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The Grey King by Susan Cooper

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FC: The Grey King By Susan Cooper Created by Logan

1: The main character is Will Stanton. The other characters names are Bran Davis, Owens Davis, John Rowlands, Caradog Prichard, David Evans, Jen Evans, and two dogs named Cafall and Pen. | Will Stanton is a Old One which is very rare. A Old One is some one who has powers and can sense things. Each one has his or her quest they have to for fill. Will is 14 years old. I do not have anything to relate him to, except for that we are both Britain. The next person is Bran Davis. He is the next main character at only 12 or 13 years old. It never really told except for the fact that he was a year or younger than Will. Will doesn't know that Bran is not a regular human until the end of the story.

2: The next one down the list is Owen Davis, Bran's father, but not his biological father. Bran does not know this until the last 10 pages of the book. | Bran was left at Owen's door step and he has taken care of him ever since. The only thing I have in common with Bran is that I have a step dad too. Cafall is not human, but | is a very important character in the story. Although he is shot in the middle of the book by Caradog Prichard. He thought he was killing sheep but the Grey fox | was, but that will be explained later. Back to Caradog Prichard; he is just an old man, and like most other people in Wales, he is sheep herder.

3: John Rowlands is the next character to talk about. He is Will's cousin. He also knows that Will is an Old One, but he doesn't not tell him that he knows until the middle of the book. David Evans is Will's uncle. | Jen Evans is his auntie. The story takes place in Wales. More specifically it takes place in the hills of Wales. It never told the year or month but I am guessing that it's around our era. One of the few settings it has is an abandoned cottage like this one in the picture. Owen Davis lived in one like this and worked for Caradog Prichard as a young man. At night at the cottage is when Bran was left as a baby. The story starts at an airport where Will is waiting for John Rowlands (this is his cousin). He is picked up and they head out to the country where the story...

4: mostly happens. As they are driving they hit a rock and it flattens their tire. While putting on the spare Will meets Caradog Prichard. When John gets in the car again Will asks "Who was that and what did he say?" When he gets to his uncles farm he walks the property. While walking Will meets Cafall (The white dog showed on last page.) He starts to growl and as Will is stepping away he falls. As he's falling he rolls and is caught by Cafall. I know this little story I'm telling seems long but that's because... When he is being helped up Bran is standing there. He says, "You should teach your dog a little better." Then they talk and Will asks if Bran is a "Raven" boy (never says what that is). Bran asks if Will is a Old One. Will says how did you know and Will's master the oldest Old One tell Bran to take care of Will. The next day Will goes with his uncle to work to herd sheep. One of the sheep's throat is slit; it was his first aqantis with the wolf. They carry it to the abandoned shed and come back half an hour later and it's gone and there is no trace of it anywhere.

5: This is an important scene because the fire brought Will and Bran to the Golden Harp. When the harp is played nothing can harm the people playing it. It just so happens that Bran plays the harp. When the harp is played at a certain time of day it will wake the sleeper, the only ones who can stop the dark (the bad guys). | Later on in the day Bran, Will and Cafall went on a walk. Will told him what happened. All of a sudden they noticed that Cafall was gone. They called his name lots of times with no reply. They heard the fire sirens and everyone was in a panic. They were putting out the fire and Bran thinks he sees Cafall but it was the White fox (remember how Cafall was shot). Bran ran up the hill thinking it was him but when he was there he was mistaken; luckily Will fallowed. Soon they were being circled by the white foxes. Then suddenly...

6: This is a picture of what the Golden Harp would have looked like but a lot smaller. | Cafall leaps out from no where starts to growl and be protective. They were chased into a cave where no evil can enter. They find a tunnel and follow it. Soon there is a wall and Will speaks in Old language and the passage opens. They go into a room and have to answer questions. Then they walked into another room where there are hooded people. They ask three questions. If all are correct they give the Golden Harp to them. The head one takes off his hood and it happens to be Will's master. He tells them how to wake the sleepers and how the harp works.

7: A Grey fox is the Grey King's servant. They can change their appearance to fool other people. It was this thing that was killing the sheep. It also turned into Pen and at the end of the story Caradog tried to kill him but they talked him out of it. | They leave the cave playing the harp. The grey fox is trying to attack but can not because the harp is being played. The white fox ran down the hill with Cafall behind him. Bran ran down the hill after them. Will took the harp and hid it in a stack of hay and casted a spell on it in Old Speech. He got to the bottom of the hill just in time to see the white fox jump the fence with Cafall behind him. While running they ran into a heard of sheep and the...

8: white fox slit a sheep's throat. Everyone but Bran and Will could not see the white fox thinking it was Cafall. Caradog Prichard shot him in the chest and the white fox got away. Will went to Bran at Cafall's grave and Bran yelled at him and told him this would never had happened it he had never came. Will walked away and John Rowkands sat next to him in the grass and told him that Owen was not Bran's real father. He told him that one night he was dropped off on Owen's porch and he raised him as his son ever since. There was a note left that read "Thanks Owen Davis, his name is Bran." Will went back for the harp. He was at the hay stack singing in Old Speech trying to take the spell off the harp when Caradog Prichard came and asked, "What are you doing on my property?" Will replied, he was taking a short cut to his uncle's property. Caradog asked, "Why are you singing?" Will replied, "I made up a song and I wanted to try it out. Please don't tell others back home." Caradog agreed he wouldn't and returned for home. When his back was turned, Will grabbed the harp and headed for his uncles.

9: The next day Will and John decided to go to town and take Pen with them because Caradog saw Pen , really the white fox, kill a sheep. They feared Caradog would kill Pen. While driving Pen stiffens up and starts | barking. Soon after, Will himself is unable to move. They were passing the cottage and a 100 yards later they passed lake Tal-y-Llyn. That lake is where the sleepers are resting but none of them know it. When in town they saw the dead sheep on the edge of a cliff. It was the lake that the sleepers were at. While there John drops Will off at a friends and goes into town to get parts. While sitting in the front yard with Pen, Bran came up on his bike and fell onto Will. They went for the trees because Bran said that Caradog said he saw Pen

10: This is a actual picture of the lake in the story. Its name is Lake Tal-y-Llyn. This is the lake where sleepers are resting. This is was not known until the last two pages. | kill another sheep and he was after Pen. On the way back to his uncles they stopped at the cottage and Will took Bran's bike to go get the harp. He came back and no one was there. Next he went to the lake, played the harp and said a poem in Old Speech to wake the sleepers.

11: My favorite scene is where Pen is laying down on his stomach with all fours sprawled out. The room was very dark because they were in the abandoned stone cottage. | All the windows were missing. Bran was the only other person there; he was sitting in the doorway thinking. The only other thing on the dirt ground was a white pebble... | in the corner of the room it was actually a war stone. It controls anyone that's not apart of the light. I like this scene because it made me miss my dog and at that part i thought he... | was going to die so it made me think of my dog who died helplessly.

12: If I could be any character I wouldn't be human. I would be a brown dog named Alie. The other dogs and I would be best friends. My role would be another of Will's uncle's dogs. I would help Herd the sheep. Me and Cafall would be really good friends. But same with Pen too I guess I like them all. So that would be who I would be and what I would be in the story. And I would not change the ending of the story because it keeps you on your toes for the next one.

13: Thank you for listening to my little story I hope you enjoyed it.

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