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The Great Gatsby

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FC: The Great Gatsby

1: Sarah Starkel Period 4 9-10-09 | Dedicated to Mrs. Parker

2: Jay Gatsby | I chose Gatsby's picture to be a directors chair because he created his own character; most of the mystery about his past and how he got his money could easily be cleared up by Gatsby himself, but he does not chose to reveal information about himself until later. Gatsby started out as a poor farm boy, but later changed his entire life style in pursuit of Daisy and money; Gatsby changed his name at seventeen, and he made a name for himself in the war. He also held extravagant parties where he did not become intimate with the guest, so they were left in wonder. Gatsby might have started out small but his personality enabled him to direct his life and change his image into something magnificent. | -Pg. 98 born in North Dakota to poor farmers -Pg 98 Gatsby changes his name and meets Dan Cody -Pg. 99 College for two weeks because he didn't like being a janitor -Pg. 148 joined army -Pg. 149 Gatsby fell in love with Daisy -Pg. 85 sees Daisy again at Nick's house -Pg. 162 shot and killed by Mr. Wilson | I think the greatest event in Gatsby's life was falling in love with Daisy because he centered his entire life on getting her back. He played his dream up, so when he got Daisy it became less than he had dreamed.

3: Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope. | "They're a rotten crowd," I shouted across the lawn, "You're worth the whole damn bunch put together." pg. 154 This quote describes Gatsby's personality. He emerged above all as the one with the best heart and morals. He cared about others and not only of himself. Gatsby was a true friend to Nick

4: Allegiant Gatsby was loyal to Daisy. After he met her he did not love, or try to get, another. He would've done anything in his power to make Daisy comfortable and happy if she actually left Tom and came with Gatsby. Another example was that he came back from the war and tried to get her back again. | Extraordinary Gatsby was a very different man. Nick, at the end of the book, even said Gatsby was worth more than the rest of the characters. Gatsby attracted people to him with the mystery that surrounded his greatness. Gatsby made his way from a poor farm boy to a millionaire. He was truly a great man. | Ceaseless Gatsby was different than others. Instead of giving up on his dreams, Gatsby persevered and fought to meet his goal. Gatsby looked for Daisy for five years and worked hard to get money so Daisy would take him again. He bought a house to be close to and to be able to see her.

5: Dear All I hope my letter finds you in good health. Nick, I would like to thank you most of all for being there for me and helping me get what i want. Daisy, no matter that you chose Tom, I will always love you and i hope one day you will come back with me. Tom, you are a scumbag and you had better treat Daisy right. Jordan, don't ever give up on your career, and even if you and Nick do not work out i know you will find someone good out there. I would like to thank you also for helping me. Farewell to all as i am leaving on the morrow to go West.. ~James Gatz

6: Nick Carraway | I chose an unstable rock because Nick seems to lean which ever way a person wants him to; he is a man pleaser. Nick is the type that is quick to judge, but sometimes he changes those judgments. Nick relies on others thoughts and acceptance in his life; towards the end he starts to look back on his judgments and wish that he had not made them. He changes his view of Gatsby and starts to like him better than all of the rest. | -Pg. 3 Born in nice family -Pg, 3 became bond salesman and moved to West Egg -Pg. 5 went to Chicago -Pg. 48 was in WWI -Pg. 8 Met Jordan -Pg. 177 Broke up with Jordan - | I think the most important event in Nick's life was becoming Gatsby's best friend. Nick learned that first appearances aren't always right. and he gained a true friend that he could count on.

7: Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope. | "And, after boasting this way of my tolerance, I come to the admission that it has a limit. Conduct may be founded on the hard rock or the wet marshes, but after a certain point I don't care what its founded on." pg. 2 This quote explains Nick's entire philosophy on how he views other people and why he thinks of people as they are. He admits it is not always possible for him to tolerate a person because at some point you stop caring why a person is doing what they are doing, and you only can see what they are doing itself.

8: Judgmental Nick feigned that he did not judge people. He liked to believe all of his observations were unbiased and that he did not judge others. Nick contradicts himself. At the beginning of the book he says he tried to abide by his fathers advise, but Nick talked about how he felt after encounters. Like after he left Daisy's house the first time. he said he was disgusted. | Attentive Nick, during the entire book, was always observing and letting the reader know these observations. Because he was the narrator he made us see things through his eyes. Nick, instead of jumping into the action, liked to sit back and watch things happen around him. Nick also was a good listener; we see many coming to talk to him about their problems or situations, like Daisy on the veranda. | Efficient Nick always got what he wanted done. When he wanted to be a bonds man he did not waste time; he left his home and started the bondsman trade. When Nick wanted to kiss Jordan he simply kissed her. If Nick had to tell someone something, he did not beat around the bush; like when he told Gatsby that he did not like mystery. Nick was very productive with his time.

9: Dear Jay Gatsby, I would like to start off by offering my apologies and by saying that maybe i have misjudged you. I thought you to be a pompous unlawful man but I found that you had a better heart and mind than most of the people i surrounded myself with. I'm sorry if this looks hastily written, but i must get these thoughts to you because i need to catch my train. I think i might leave this place and go back to the West. The East seems too fast paced and fake for me. I wish i had been more honest with you for i do not think Daisy still has the heart to leave Tom. You can never trust women. Once again i think i shall suggest that you go away from here and start your life over. You will be a great man wherever you go. With all due respect Nick Carraway

10: Daisy Buchanan | I chose water to be Daisy's picture because she is extremely fickle. Daisy does not know who she really loves in her heart; Gatsby believes she loves him while Tom is confident that she really still loves himself. Water also represents Daisy because she goes with the flow. Daisy thought of herself as a classy woman because she was "in". | The most important event in Daisy's life would have to be the day she decided to stay with Tom instead of going with Gatsby because that action is what the rest of her life will have to rely on. She will have to live with that decision. | -Pg. 9 she was born into a prestigious house. -Pg. 9 Daisy has a daughter -Pg. 148 met Gatsby -Pg. 149 married Tom -Pg 86 Gatsby and Daisy have tea -Pg. 130 Daisy decides to leave Tom

11: Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope | "Sophisticated-God, I'm sophisticated" This quote shows how Daisy views her self and how unhappy she is to be sophisticated. I believe Daisy wishes she could go back to her younger days when she did not have all the cares of life and did not have troubles like she does now.

12: Fickle Daisy cannot make up her mind. First she loves Gatsby; then she gets engaged, and around the same time she had about a dozen dates. She finally married Tom and then she decided she loved Gatsby still. Later on Tom talks to her and she stays with Tom. Daisy does not know what she wants or who she loves. | Supercilious Daisy is vain; she thinks very highly of herself because of her standing in society and because she has money. Daisy told Nick that she is sophisticated. Daisy does not like talking to the lower class normally and she did not like being with the new money because she did not believe they had enough class. | Bewitching Daisy tended to enchant every man around her. The book described to us that many men had loved Daisy and she had loved many. Nick talked about her voice being bewitching and Gatsby said her voice was full of money. Daisy was engaged before Tom and she had Gatsby chasing after her. She was very charming.

13: Dearest Gatsby, I do regret not letting you know what was going on. I have decided that for the benefit of my daughter's future life I will continue on with my husband. I also think i will be much happier with the way people who have money already in their family behave, though i do not mean to offend you. Now that Myrtle is dead i have nothing to worry about other than Tom finding a new mistress. I'm sorry i lied to you because I do love Tom, or at least I think I do. Gatsby, what is love? Please do not hate me. Sincerely, Daisy Buchanan

14: Tom Buchanan | Tom is a white rick supremacist so I chose the monopoly man to be his picture; I am not saying the monopoly man is racist, but him being white and rich does support the idea of white supremacy. The monopoly man is smoking and coughing, so i likened it to Tom indulging himself in pleasures that would hurt him. Tom goes after his lusts and does not stop to think that he might hurt himself and others around him. The same goes for the monopoly man smoking. Lastly, the monopoly man has his feet up; this made me think that he was at home where ever he was, and that he did not care for others things. Basically he was careless of others feelings. | The greatest event in Tom's life was when Daisy decided to stay with Tom even after she threatened to leave him because he go to keep what he wanted. | -Pg.6 Tom played football at New Haven. -Pg.6 Tom's family was wealthy and he came east dramatically. -Pg. 76 Tom marries Daisy -Pg. 6 Tom and Daisy went to France for no reason. Pg. 6 Tom buys a house in NY. -Pg.36 Tom meets Myrtle -Pg 130 Daisy and Gatsby speak of their love to Tom.

15: Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope. | "Making a short deft movement, Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand." pg.37 This quote show how Tom is a brute and even though he says he loves Myrtle, he does not really care if he hurts her whether physically or emotionally.

16: Lecherous Tom is a very lustful man. He cannot keep himself back from cheating on his wife when something appealing to him is in front of his face. Tom lives for the moment, and even when he lusts after violence, like when he breaks Myrtle's nose, he does not hold himself back. | Obdurate Tom is unfeeling; he does not care how his actions effect others. When he cheats on Daisy he is arrogant and stubborn because he will not change his ways and because he thinks Daisy will stay with him no matter what. Tom is the type of guy who does not show many emotions. It takes Daisy almost leaving him and Myrtle dieing to turn him around. | Philandering Tom is extremely unfaithful to his wife and daughter. He got Myrtle to have an affair; Myrtle might have had romantic thoughts about him, but Tom was the one to propose it. Tom only thinks about himself and his own pride. He used his money to live his lavish lifestyle and to fulfill his lust. Tom did not wish to actually leave Daisy; he just wanted his pleasure. This is why I think Tom is a philanderer.

17: Gatsby, I do not know why i am writing this letter, but my wife has advised me to explain what has happened. I will not deny that i hate you, however, I will at least let you know the details so you are not left in torment the rest of your days. Daisy, by her own free will, has decided to stay with me. We are moving west so we may start a new life in another place. You may not call upon us, and if we ever are to see you again you are not welcome to come abide in our company. In order to benefit our daughter's future we have decided to come together in love and unity and forget the past. We both agreed that our daughter needs a loving environment that involves both of her parents. We both still love each other. Hopefully my letter will explain all that has happened Tom

18: Jordan Baker | Jordan, to me, seemed to be very arrogant. A bald eagle looks majestic and arrogant, but beautiful at the same time, like Jordan. Jordan always had her head held high as if she was balancing something on her chin; Nick said she also held her shoulders back like a cadet. Jordan was a pro-golfer so sometimes that went to her head. Lastly, bald eagles and Jordan both live and lived in very big houses; bald eagles' nests are the largest of any bird in North America. | -Pg. 18 Jordan achieves becoming a pro-golfer. -Pg, 19 Jordan spent her girlhood growing up with Daisy. | The most important event in Jordan's life is her being a pro-golfer. Jordan got all of her fame and riches from golf and she esteems it highly. | -Pg. 50 Gatsby requests to speak with Jordan alone. -Pg. 57 Nick starts to date Jordan -Pg. 177 Jordan and Nick break up.

19: Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope. | "She was incurably dishonest. She wasn't able to endure being at a disadvantage and, given this unwillingness, I suppose she had begun dealing in subterfuges when she was very young in order to keep that cool, insolent smile turned to the world and yet satisfy the demands of her hard, jaunty body." pg 58 Jordan is dishonest and cannot take losing; this describes her life story. Jordan wants to be the best at everything so she tries extremely hard, and she plays mean. She does not care who gets in the way of what she wants.

20: Dishonest One thing Nick noticed, and did not like, about Jordan was that she was dishonest. Jordan did not care if she had to cheat; she did whatever it took to win. Nick recognized this after he had seen a story about Jordan in the newspaper and had heard her tell a lie about the convertible. | Egotistic Jordan is very egotistical. She always has her head held high and she holds her shoulders back as if she rules the world. She is rich and famous and she uses that as her excuse. When Nick basically tells her it is over she tells him that she is engaged even though Nick suspects she is not. She does not like to be looked down upon. | Sophisticated Jordan was not a naive little girl. Jordan knew her way around guys, and she knew how the world ran. Jordan loved other's business and she liked gossiping about it too. Jordan had fun telling Nick about Tom's girl in New York. Jordan also has a complex personality that is sometimes hard to understand. Like when she tells Nick she is engaged; is she being serious, and if not, why does she tell him that?

21: Gatsby, You surprise me. You get what you want and your whole entire life seems to go down the drain. I miss your extravagant parties. When will I have the pleasure of indulging in one again? If you and Daisy do not work out I think you should take Nick's advice and start all over somewhere else. By the way, I did enjoy your car; it has a very nice feel to it. Gatsby I have one question to ask of you. Why did you kill Myrtle and not go back? In wonderment forever, Jordan Baker

22: Myrtle Wilson | Myrtle's picture is a green snake. I chose the green snake because it is an animal that is extremely lively like Myrtle; Myrtle was said to have an aura around her that gave off the feeling of life. Myrtle also had a jealousy problem, so i made sure it was a green snake; we see an example of this when Myrtle thinks Jordan is Daisy and is glaring at her from her window. Lastly, Myrtle was deceitful to her husband when she was cheating on Mr. Wilson with Tom. In the story of Adam and Eve the serpent was the one who was deceitful. | Myrtle would say the most important event in her life was meeting Tom because since she met him, her whole life revolved around him. | -pg.35 married Mr. Wilson who she was crazy about at first according to her sister. -pg.36 Myrtle has an affair with Tom -pg. 143 Myrtle gets herself killed because she runs in front of Gatsby's car that Daisy is driving.

23: Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope. | "I was so excited that when I got into the taxi with him I didn't hardly notice I wasn't getting into a subway train. All i kept thinking about, over and over, was 'You can't live forever; you can't live forever'" pg.36 Myrtle, like Tom, was a woman who gave into her lusts even though she had a husband, and she later found out Tom had a wife. Myrtle showed pride in telling her story about how she met her cheating boyfriend and the people around her accepted it.

24: Deceptive Myrtle is not an honest lady. She is having an affair with Tom, and she takes advantage of the fact that her husband trusts her. Myrtle lies to her husband so she can go see Tom; she tells him she is going to her sister's house. | Dense Myrtle was extremely dense in my opinion. She did not get the fact that she had it better off with Mr. Wilson, even though Tom had more money; she also did not get that Tom did not really love her and would never marry her. She still Loved Tom even after he broke her nose. | Lively Myrtle was full of life. Although she was not a pretty woman, Nick said she had a vitality about her that made her more desirable than the average woman. Myrtle always had something to talk about and was always loud.

25: Dear Mr. Gatsby, I have heard so much about you! I feel as if I need to know you. I heard through the Grapevine that you loved someone with a husband; I also love someone with a spouse. I think you and I would get along just dandy! I hope i am not troubling you with my letter; do not feel the need to respond. Hopefully your love situation will go better than mine has been going. Cordially yours, Myrtle Wilson

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