bill of Right, Checks and Balances and the Federal System. Don't forget to include how it effects us today". Right after school the two best friends cuddled together again and finished reading The Diary of Sara J. Wilcox.

20: Wesley and Rebbecca

21: The End...... for now

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