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The Iroquois

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BC: I learned that the Iroquois are very peaceful and respect everything they have and can have. The Iroquois government is a democracy. The Iroquois are a very cultural group of people that has a very good community. I learned that the Iroquois honor peace, equality, fairness, rights and citizens.

FC: The Iroquois By Matt Vernon Due May 3, 2010

1: Introduction In this mix book you will learn about the decision making, role of women, the significance of the Wampum belt, what the two row Wampum represents, and what is the difference between the Iroquois and ancient Athens.

2: Table of Contents 1. What is consensus and what are the advantages and disadvantages of consensus as compared to majority number neg? 2. What is consensus and what are the advantages and disadvantages of consensus as compared to majority number pos? 3. What was the role and status of women within the Iroquois Confederacy? 4. How were Wampum belts significant in the Iroquois culture? 5. What is the importance of the images in the the two row wampum belt and what do these images represent between the European settlers and the Iroquois? 6. Compare and contrast Athenian and Iroquois culture in regards to fairness, equity and participation

3: consensus is when a decision is made, all the people affected by the decision have an equal voice. The Iroquois use consensus to make important decisions in there community. Sometimes the issue is so big that they include the whole Iroquois confederacy! | Majority vs. Consensus NEG. In a majority not everyone agrees. Sometimes it can cause big arguments because some of the people don't like the decision that that has been made. In a majority not everyone is included, like the little kids. Majority only gives you a couple of choices to decide on. In a consensus it can take a long time to come to an agreement. Sometimes it can take the Iroquois 7 years to come to an agreement. It would be hard to make a decision for a problem. Also it would take forever to count what everyone wants to do.

4: Majority vs. Consensus pos. In a majority it takes less then a year to make the final decision and take action. It is simple and it makes more sense when you are running a country. It is easier then consensus because there is less processes to go through. In a consensus everyone has to agree. Consensus is co-operative and is not competitive like majority. In a consensus there is no arguing and there is no fighting.

5: Iroquois Women Women of the Iroquois could be higher status them men but were considered the same. The women were in charge of the three sisters, beans, squash, and corn. The women could eventually become clan mothers and own there own longhouse. Women are also a big part of government because they remind the chief of important things.

6: the significance of the two row wampum belt to the Iroquois The two row wampum shows significance because it is a very important and sacred treaty to the Iroquois. The two rows of purple beeds represent the path of the Europeans boat and the Iroquois canoe going down the river of life. Each of the boats carry there laws, culture, and beliefs. The purple lines are the same length to show that they are the same on the paths. The white represents peace and friendship.

7: Athens Athenian citizens are barely considered a democracy. There is a class structure, meaning not everyone is equal. They don't think that women are important. | Iroquois The Iroquois are peaceful and equal. The Iroquois think of women as important people. The Haudenosaunee think of everyone as equal. The government is a democracy.

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