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The Great Gatsby

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FC: The Great Gatsby | Derek Schreiner 9-9-09 4th

1: This photo represents Jay Gatsby because nobody knows who he really is. He has been making up stories about himself. There have also been many rumors about him that aren't necessarily true. This is why I chose this photo of him wearing a disguise. "Where is he from, I mean? And what does he do?" Page 49 | Life Accomplishments: Received a decoration from every Allied government and was promoted to Major. (Page 66) Attended Oxford college for five months. (Page 129) Gatsby was born in North Dakota. (Page 98) Gatsby's Death. (Page 173) The most important event in Gatsby's life would have to be meeting Daisy. Daisy was his North Star and he based hi life on getting back Daisy. He loved her a lot, although Daisy did not feel the same way. Hopefully later Daisy will realize her mistake. | Jay Gatsby

2: "That's my affair"Page 90 | This quote is important because this shows that Gatsby tries his best to hide his identity. He does it to everyone he knows, because he has tried to start a new life. Except this time, it slipped out so he had to go ahead and answer the question Nick asked. | "There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired."

3: Surreptitious This word describes Gatsby very well. This is because Gatsby is a stealthy person who tries not to stand out among the crowd. He also tries to keep his true identity to himself. Although it is a heartbreaking story that he is trying to hide. | Intelligent Gatsby attended Oxford college for five months. Although I don't think those months had a huge impact on his education, they could of helped. But I believe Gatsby received most of his intelligence through watching others. | Loving Gatsby is very loving and loyal for two reasons. One reason is how he never looks at another person's woman ever. Another reason is how he has stayed true to Daisy even though she has moved on to someone else. He is a well respected man.

4: To all whom this may concern: Life has been an incredible journey for me and has taught me many things as you all have. First, Nick. You have been a great friend to me and assisted me in contacting Daisy. I'm very pleased to have you as my neighbor. Next, Daisy. You have been my North Star. I have been following and planing the right moment to talk to you. I'm glad I got to speak with you before my time has ended; I will always love you. Now, Tom. Although you were not as pleasant as I had hoped, I do wish you luck in your marriage and encourage you to treat Daisy as your true love. Jordan, I am so glad you entered my life. You were a piece to my puzzle. You helped me in confronting Daisy and I do appreciate that. Finally, Myrtle. I am sorry you got hit by my car; I do want to tell you though that I was not the one who hit you. I would never hit someone on purpose. Well, I believe I have had a great life and I hope to see you guys in the next. Farewell, James Gatz

5: Accomplishments: Nick is a bonds businessman. (Page 3) Nick was in the ninth machine gun battalion. (Page 47) Nick meets Jordan. (Page 14) Nick's friend Gatsby dies. (Page 173) | This picture fits Nick because Nick has a tendency to Judge people to often. Although he may keep his judgments to himself, he still has numerous ones that he shares throughout the book. | The most important event in NIck's life has been Gatsby as far as I could tell. Gatsby was Nick's friend and he showed Nick the life of luxury and love. Gatsby made Nick realize that there is more to life than just living life everyday. | Nick Carraway

6: "I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known."Page 59 | "There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired." | Nick is correct in the matter that there are not many honest people in this world. This quote reflects Nick's personality because Nick thinks very high of his self, and this proves it. Nick needs to stop thinking so low of others and needs to see where his place is.

7: Judgmental Nick is very judging of others, even though he claims he is not. He reviews people's personalities and bases his decisions off their wealth or character. For example, when he first saw Tom he judged that he was very arrogant. | Loyal Nick is loyal to his friends. He will help them out if they are in need. He has helped Gatsby have a rendezvous with Daisy. Nick is there when you need him and will be forever loyal. | Understanding Nick is a smart and understanding guy. Even though he doesn't particularly like Jordan, he knows she is the best he can get. Nick understands human nature, and knows how humans usually behave.

8: Dear Gatsby, It has been fun, I wish it could of lasted longer. I'm glad that we were friends and that I could help you out in your quest for Daisy. I thank you for the friendship that you offered me. I also show my gratitude for letting me partake in your wealthy lifestyle. I wish you the best. By the way, thank you for the money you left in your will, you did not have to do that. I do not agree with Tom, I did not think you deserved to die; it's people like Tom who deserve to die. "You're worth the whole damn bunch put together." Your Friend, Nick

9: This picture basically explains itself. Daisy is torn between two lovers and has trouble picking one. Gatsby and Tom both have there weaknesses, but Daisy chose to go with Tom over Gatsby. She made the wrong decision. Accomplishments: Daisy has a daughter. (Page 9) Daisy married Tom. (Page 149) Daisy sees Gatsby again. (Page 92) The most important event in Daisy's life it probably being rich all the time. She loves being rich even if she is with a jerk. She has a ton of men who would love her and try to give her what she wanted, but Tom was first in line. | Daisy Buchanan

10: "That's true...Well, I've had a very bad time, Nick, and I'm pretty cynical about everything."Page 16 | This explains a lot about Daisy. She told Nick she's had a bad time since he was gone, and Tom was not helping. She believes the worst can happen, she is a little paranoid. | ""There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired."

11: Elegant Because of how much money she has, Daisy becomes elegant and civilized. She is polite and sophisticated. She knows how she should act in public, she speaks to everyone with poise. | Whorish Now this one is pretty self explanatory. She has had many boyfriends and sweethearts. Shes also been sleeping with Gatsby while she's married to Tom. She is not in the relationship for love. | Distraught Daisy has been confused and sad ever since her wedding. She misses Gatsby and and dislikes Tom. Though she still stays with Tom because his money isn't "dirty" like Gatsby's.

12: Dear Gatsby, I am truly sorry how things have turned out. I really do love you, but I can't leave Tom. It is just too hard to explain. I wish you well wherever you may go. I wished we could of gone back to those days before you went off to the war. But, it is too hard to repeat the past. Love, Daisy

13: This picture is of Mr. Burns. I think this picture represents Tom very well. Like Mr. Burns, Tom is rich, selfish, and doesn't care for anyone but himself. | Tom Buchanan | Accomplishments: Tom marries Daisy. (Page 76) Played football at New Haven. (Page 6) Tom figures out Gatsby. (Page 133) | The most important event in Tom's life is inheriting his money. He has got everything he ever wanted in life. He is very spoiled and he does not deserve it.

14: "I 'd like to know who he is and what he does...And I think I'll make a point of finding out."Page 108 | "There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired." | This quote is related to Tom because he can get any information from anyone he wants to because he is rich and a jerk. He has to know everything about a person to see how he can be sardonic next.

15: Selfish Tom is very selfish. He has to have everything and know everything. One girl is not good enough for him, he needs to have more than one; that is why he had Myrtle. | Inconsiderate Tom also does not care about other people's feelings. He is a jerk to everyone. He has to be in command and take control. He is not a good friend and does not treat people how they should be treated. Just like when he started questioning Gatsby's background. | Brutal Tom is very destructive. He does what he wants, when he wants. He broke his lover's nose because she wouldn't do what he said. Stay away from Tom.

16: Dear Gatsby, Even though we probably hate each other, I know Daisy would yell at me if I didn't write you a letter. Hopefully you can get your story straight later. Well I have nothing else to say to you. Sincerely, Tom

17: This picture depicts Jordan very well. In this picture the woman looks snooty and rich. It looks like she thinks she is better than everyone else. Accomplishments: Golf player. (Page 18) Became rich. (Page 18) Met Nick. (Page 9) The most important event in Jordan's life is becoming a golfer. She has fun with it and earns a ton of money with it. It's what she does best. | Jordan Baker | "There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired."

18: "But I swore I wouldn't tell it and here I am tantalizing you."Page 52 | This quote shows Jordan's character. She is untrustworthy and dishonest. This is how she goes through her whole life; lying and deceiving.

19: Untrustworthy Jordan is very untrustworthy. Due not trust her with your secrets. She will tell them to people behind your back. Just like at the party, she just had to tell Nick what Gatsby told her in private. | Sophisticated Jordan is also sophisticated. She knows how a lady of her status should be treated. Just like in the book, she keeps her chin up to maintain sophistication. She is very snooty and thinks very high of herself. | Deceitful Jordan can deceive many people. She can trick you into doing anything she wants. She lied about moving a ball during a golf tournament. She is a manipulative person.

20: Dear Gatsby, I am glad that you were finally able to speak to Daisy and to catch up on things. I hope you are able to succeed in whatever you may do. Maybe sometime in the near future Daisy will realize the mistake she made. But enough about Daisy; I am glad I have had the pleasure of you in my life. You have taught me things I wouldn't of been able to learn myself. Maybe I'll see you at a golf tournament. May you live on forever, Jordan

21: Myrtle Wilson | This picture represents Myrtle very well. She is a backstabbing witch who deserves to die. Like this witch, she does anything she has to to get what she wants. | Accomplishments: Married to Mr. WIlson. (Page 34) Affairs with Tom. (Page 35) The death of Myrtle. (Page 138) | "There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired." | The most important event in Myrtle's life is her affairs with Tom. She is so far in love with Tom that she stays with him even though he broke her nose.

22: "I married him because I though he was a gentleman...I thought he knew something about breeding, but he wasn't fit to lick my shoe."(Page 34) | This quote shows the true character of Myrtle. She thinks she deserves much better than she's got. She is a snake and deserves to be hit by that car.

23: Cheater Myrtle is a cheater. You should not trust her and shouldn't be associated with her. She has been having affairs with Tom while being married to Wilson. She is rude and she deserves no man. | Spoiled Myrtle is very spoiled. Mr. Wilson tries to get her everything she desires. Myrtle has a lover and a husband so that's is double the spoiling. She had Tom buy her a dog.

24: Dear Gatsby, Even though we didn't know each other well, I think we have a lot in common. We both have someone we are trying to grab the attention of. You want Daisy and I want Tom. We are the pursuing, and they are the pursued; I wish you well. Your Friend, Myrtle P.S. I know you were not the one who hit me with your car.

25: Fin

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