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The Hobbit

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BC: Thanks for reading!

FC: The Hobbit Character Book

1: By: Jason Yuan

2: Bilbo Baggins

3: Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who lived in the Shire all his life. One day, he was recruited as a burglar for a quest by Thorin & Co. Along the way, Bilbo meets trolls, goblins, elves, and even Smaug the Tremendous. In the middle of his journey, | finds a ring in Gollum's cave and pockets it, wondering what it is. Bilbo learns much about the world and himself during the quest and picks up many useful things. The ring that he found grants the power of invisibility upon the wearer, which proves to be a tremendous bnefit to Bilbo time and time again. It helps him escape the spiders, stay undetected in the wood-elves' castle, and stay hidden in the Battle of Five Armies.

4: The Dwarves

5: There are a total of 13 dwarves. They are: Thorin, Balin, Dwalin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin, Dori, Ori, and Nori. The main dwarf is Thorin. He is the whole reason for the quest. He wants to reclaim his grandfather's kingdom and his heritage as King under the Mountain. In the end of the book, he tells Bilbo he may not have any of his 1/14 share because he gave the Arkenstone to Bard. Soon after the Battle of Five Armies, however, he repents his statements and dies, buried in the Lonely Mountain with Orcrist and the Arkenstone. Also during the battle, Fili and Kiki died defending Thorin because he was their mother's older brother.

6: Gandalf

7: Gandalf is a wizard who was the second character introduced in the book after Bilbo Baggins. Gandalf periodically left during the journey, reappearing luckily when he was needed. The first example is when the trolls captured Thorin & Co. When all except Bilbo were captured, Gandalf tricked the trolls into arguing long enough for the sun to rise and turn them to stone. The second time was when Bilbo gave the Arkenstone to Bard as a bargaining tool. In the battle that followed after, Gandalf appeared and helped make a plan to defeat the goblins, also aiding in the final battle.

8: Smaug

9: Smaug is a dragon who rose to to prominence by destroying the town of Esgaroth in his youth. He captured and hoarded treasure for years, including treasure from Thorin's grandfather, which was the reason for Thorin's quest. Smaug had a weak point on his left chest where he was missing a scale. He had never mended it, so it remained a missing link in his armor. During his attack on Laketown, Bard shot him there with his black arrow after being told about the weak spot by the thrush. He died afterwards.

10: Other Characters

11: Beorn Beorn | Beorn is a man-bear who has the power to shapeshift. Thorin & Co., Bilbo, and Gandalf stayed with him for a period of time to rest. In the final battle, he showed up as a bear and feought his way through the goblin ranks. He destroyed Bolg's bodyguards and crushed Bolg. Then he picked Thorin up and carried him out of the battle.

12: Goblins | Goblins are first encountered when Thorin & Co. are resting in a cave in the Misty Mountains that turns out to be an entrance to the goblins' cave. They capture them but Gandalf helps them escape. The second time is during the Battle of Five Armies. They ally themselves with the Wargs in an attempt to kill everyone. They are defeated, however.

13: Wargs | Wargs are encountered right after the grops escapes from the goblins the first time. Thorin & Co. stop in a clearing that is the Wargs' meeting place and are driven up trees by the Wargs. The Eagles help them escape from the Wargs. The Wargs ally themselves with the goblins during the Battle of Five Armies in and attempt to eradicate everyone but fail to do so.

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