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The Great Gatsby

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BC: Madison McKinney Honors English III 3rd period 9-9-08

FC: The Great Gatsby | F. Scott Fitzgerald | "Money only brings three things: pain, deceit, and unhappiness"

1: Gatsby is a very shy person that never shows his outer feelings to anyone and remains shady throughout the entire book. He tires to hide his personal life so that no one can attack his lifestyle or judge his choices.. When throwing extravagant parties he chooses to remain anonomouys among his guest to keep some privacy to his life. He never tells anyone what he does for a living until close to his death after being rejected by Daisy. I think he waits so long to make a move on Daisy because he is afraid of getting hurts so he hides himself behind a mask of lies. | -Sailor- Page 99 -Throws extravagant parties- Page 39 ~-Served in World War I as an officer- Page 47 -Educated at Oxford for 5 months- page 129 ~-Made his fortune by selling grainalcohol over the counter- Page 133 -Took" Daisy- Page 149 | The most important event in Gatsby's life was when he "took" Daisy. He never really loved Daisy , but wanted her because she was beautiful and been with many men which made her "more valuable in his eyes." This moment had him think he loved her, even though they were only together a month. This relationship defined his entire life. | Jay Gatsby | "Money only brings three things: pain, deceit, and unhappiness"

2: "Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that's no matter- tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther...And one fine morning---So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." page,180 Gatsby always believed that he could change the past. Since Daisy had once loved him, she had to love him again. By having materialistic things he could win her back. He never realized that he had no chance with her as long as Tom was around; Daisy had long moved on and didn't believe in loving Gatsby anymore. In the end, Gatsby died reaching for that love, that hope, the green light. And in the end, he was pushed back against the shore by the ceaseless current.

3: mysterious | Notorious | Affluent | Gatsby is by far one of the most mysterious characters in the book because no one around him knows exactly what he does for a living or how he came to get so much money. Gastby is also one of the most notorious characters because everyone "knows" who he is. Even though no one knows him personally he is extremely popular because of his massive house and extravagent parties. Gatsby is one of the richest people on East egg which makes his affluent. Even though he came about his money in untraditional ways, he still has it, and flaunts it with his house and parties. He has all the materialistic things he could want, which he couldn't get without money.

4: Dear Friends, Neighbors, Enemies, and Acquaintances, Nick, I would like for you to know that I have never had a neighboor I could confide in, until you. You have helped me to face the truth in my life and find the one thing loved more than life itself, Daisy. You'll never be like them Old Sport, your a different kind of man. Tom, I'm through with manners; I never cared for you. I could never tell you what I thought until just recently, and when I did it got me killed. That doesn't matter because Daisy knows the truth now. You'll never be good enough for her because she deserves better than an arrogant cheater. I'll never forgive you for what you have done to Daisy, Myrtle and I. Jordan, even though I didn't get to be real friends with you, I want to thank you for your help in finding the strength to tell Daisy the truth. I'll remember your kindness. Just a word of advice for the future, don't lie so much; its unattractive. Myrtle, I'm not really what I should say to you. The fact that your husband killed me because of your affair is a tense subject at the moment. First, don't cheat, it gets you nowhere, expecially when its for money. Second, your husband loved you, and just because he didn't have money doesn't mean he isnt worthy of your love. Lastly, I wasn't the one driving the car that killed you, Daisy was; just incase you thought my death was justified. Last, Daisy. I have loved you from the moment I met you. Maybe it was no more than lust, but it has stuck with me for years. So long did I dream of our lives together and the hope of hearing your voice and feeling your touch. That is no longer possible, but at least you know the truth. I kept wishing I could change the past, but your the same as always, wanting more than you can have, most of that being money. Tom isn't right for you, I was. Maybe someday you'll see that. The fact that I died to protect your name is enough I would think. I'll always love you Daisy Buchanan, even death can't stop me. Take care, and try not to let wrong choices and selfish ways corrupt your lives. Jay Gatsby

5: "I am inclined to reserve all judgements."(pg.1) For Nick to claim being nonjudgemental is a false statement because he proves to be the quickest to judge in the book. From the first chapter, Nick consumes his life on East Egg with other peoples affairs. He decides West Egg residents are snobs, Gatsby is a shady character, and Tom is an arrogant man. Although all of this may be true, for a character who doesn't judge others, Nick is quick to decide friends from enemies. It is almost as if he takes the liberty of deciding who is morally right upon himself much as a court would. | -Bond Man- page 3 -Yale Graduate- page 4 -Served in World War I- Page 3 -Set up Daisy and Gatsby- Page 83 | The most important event in Nick's life is when he attends one of Gatsby's parties for the first time. Until then, he did not know much about his neighboor, or really care, but after he heard the rumors Nick became intrigued with Gatsby. This is also the first time that he interacts with a lot of high class people and enters the world of wealth. He becomes acquainted with some of the characters in the book and sets himself up as the person that Gatsby will confide in later on.. | Nick Carraway | "Money only brings three things: pain, deceit, and unhappiness"

6: "It is invariable saddening to look through new eyes at things upon which you have expended your own powers of adjustment." Chapter 6 At the very beginning Ncik explains how he doesn't judge people and how he allows people to present themselves to him because not everyone has had his advantages.. However, Nick doesn't follow his own creed of living because he is always judging people by the way they act, or people they associate with. In the middle of the book, Nick realizes how much he has been judging his acquaintances and now that he knows their person stories, how wrong about them he was. Not only is this a point in which Nick learns from his mistakes, but he discovers the truth about the mysterious characters around him. The book changes after this point from muddled confusion to clear feelings waiting to be expressed.. Finally in Nick's life he is seeing the unplesant truth, but the truth none the less..

7: judgemental | desolate | tolerant | Even though Nick claims to be open minded about people, he still judges them. From the beginning he has thoughts about each character and how he thinks money and their social status effect their lives. This shows he really is judgemental of the people around him, and himself. In the book Nick is almost 30 years old and still doesn't have a wife or girl friend. He is very alone and throughout the book wishes for someone to be with, which draws his to Jordan, or people like Mr. Mckee and Gatsby. With all the problems surrounding Gatsby, Daisy, Tom and Jordan, Nick remains very tolerant of their actions. Even though they all act in selfish and annoying ways, he continues to stay as West Egg and let them confide in him. When Jordan throws their relationship back in Nick's face, he doesn't leave West Egg but continue dealing with her, which shows he is a tolerant person.

8: Dear Gatsby, First and foremost I want you to know that you are a great friend. You took me as company into your house, without second thought just as you did with hundreds of others. Your compassion for the people around you is astounding, and without compare to the other people who live on East and West Egg. Now, to be very honest with you, I didn't ever truley approve of your lifestyle. You remained mysterious and suspicious to many people, oncluding me, after your death. Speaking of death, I'm terrible sorry that I never did anything to stop that unfortunate event. I never thought George would think you were the one cheating with Daisy. I did however, find out many months after your death that Tom was the one who told George about you. Of course, when Georges suspicion was that you were the one cheating with Myrtle, Tom encouraged it. Maybe it will help to know that George killed himself shortly after shooting you. About your funeral, I tried to get people, I knew you didn't want to go through this alone, but it seemed that people forgot how good you were to them for so many years. But just remember, your worth the whole lot of them in my books. You will be missed Gatsby. Old Sport

9: From a young age, Daisy was an aristocratic woman with hopes of having a wealthy lifestyle filled with materialistic possessions. When she married Tom Buchanan it was for his money and a way to run from her probelms. She lives on West Egg and therefore has the mentality that her money makes her special. Whenever she gets in trouble she retreats into her money and runs from the real world. Therefore, Daisy is like the money that she has; materialistic, and constantly changing values. | -~Married Tom Buchanan- Page 77 - Had a Child- Page 9 -Hit Myrtle Wilson and killed her- Page 144 | The most important event in Daisy's life is when she hits Myrtle. Even though it was an accident , she did it to save herself from being killed by hitting another car. After hitting Myrtle she has an excuse to leave Gatsby and retreat into her money, leaving West Egg, thie mistakes she made, and people she hurt behind. | Daisy Buchanan | "Money only brings three things: pain deceit, and unhappiness"

10: "I'm glad it's a girl. And I hope she'll be a fool- that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." page, 17 During Daisy's marriage she always suspected Tom was having an affair and that she wasn't truly happy. As a woman Daisy is supposed to be unintelligent, however, she is quite aware of everything around her. She hopes that he daughter will not be as intelligent, but maybe just beautiful so that she can live a happy life without worry. Since Daisy is constantly trying to conform to social standards her life is burdened and she doesn't want that for her daughter.

11: amarous | insidious | asinine | Daisy is viewed as a beautiful, perfect woman that is sought after by many men in her life. This is most likely because she is found very amarous. Her appearance alone makes her well loved, but so does her presence and manners. At a young age, Daisy was courted by many men, including the time after meeting Gatsby. She was known to keep lots of dates and "get around". I believe that one of the reasons Gatsby was attracted to Daisy and Tom couldn't leave her was because she was so insidious. Daisy may have tried to play like the beautiful fool, but she knew that she could be minipulative. At a young age she tricked Gatsby into believing he had a chance with her. She also allows Gatsby to take the fall for her when she kills Myrtle. She uses her charm to persuade people to do her bidding, or being insidious. Daisy was also one of the more adinie characters. She often does things that doesn't really make sense because she is so worried about personal appereances. She also manages to keep herself from thinking about Tom's affiar. Personally, you have to bea fool, or asinie, to ignore something such as a cheating husband.

12: Dear Jay, I want you to know now that I loved you. I always loved you, or at least I thought I did, and I'm sorry that things ended this way. You see, I had a life with Tom, guaranteed it was the happiest or most truthful, but I had my choice. I could have waited for you those years ago, but I didn't and I wished you would have stopped chasing me before it caused damage, like you getting killed. I know you thought I was selfish in the end, and I don't blame you. But, you started asking too much of me. I loved you once, but I loved him too. I'm sorry that I couldn't come to your funeral. Tom said we had to leave, and I didn't argue. Most likely I wouldn't have gone anyway though. That's not very compassionate of me, but what we had was a fling, and I don't think I owed anything to you anymore. I made my peace with you, and that is that. However there is one thing I never got to thank you for, and that was taking the blame for Myrtle's death. I should have been more careful, and who would have known that woman would run in the road like that. Anyways, thank you. Just remember that I do love you Gatsby. You may not have been the last, but you were the first. Daisy Buchanan

13: Arrogant, and bull-headed, Tom is a bully to everyone around him. When he meets Nick he tries to prove his intelligence be being rude and obnoxious. When Myrtle insults Daisy he becomes violent and when he suspects Gatsby of trying to steal Daisy he uses all of Gatsby's flaws against him. Tom never thinks of others feelings but only his own and finds a way to get what he wants from people. Without hesitation, Tom would stoop to any level to get revernge or seem like the bigger person. | - Yale Graduate -Page 5 -Married Daisy- Page 77 - Had a Child- page 9 -Had an affair with Myrtle- Page 24 -Polo Player- Page 105 ~-Got Gatsby killed- Page 178 | The most important event is Tom's life is when Gatsby joins everyone for tea and personally attacks Tom by expressing his love for Daisy. For the first time Tom feels threatened and I think this is the only time Tom feels like he is at the loosing end. This forces Tom to look at cheating from the other point of view, being cheated on. Gatsby stands up to Tom, and even though he shut Gatsby down, it leads to an important event in which Tom must make wise and necessary decisions. | Tom Buchanan | "Money only brings three things: pain, deceit, and unhappiness"

14: "'Civilization's going to peices,' broke out Tom violently. 'Iv'e gotten to be a terrible pessimist about things. Have you read 'The Rise of the Colored Empire' by this man named Goddard?'......The idea that if we don't look out the white race will be- will be utterly submerged."' page 13 This quote is a direct example of how hypocritical, racist, and arrogant Tom is toward everyone around him. He openly admits that he believes white is the superior race, and around company. It shows his violent nature, and how most likely he thinks he can get away with everything. It makes it much easier to understand later in the book that he is the kind of man to have an affair, but never think twice after the woman is killed before moving on. He is the character who has no morals and thinks that his behavior is acceptable when it really isn't.

15: supercilious | hypocrite | torrential | Towards the end of the book, Tom shows Daisy and Gatsby that he is a hypocrite. Even though he has been have an affair for years, it is unexeptable that she might be cheating on him. He is in constant belief that he is in exeption from all the rules. Tom is also a very torrential character. When he joins Myrtle at the apartment, things get out of hand when she mentions Daisy. Tom not only starts yelling at her, but without thought breaks her nose with his hand. It goes to show how out of control and torrential Tom is. Most of all, Tom is supercilious. Just because he can get away with affair, has money, and lives on East Egg, he thinks he is better than everyone. Tom doesn't have to know you long to express his racist and sexist opinions to you. He does everything he can to put others down, mostly Gatsby, to make them seem unattractive to Daisy. It shows how arrogant, or supercilious, he is.

16: Dear Gatsby, I want you to know that you are the biggest fool I have ever met. That day at the restaurant with Nick,you thought I didn't know who you were yet, but I did. I had known for a long time that you had been a part of Daisy's life years before. However, I didn't think you were stupid enough to try and take her from me. She never loved you. She may have said she did, but she didn't. Deep down you knew that, which is why it was easier for you to be shot than keep bothering Daisy. So in all reality, I did you a favor by telling George you were Myrtle's killer and lover. We both know I'm not an honest man, but neither are you. From the beginning I could tell you lied about your past. It just took me a while to figure out why. Apparently your fortune came from selling alcohol illegally. You see, thats the difference between you and me; my money is inherited, old money, and yours is made at your pathetic attempt to be rich. Want another reason? I got the girl. Neither of us ever got along and I guess that we'll never have to now. Oh, and sorry Daisy couldn't make it to your funeral, we couldn't risk the truth coming out about who really killed Myrtle. That Nick was a better friend to you than I guessed. Tom Buchanan

17: Throughout the story Jordan lies about her family, wealth, love life, and friends. Although she is untruthful about almost everything, Nick still falls in love, or lust, with her. She is found attractive by many men and has a great career as a golfer. She is like Pinocchio in that her lying is almost habit and causes problems for herself and others, expecialy Nick. | -Golf Champion- Page 18 | The most important event in Jordan's life is when she helps arrange tea, and the meeting at the party between Gatsby and Daisy after five years. For once, Jordan is thinking of someone other than herself and her own happiness. I think until this point Jordan is very unaware of what is happening to the people around her, until she sees the love interest of Gatsby and Daisy. Since Jordan knew them both from years past, she is personally drawn into the moment, which is why this is the most important event. | = | Jordan Baker | "Money only brings three things: pain, deceit, and unhappiness"

18: "You said a bad driver was only safe until she met another bad driver? Well, I met another bad driver, didn't I? I mean it was careless of me to make such a wrong guess. I thought you were rather honest, a straightfoward person. I thought it was your secret pride." page, 177 When it came to love in Jordan's life, she only loved herself. This quote exemplifies her ability to be self centered in any situation. She tried to fall in love with Nick and it didn't work out, therefore she blames him and lies about being engaged to another man. Jordan has only one real trait in the entire book, the fact she looks out for and loves only herself, and this quote explains that perfectly.

19: jaunty | egotistical | mendacious | Even though Jordan has many bad traits, one of her better traits is that she is jaunty. She plays golf and is usually in a pleasant mood which makes her somewhat spirited. At parties she mingles with people and has lots of energy. Since Jordan doesn't have a lot of good traits, one of the worst is that she is mendacious. At the ned of the book, after she and Nick as had their fight she confronts him saying that she is engaged, so the fight didn't bother her. It is obvious that was a lie. She has also lied about her family background. Her only living relative is her aunt, and they have barely any money, yet she acts like an East Egger. Last, she is very egotistical. Everything that comes out of Jordan's mouth is about Jordan. She is always trying to pull herself into the lime light. When Gatsby dies at the end and she confronts Nick, the conversation wasn't about Gatsby as a good person would make it, but about how badly NIck treated Jordan. All she did was complain about her feelings. That is being very egotistical.

20: Dear Gatsby, I'm terribly sorry about your death and that I couldn't make the funeral, but I was supposed to be golfing and of course it would look bad if I showed up without Tom and Daisy. You know, I don't even know where they went. You would think they would tell me, but no, I guess they were trying to cover the scandal between Myrtle's death and your affair with Daisy. I still remember when you met Daisy, in Lousville. Of course you would fall for Daisy, she was the most loved in the whole town. But then again, I was pretty too. Anyways, I knew right away that you were going to stick around, but then you had to leave for the war. She met Tom not long after that. The night before she was supposed to get married the letter from you came. Daisy was mortified, and I was left to clean up the mess. I didn't even make her upset and had to handle it. That just shows what a good person I am. So, as soon as we all realized who you were, living right across the sound on West Egg, I knew there was trouble coming. I didn't really follow what happened over the next few months, but by the fact that your dead, Tom must have been involved. That is truly terrible, you did throw the nicest parties. Take care of yourself Gatsby. Jordan Baker

21: When looking at this picture you may see a hungry, unattractive beast, but I see Myrtle Wilson. Myrtle is much like a vulture because she is constantly preying on men and money. The only reason that Tom was in Myrtle's life, is because he had money. She wanted a man to play with and money to spend, and Tom was the perfect prey. Myrtle often tends to be a scavenger that will take anything she can get. She thinks everything is better than what she has, so she will take it right out from under someone's nose. She is sneaky, unpleasant, and a hunter, just like a vulture. | -Married a man she didn't love- Page- 34 -Had an affair with Tom Buchanan- Page 26 -Made people believe she is worth more than she is -Page 32 | The most important event in the book pertaining to Myrtle is her death. Even though it did not happen during her "life", it expresses the lies and deciet that her relationships were built on. Her death was caused because of the conflicts between Gatsby, Daisy and Tom, which all somehow related to Myrtle. Even after her death, Tom was never affected with sadness or regret for using Myrtle, which goes to show the kind of person she was to others and herself. She was used and a floosy, which lacked compassion and honesty, resulting in death. | Myrtle Wilson | "Money only brings three things: pain, deceit, and unhappiness"

22: "'I told that boy about the ice.' Myrtle raised her eyebrow in despair at the shiftlessness of the lower orders. 'These people! You have to keep after them all the time."' page, 32 Myrtle is a woman who chose to marry a respectable man, not a rich one, but wanted all the riches in the world. During her affair with Tom she was able to get everything she wanted. In order to make herself seem more important or in hopes of becoming more like the Buchanans, she antagonizes people who are of a lower class. What makes this situation ironic, is that she is infact of a lower station herself. Whether this is greed or hope, Myrtle is a hypocrit because she can put down a person of the same station.

23: feigned | sardonic | meretricious | When you first meet Myrtle, she is in a low class society, but once placed around different people she becomes high class. This makes it very obvious she is feigned. Myrtle is married to a car repair man, but acts like shes rich because of her affair with Tom. She doesn't even hang out with the same people or in the same house, but somewhere to make herself look better. Whether it is because she wants better things for herself, or likes playing the game, she is feigned. Since Myrtle is having an affair you could say she is meretricious. She is very deceitful to her husband, Daisy, and Tom. She usues her sly ways to get men that are rich to support her wants and needs. I don't think you could say she has a life, but instead lies and deception piled up over years. Even though there is only one realy instance when Myrtle is sardonic, is a very important event. When with Tom at the apartment, she starts a fight by mentioning Daisy. She continues to mock Tom and pick on his wife. This results in getting her nose broken. At that same apartment she also mocked the fact she has fancy clothes and people who are in the same station as her don't, just because she has a lover. It sure does seem she is sardonic since these people are in her same class.

24: Dear Gatsby, I don't really know much about you other than what the papers said after you died, but it must have been nice having such a nice house on West Egg. Now me, I would want a place on East Egg, but anything is better than Valley of Ashes. Tom promised he would go away with me some day, but I knew he would never leave Daisy. I wonder if it's true what I heard about and Daisy having an affair. I bet it is. She cheated on her, so I'm sure she cheated back. I wouldn't have minded having a man like you around. Lots of money and without a wife to hold him down. It would be better than the pathetic man I married. I'm sorry about the fact my husband killed you. I think Tom told him it was you so Daisy wouldn't get caught. Self preservation of the rich, I guess. I never attended any of your parties or got to know you, but I wish I had before our deaths, because you seem like a very nice, rich person. Sincerely, Myrtle Wilson

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