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The Greatest Gift

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The Greatest Gift - Page Text Content

BC: George Harrod Born August 15, 1928 Ingalls, Arkansas Final home- Heaven and in our hearts forever. Date known only to God

FC: THE GREATEST GIFT | I've seen a lot in my lifetime And sometime the way was so dark; When my eyes were blinded by doubt It seemed God spoke to my heart. The greatest gift of all is Jesus He shows His love through His own; If you know Him as your Savior You will never have to walk alone. God has taught me about life He told me He is the One to fear But in all my troubles and trials He has promised always to be near. The greatest gift of all is Jesus Without Him life would be in vain; I know I'd never make it If Jesus did not know my name. | A collection of poems by George Harrod

1: WALK THE PATH OUR SAVIOUR TROD | We can sing about the pleasures, That living in the world can bring; But if we understand the Bible, We know they're only a passing thing. So if we want the things eternal, We must depend on the things of God; Put our trust in the Holy Jesus, Walk the path our Savior trod. We must yield ourselves to Jesus, And let nothing stand in our way; Of living our lives to help others, Be prepared for the judgment day. I had rather be just a poor beggar, With nothing here to call my own; But be able to claim Jesus' promise, That one day heaven will be my home. | October 30, 1999 12:00 PM<

2: I'M ASKING, SEEKING AND KNOCKING (Matthew 7:7) | I know we are to ask, seek, and knock, Dear God as You told us in Your Word. As we exercise faith in Your promise, That by believing, we will be heard. Dear God, I am asking this question, Because I don't know what to do. If Chad can never, take care of himself, Why not just take him, home with You? Dear God, I am seeking for wisdom, I know this can only come from you. it seems there is no place for Chad And it is breaking my heart in tow. Dear God, I am knocking for understanding. You said You would open if I did And show me just what I should do, That up to now from me has been hid. And now I am asking for patience. I am seeking to grow in grace. I am knocking to add virtue to knowledge, Knowing one day I';ll meet You face to face. May 30, 1990 @ 12;20 AM

3: I'LL LIVE IN HEAVEN WHEN I DIE | I have been down in the valley And on the mountain top so high; Washed my soul in the blood of Jesus So I'll live in heaven when I die. My friends here don't understand me. They think life is passing me by;l I've laid up no earthly treasures But I'll live in heaven when I die. I don't want your gold or silver And all the pleasures it will buy. In this life I'll be a poor beggar And live in heaven when I die. You can live for yourself only And spurn the Holy Spirit's cry. But remember this my friend, You'll I'll live in hell when you die!

4: STREETS OF GOLD | Sometimes I stumble on the path You've given me to trod; The only thing that lifts me up, Are the promises of God. Lift up your tired and wary head. For soon you will behold. It won't be long before you'll walk Upon those streets of gold. Sometimes the way seems oh so dark And the road ahead sees so long. But soon I'll stand before my God And sing the redemption song. The angel that my God shall send Will take me by the hand. He'll lead me through the valley dark Into the promised land. Sometimes I do not understand Why the world treats me so cold. Then Jesus seems to say to me You'll walk the streets of gold. There'll be no pain or sorrow here And only God's love will remain. You'll walk upon those streets of gold As you praise the dear Savior's name! September 3, 1994 @ 1:15 AM

5: HOW LONG? | The desire is so strong to enter heaven's home. And each day my burdens grow more, As my feet plod the way, heart longs for the day, When I'll walk down the heavenly shore. How long will it be, 'til You come for me; And take me to that city so fair? How long must I wait, to enter heaven's gate, And live with You forever there? Every day my hopes grow stronger, I know it can't be much longer, Until I'll look up into the clouds and my Savior I'll see. There is sin on every hand and there is trouble in the land. How much longer Lord Jesus, 'till You come back for me? I am thankful for the day, when You took my sins away. But I long to walk the streets of gold. Help me be a soldier true, help me live just for you, "Til that day, heaven's glories You unfold!

6: JESUS WILL TAKE THE PAIN AWAY | The ways of life are hard to explain It seems for some it only brings pain; But through it all we know some day That Jesus will take all the pain away. Yes, Jesus will take all the pain away He will call us home one wonderful day; We will see Him in His splendid array When Jesus shall take all the pain away. He will stand on a cloud one day And all His majesty He shall portray; He will call those who watch and pray Then Jesus will take all the pain away. Soon Jesus will take all the pain away And take us to that city to live for aye; Where there'll be no sorrow, parting or pain As we sing hallelujahs to Jesus' Name. February 25, 1994

7: WHO IS THAT MAN? | Who is that man? standing in the shadows, With head bowed down, because of grief; Who is that man, who stands alone, And why does He stand there and weep? Who is that ? with stripes on His back, With blood running down His face; Who is that man? bearing this shame, Why is He standing there, in disgrace? Who is that man? bearing that heavy cross, Look! He is staggering! He fell under the load; Why doesn't someone, reach out to help this man, Instead of just staring, with hearts so cold. Who is that man? What is His crime? What did He say? I'm dying for you. Listen! What could He mean by these words? "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." I know that man! For He is my Saviour. I trusted Him, and now I am free. Believe that He died, to save you from sin, Heed what He says, "Come unto ME!"

8: THERE IS A MAN | There is a man you ought to know, He's waiting now, so why not go? Down upon your bended knee, Crying Lord Jesus have mercy on me. There is a man, you ought to see, He's the One who died on Calvary; There He suffered, pan and shame, To save those who call who on His Name. There is a Man, He's bowed with grief, Because you turned away, in disbelief; The road of sin, you chose to trod, And turn your back upon the Son of God. There is a Man, upon a throne, You feel so helpless, and alone; You wail and moan, and beg and plead, He laughs, but doesn't give no heed!

9: COME BE WITH ME | Sometimes I wake up in the night And wonder if I'll see the morning light. The pain is so great, my strength is gone; The weight on my chest feels like a stone. My Jesus be my strength and hope. If my heart can't make another stroke Help my loved ones know You've set me free. And I want them all to come be with me. And my doctors, remember them if you please, How they always tried to give me ease. Help them remember this, my last plea. I want them to come and be with me. To all my friends I'll leave behind. You have always been so kind. You know with Jesus is where I'll be, So I want you to come and be with me. March 19, 2007

10: NO PLACE FOR REPENTANCE Genesis 25:27-34; Hebrews 12;16-17 | Esau came in very hungry So he decided to take a chance; But after he sold his birthright He found no place for repentance. The food was oh! so tempting He thought to be justified by circumstance; Though he sought it carefully with tears He found no place for repentance. You may believe the doctrine of man And it may seem good at a glance; But when you stand at the white throne judgment You will find there's no place for repentance. If you reject the blood of Jesus As through this world you trod; You will find no place for repentance When you stand in judgment before God. Revelation 20:10-15 September 30, 1994 @ 3:15 AM

11: DO WE KNOW SORROW | There are times when we feel, Our sorrow we cannot contain; We become angry and hurt inside, When someone slanders our name. We read of a man called Jesus, Who knew sorrow we cannot feel. He suffered here at the hands of men, To fulfill His heavenly Father's will. He suffered in great pain and agony, Into depths we could not go; He freely gave Himself to die, All because He loved us so! How much sorrow did God Feel? As His Son was nailed to the cross? How much h love in the heart of Jesus? To die to redeem a world that was lost.

12: Invite Jesus to Come In | In the stillness of the night, With the darkness all around; While the cold icy fingers Of sorrow have you bound. Then you hear a gentle knocking, A soft voice whispers, I am a friend' Will you confess to Him your sins? So that Jesus can forgive and come in. He will take all your troubles, And cast them to the wind; We will wash you in His blood, That will cleanse you from all sin, He will give joy in living, A new life you can begin; If you will empty out your heart, And let Jesus come in. . You will experience the sweetest fellowship, That you have ever known; : You will feel no more loneliness, He's promised never to leave you alone. there will be a peace in your heart, Where only doubts and fears have been; If you will call out today. And let Jesus come in. Revelation 3::20

13: I FELL DOWN AT HIS FEET | Last night while I was sleeping, I dreamed a dream so sweet. I came before my Savior, I fell down at His feet. I cried, OH LORD! have mercy, The peace I felt was complete. When He laid His hand upon my head, As I lay there at His feet. I heard the voice of Jesus, The sound was OH! so sweet. Rest in peace my brother, As I fell down at His feet.

14: SOMEONE IS PRAYING FOR YOU | When the pain is cutting sharp and deep And your faith begins to waiver too; The clouds of doubt are thick and black Remember, someone is praying for you! When there is darkness, black as the sea And there is no light in your view; No ray of hope, anywhere do you see Remember, someone is praying for you! When it seems like the night, is closing in You think your heart, will tear in two; Don't give up in total despair. Remember, someone is praying for you! There are no mountains you cannot climb when someone is praying for you; For the God who has all power To give you grace to see you through! II Corinthians 12:7-10) October 6, 1992 @4:00 AM

15: DID YOU? | Did you ever see a robin, with a tear in his eye? Did you ever see a mockingbird, break down and cry? Did you ever hear a whippoorwill, when the shadows begin to fall, Asking all the lonesome turtle doves, to join in his mournful call? Did you ever wonder, Who made the sky so blue? Or where the moon and stars go, when they are hid from me and you? Who put all the colors in the rainbow, while the rain is lingering yet, Who put all the brilliance in the sky, as the sun is slow to set? Did you ever wonder where God came from, has HE been here all the time? Or does accepting a fact like that seem t confuse you mind? Did you know He gave His Son, to die for sinners like you and me? Did you know a simple child like faith can save you through eternity? Did you know it is possible, to live forever on and on? Share the glories of Jesus, that flows from God the Father's throne? You don't have to take a thing, Christ has supplied all need. He will bring His reward with Him, to reward every man's his work shall be.

16: YES, LORD, I'LL GO | Yes, LORD, I'll go, But not today. There's so many things Still in the way. Yes, LORD, I'll go But not over there; Why Lord, You know They don't even care. Yes, LORD, I'll go When things get right; You know I'm willing But I can't leave tonight. Yes LORD, I'll go But You understand; Not in the valley Or the Burning sand. Yes, LORD, I'll go I'll choose th place; I could never serve In Humility or disgrace.

17: Yes, LORD I'll go In prestige and power. I need all the glory The man of the hour. Yes, LORD I'll go But never i shame; Don't ask me to suffer To uphold Your Name. Yes, LORD I'll go Down on bended knee; Asking for your mercy Dear LORD for me. Yes, LORD, I'll go Without excuse or plea I'll; serve You, LORD Wherever You send me. Yes, LORD, I'll go I'll leave right now; I may not know where But You will show me how. January 17, 1986

18: TOO LATE! | Sometimes as I look up, into Your sky, It's then I feel, a tear fill my eye; And as my feet, touch the burning sand, My mind goes back to another lonely MAn. A lonely Man, whose pain runs deep, No one to comfort, asHe stands and weeps; No place to go, to find peace of mind, Although He is weary, no rest can He find. A man full of compassion, a heart full of love, A love gift to the work, from the Father above; Here He was a wanderer, a very lonely Man, No one He could talk to, who could understand. When my weight of loneliness, becomes hard to bear, And no one seems to understand, or even care; I know someday, I'll leave this hate filled land, And go to live with this, 'no longer', lonely Man!

19: DON'T JUDGE ME 'TIL YOU'VE WALKED IN MY SHOES | If you've never felt the coldness, chill you through and through. If you've never spent a night, wondering what to do, Or ever continued fighting, though you knew you would lose, Then don't judge me, 'til you've walked in my shoes. Have you ever had a problem, that nothing could make right? There is no way out, thought you search with all your might. Now you may not understand, the pathway that I choose. But, Then don't judge me, 'til you've walked in my shoe Life is filled with problems, and every one is real, Unless you've felt the heat, don't ask me to stand still. When the sun doesn't shine, there's no use no singe the blues. So, Then don't judge me, 'til you've walked in my shoes. Sometimes the decisions we make are very hard, And those who could help, show little or no regard, Words may not break bones, but they surely can bruise. So,Then don't judge me, 'til you've walked in my shoes. Unless you've gone to the altar, too burdened to pray, And come to the throne of God's grace, not knowing what to say, Your heart in a vice, with Satan fighting the screws, Then, Then don't judge me, 'til you've walked in my shoes.

20: EXCEPT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, I'M THAT MAN | As I walked down the street today, Just leisurely strolling, along the way; I saw a man, so drunk he could hardly stand, Except for the grace of God, I'm that man. As I continued on down the street, I saw a man, who had no feet; I know he fills a place in God's plan, Except for the grace of God, I'm that man.. God help me understand, why these things must be? I said, "As I met a man, who could not see." The purpose, for so much sorrow in the land, Except for the grace of God, I'm that man.. Then I saw a man, happy as could be, I thought, God, I wish that for me. God reach down and lead me with Your hand, And by relying on our grace, I'll be that man.

21: IT TAKES A SPECIAL KIND OF PERSON | It takes a special kind of person, To teach children, who aren't so smart; It takes more, than can be learned from books, There must be a lot of love, and an understanding heart. It takes a special kind of person, Who seldom hears a word of praise, or thank you; Most of the time, never seeing any visible results, For this special, kind of work they do. To some these children, are special, And this makes, the teachers special too; Day after day, they search for the answer, And thank God, a few are able to break through! It takes a special kind of person, To see that diamond, in the rough; To fight on, in the face of failure, And never give up, or say "I've had enough." So may God bless, you special teachers, Walk tall, and hold your head up high; You will not, save all the children, But you can say, "I sure gave it a try!"

22: THANK GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW | No words could ever start to express, And yet somehow we want you to know; We're thankful for each one of you, Thank God from whom all blessings flow. We pray to God for His leadership, To help us understand that we may know; To give Him praise for all our blessings, Thank God from whom all blessings flow. He always gives us more than we deserve, By leading to a people who are ready to go; All the way for the glory of Christ, Thank God from whom all blessings flow. May my prayer to God forever be, Let me speak, let me lead, let me show; Of my Christ, of His Love, of His Grace, Thank God from whom all blessings flow.

23: I MUST LOSE THIS LIFE... TO GAIN HEAVEN | There's an old saying, you can't have it both ways, We get tired of this life, but God has numbered our days; We know one day, our life here will end, So there is something, I want to tell you my friend. For those, whose sins are washed away, Death, will be a wonderful day; They'll meet Jesus, as we are told, And walk upon, those streets of gold. Once, a man went to Mount Calvary, There He died, for you and me; With tears in His eyes, and blood on His face, He died as a sinner, in your and my place. You have a choice, and only one, Choose Jesus, and when life's race is run; You will stand, at the judgment seat of Christ, And be given, a beautiful robe of while. You have a choice,and only one, Choose Jesus, and when life's race is run; You will stand, at the judgment seat of Christ, And be given, a beautiful robe of white. May 5, 2005 @ 1:45 AM

24: WHEN JESUS COMES AGAIN | When Jesus comes again, II'll meet Him with a shout. I'll be so glad to see him, Of this I have no doubt. When Jesus comes again, The dead in Christ shall rise. The live in Christ shall be transformed, Then we'll go to meet Him in the skies. When Jesus comes again, There'll be havoc the world has never known. People searching for loved ones and friends, They cannot be found for they are gone.

25: WOULD IT SUFFICE? | If black were blue, And we know it is not; If I had something else, instead of what I've got, Would it suffice? If I were wealthy, in houses and land; And always did right, By my fellowman, Would it suffice? If I could restore, the sight to the blind; If I could renew, the feeble in mind, Would it suffice? If I had clothes, of the finest kind; ALL kinds of jewelry, to sparkle and shine, Would it suffice? If I had Jesus, as my personal Savior; To rule my life, to spice and flavor, It would suffice!

26: THOUGHTS TO CONSIDER | Today a thought came to me, And it filled my heart with sorrow; As I recalled all the things, I'd put off until tomorrow. No time to talk to God today!! Or lend a friend a helping hand; It's hurry here, and hurry there, OH! I'm sure God understands! No time to talk to my lost friend, About his soul which dwells inside; I'll never have another chance, You see: last night he died! God showed me there are no tomorrows, We must complete our work each day; This is the only day God has promised, Tomorrow is the end of the way!

27: WHEN THE DEEP DARK SHADOWS FALL | When the deep dark shadows fall, It seems I faintly hear you call; Then I realize you are gone, Where you will never be along. When the deep dark shadows fall, Darkness comes creeping down the hall; I thought I heard you praying as before, When I was passing by your door. When the deep dark shadows fall, Tis then in memory I recall; The talks we and now that we're apart, About the Lord how they thrill my heart. When the deep dark shadows fall, They have different effects up on us all; Some never knew just what they had, But I am proud to call you dad. May 22, 1976 in memory of : Earl E. York.

28: THE WORLD RECOGNIZES US NOT | So often we begin to complain and cry, Surely people ought to recognize our pain; They see our contorted faces as they pass by, And our tears we shed like falling rain. We wring our hands and wail and moan, And still no one will take heed; We fall to our knees as we utter groan, But no one even notices our need. Take heart my fried do not despair, Lift up your tired weary heads; Soon we'll be gone caught up in the air, To live with God so Jesus said!

29: THE LITTLE THINGS OF LIFE | Youth is the time, when fears are not known When we accomplish all things, on our own; We strike down the feeble, and laugh as they fall The little things of life, they don't matter at all. Th e little things of life, are for the faint and the weak You'll never see a strong man, turn the other cheek; You'll see him trample others down, and never bat an eye It won't melt his heart of stone, when God's people cry. You'll never pierce his armor, with, "God so loved the world" To him life is a merry-go-round, and money makes it whirl; The little things of life, like, "God gave His only begotten Son" They never bring conviction, for all the things he's done. The little things of life, like, hours make a day Days turn into years, that snatches youth away; You find you no longer can compete, or handle all the strife. And you begin to be moved at, the little things of life. The little things of life, have finally took their toll You realize your youth is gone, and you are growing old; As you see your lost condition, and unto God you call You realize the little things of life, were right after all. The little things of life, of which you'd case aside Like the love of God, and the many friends who tried; To lead you to the Chris, who shed His blood for sin The little faith it would take, to let the Savior in!

30: WHILE TRAVELING | While traveling down, life's long highway I met a man, I heard him say; I'm lost, my way I cannot find I went wrong, back down the line. While traveling on, I made a turn As sadness filled, my heart I learned; There'd been a wreck,up ahead And several people, now lay dead. While traveling on, I tried so see Why all these things, had to be; Search as I may, I did not find The answer to, this question of mine. While traveling on, I bowed my head And unto, the Lord i said; Guide me safe, day by day While traveling down, life's long highway.

31: T My friend will you just stop a minute, O A story to you I'd like to tell; O About a Man whom we call Jesus, Who died to save you from hell! L You didn't stop to read the road signs, A As you rushed along life's busy way' T No time to stop and to consider, E Now it's too late you'll have to pay! You have your money and your pleasure, But money can never pay the cost; Which God demands for our redemption, Without the blood of Jesus you're forever lost!

32: YOU BROUGHT ME BACK FROM NOWHERE | You brought me back, from nowhere From the valley, of deep despair; you gave me a reason, for living And taught me how, to love and care. You brought me back, from nowhere From a life of wasted, lonely emptiness; Removed from my heart, bitterness and strife And filled the empty space, with happiness. And now my heart, is filled with joy No matter what happens, I know You are there; I live a richer, fuller life each day Since You brought me back, form nowhere. Nowhere, is the devil's place of abode And you will never, find happiness there; But now I know true peace of mind Since You brought me, back from nowhere. You brought me back, from nowhere From among the feeble, and the weak; Only the strong, can stand the test Who are not afraid, to pray and weep.

33: I NEVER HAVE TIME TO LOOK AT ME | So much of my time, I spend judging others There's not one of their faults, I fail to see; Sometimes I get so busy, at my task I never have time, to look at me. It seems like today, everyone is so selfish They remind me of the ones Jesus called Pharisees; After I show the, the error of their ways I never have time to look at me. I never have time to look at me Any way my life, is pretty clean; I do a lot of things, for the Lord It is other people, who are so mean. Everyone wants to the the big "I" No one wants to bow down, in humility; I can see their coldness, and their greed But I never have time to look at me. December 9 @ 1:55 AM

34: LORD HEAR MY PLEA | Lord give me strength when I am weak. Help me to be humble, trusty, and meek; Take my doubts and fears away from me, Be my light and guide me that I may see. You know my heart, You know my thoughts, You know of all the temptations I've fought; Give me love in my heart that I may forgive, Give me a desire to teach people how to live. Give me grace that I may overcome, When tempted and tried by the evil one; Give me wisdom to understand I pray, And help me Lord to walk the narrow way.

35: WALKING THROUGH THE VALLEY WITH HIM | Down in the valley, the mountain looks tall As we look to the top, we feel so small; God puts us in the valley, for us to grow So Jesus can teach us, the things we need to know. Walking through the valley, with Him Sometimes the pathway, grows dim; And our outlook on life, is so grim Walking through the valley with Him. The waves of doubt, come rushing in Then we find our faith, growing thin; When we look again, at the mountain so high It seems so futile, for us to even try. Jesus wore the thorns, before the crown He suffered shame, before He was glory bound; We must walk through the valley, and not complain Proclaiming salvation, by believing in Jesus' Name. | November 6, 1989 @ 2:05 AM

36: IF I MUST TRAVEL ON | Lord, I'm tired and so weary, And I feel so alone; I need Your grace to sustain me, If I must travel on. My heart is heavy with it's burdens, And all the heartaches it's known; I need Your guiding Hand upon me, If I must travel on. I know that You are ever near me, I'm thankful for the love You've shown; Lord keep me ever in Your power, If I must travel on. Someday I'll bow before my Master, When I reach my heavenly home; There to dwell with Him forever, I'll not have to travel on!

37: NO ONE BUT JESUS | No one but Jesus, knows how I fee, No one but Jesus, really seems real; No one but Jesus, is faithful and true, No one but Jesus, knows just what to do. No one but Jesus, can share all my pain, No one but Jesus, can know who's to blame; No one but Jesus, ca make all things right, No one but Jesus, can show me the light. No one but Jesus, died for my sins, No one but Jesus, ever liveth again; No one but Jesus, the Glorified One, No one but Jesus, can make me God's son.

38: THANK GOD | I would like to pause, a moment And thank my God up above; who prepared, loved ones and friends To demonstrate, His marvelous love. Thank God, for those who were attentive When He sent out, His earnest plea; To show forth, His great compassion Upon poor people, like you and me. Thank God, who held back nothing But freely gave, His best, His all; And made Himself, a sacrifice To save whosoever, upon Jesus will call. Some people, count their wealth By worldly possessions, and things; I thank God, for loved ones and friends And all the joy, and blessing they bring.

39: GOD'S AMAZING GRACE | The root of life, seems long and lonely, And we move along, at such a rapid pace; We need to stop, and count our blessings, That are ours because of God's amazing grace! God's amazing grace is all sufficient, And we never have to walk alone; He said He'd be with us here in Spirit, And in glorified body when we get home! When at last my journey's ended, And I meet my Savior face to face; I'll say it never could have happened, If it were not forGod's amazing grace. When that trumpet call has sounded, And in heaven I take my place; I'll join the hallelujah chorus, Singing God's amazing grace!

40: JUST GO AND TELL YOUR TROUBLES TO THE LORD | If you feel so alone, and all your hope is gone, Just go and tell your troubles to the Lord. When nothing turns out right, and it seems there is no light, Just go and tell your troubles to the Lord. When things look dark and drear, no word of comforting cheer, Just go and tell your troubles to the Lord; When the world has got you down, a friend cannot be found, Just go and tell your troubles to the Lord. When you're burdened with sorrow, and you dread to face tomorrow, Just go and tell your troubles to the lord. When the sun is blotted out, your heart is filled with doubt, Just go and tell your troubles to the lord. When your heart is filled with pain, and it's driving you insane, Just go and tell your troubles to the Lord. When you feel you can't go on, think of your heavenly home, Just go and tell your troubles to the lord. March 5, 1990 @ 2:45 AM

41: TODAY | Today could be the beginning, or it could be the end, For no one know how many, days on this earth they'll spend; We know our days are numbered, we don't know when they're through, Only God know the answer, it is hid from me and you. Sometime in your life, and it just might come today, You will feel God's Holy Spirit, do not turn Him away; He only wants to lead you, from darkness into light, And prepare you for that city, where there never cometh night. Today the Father offers, salvation to those who repent, Of their sins and believe, on him who God hath sent; He will fill your heart with hope, where once there was despair, And one day take you home to heaven, there all His glory share. Jesus said He would return, and it could be today, We'll see Him waiting in the clouds, and we'll be caught away; He said for us to work and watch, and always pray, we know not the hour of His coming, it just might be "today'!

42: What is a mother? someone may ask, Is she just a woman? faced with the task; Of training her children, in the way they should go? And teaching them all things, that they should know? What is a mother? she's MORE than just a friend, When she's called upon, a broken heart to mend. Sometimes she's a lawyer, sometimes she's a judge, Sometimes she's an arbitrator, to settle a grudge. What is a mother? she's that special someone, Who tells you of Jesus, and what He has done; And how that He died, on Calvary's cross, To pay the sin dept, of all who were lost. What is mother? if asked what would you say? Would you ascribe to her, more than one day in May? Or would you be the one, to think it kinda odd, That so few can see, MOTHER'S are a gift from God! | MOTHER

43: SOMEONE | Somewhere there's someone waiting in vain, Somewhere there's someone whispering your name; When the party's over and you've had your fun, Come home to you daddy for he's this someone. There'll always be someone waiting for you, Someone who's lonely and broken hearted too; Wondering and worrying night after night, Hoping and praying that you are all right. Someone is waiting for your knock on the door, Then I won't be worried and walking the floor; I'll know you are safe, my fears area all gone, I can lay down and sleep, I know you are home. April 27, 1978

44: SOMETHINGS | Somethings that die, are dead, Other's die, that they might live; Today Roy's voice, is stilled in silence, But, his teachings, will continue to give. Strength to all, those who knew him, To teach the truth, about God each day; And remember that, with somethings, There can only be one way. We'll remember him, in the pulpit, In the classroom, while we were there;; Giving courage, in times of sorrow, Yes! we'll miss him everywhere. There are many things, we don't understand, Yet, as we trust in God above; We know H will fill th void, With His great and marvelous love! In loving memory of Rev. Roy Chapman

45: PEOPLE LIKE YOU | God said if we'd believe, Our faith will see us through; he'd supply our need, Through people like you! There are some people, Who doubt this is true; For they don't know, people like you! Some people say God won't bless, When people do what He said do; But He proves His love to us, through people like you! We meet millions of doubters, true believers are few; God proves His power through A few people like you!

46: I LOOKED TOWARD HEAVEN | I looked toward heaven Searching for the light; I said, "dear Jesus" Something's not right; My heart is so burdened I'm in great despair; I'm longing for that city That is built four square. I looked toward heaven I wanted to know; If someone was watching Things on the earth below; Sin is so rampant There's sorrow and pain; The people are waiting For You to come again. I looked toward heaven My treasures are there; I asked for forgiveness And You heard my prayer; I asked for more courage More faith every day; To be ready and waiting When You come back that day.

47: GOD GAVE YOU A MOUNTAIN | God gave you a mountain That was mighty, hard to climb; It was rough, and rocky too So it took a little time. But you, just kept on climbing Some days not moving very far; With no thought, of giving up Because you were, reaching for a star. God gave you a mountain And He did not, tell you why; He said He'd be with you And every need, He would supply. So you continued to look up Kept going, and didn't stop; Looking for, that special blessing After you, have reached the top. God gave you a mountain And it was, very high; You said, I might not make it But still, I have to try. So the journey, is completed And even though the pain is deep; You have so many, precious memories that are yours, to forever keep. | May 27, 1997 @ 6:00 AM

48: FISHERS OF MEN | Long ago down by the sea, In a little town called Galilee; It was not known by many then, That He was the greatest Fisher of men. Peter and Andrew who by trade were fishers, Did not know the extent of the issue; When Jesus said, the world is lost in sin, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. They were scourged, hated and run out of town, But they never let these things slow them down; Their motto was you must try again and again, In order to become real fishers of men! If you get weary as you travel along, If your burden seems heavy and the road so long; Then stop and remember how things were back when, The greatest of Fishers walked among men!

49: THEY ARE | They are calling; can you hear their cry? Help me! I'm drowning in this sea; Is there no one, who will tell them, That the blood of Jesus, will set them free? They are out there in the desert And they are walking, our city streets; They are that, little boy or girl Whom you once thought, was so sweet. You can read it, in the morning paper And see it in the news, on TV; But does anyone, hear the unspoken plea, They are sending, out to you and me? God may you help, Mommies and Daddies Build a home, that is filled with love; Live a life, that will lead them To Your heavenly blessing up above.

50: GOD LOOKED DOWN | One day God looked down Upon the plight, of man; He said, the evil I see Is more than, I can stand. His mind, has become corrupted All the good, in man is gone; The time has come, to deal with him And My judgment, will be strong. God said, I've been so patient And My dealings, have been fair; But man, has made it plain That My love, he will not share. I gave, My Son to die To pay, his debt of sin; But man, turned away in disbelief And would, not let Him in. March 20, 1998 @ 6:00 PM

51: GOD WAS THERE | Man tries to prove evolution By talking about a speck some where; But before that speck was found God had already been there. God was there, before any creation Even when th earth, was without form; Darkness was upon, the face of the deep, when: God divided the light, from darkness, on the first morn. God was there, when every thing was created The sun, moon, stars, cattle, all these He made; All the animals, fishes, and fowls And He did it all, in just six days. On the sixth day, God created man and woman He joined them together, their life to share; The man and woman, then became husband and wife And when it all happed, God was definitely there!

52: HARVEST OF THE PAST | The past is the past With memories good or bad. Of all the things we didn't do And some we wish we had. The past we've already lived; The future holds things unknown. We've planted our fields and now We must reap the seeds we've sown. Some will pray th seed won't sprout Or the fruit will dry up on th vine. They don't want a bumper crop When it becomes harvest time. So sow only seeds of kindness And add a lot of love along the way. Then you can reap a filed of joy When you go out on harvest day.

53: GREAT INTENTIONS | Yesterday we planned for tomorrow But then tomorrow became today; Then today became yesterday We had already wasted away. There is always some little something Which becomes a mountain down the road; Then we come up with this excuse Lord, I can't carry this heavy load. We say, if I had his gift of speech I'd spread His gospel far and near; I'd shout it from the housetops So every man every where could hear. When you take up the cross of Christ Then you will find to your delight; It's not heavy, or even burdensome It's tailor made and fits just right. July 12, 1999

54: EACH DAY BRINGS ME CLOSER | We're told in God's Holy Word That our life here on earth shall end; And each day brings me closer To the time when eternity shall begin (Hebrews 9:27) Everyone has an appointment But only God know the time; I know each day brings me closer To the one God has set for mine. . (II Peter 1;14; II Timothy 4::6, 8) The world holds nothing but sorrow Each day is worse than the day before; Praise God each day brings me closer To my life on the heavenly shore. (Romans 9:1,2; II Timothy 3: 1, 13) I look forward to each hour's passing And I have no desire to grow old; Thank God each day brings me closer To that city where the streets are pure gold. (Philippians 1;23) I know it can't be much longer Till death's angel I'll see; For each day brings me closer To the life Christ has prepared for me! (Revelation 22;7, 12, 20; Luke 16:22)

55: LIFE IS A BATTLE | Life is a battle We know we can't win No matter what we do One day it will end. We can call in the doctor And take all kinds of pills But one day our hearts Will lie silent and still. We can shrink from the thought Of dying today But soon the death angel Will take the soul away. You can't stop it's flight To either heaven or hell You make your choice here Where your soul will dwell Life is a battle That started with time. It has steps like a ladder We're destined to climb. If we trust in Jesus We will reach our goal. We will ear our name When He calls the role.

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