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The Iroquois

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S: The Iroquois

FC: The iroquois by Colin, Celia, Liam, MaryKate,Deanna, & Johnson

1: One of the most important ceremonies the Iroquois had was the Unity Circle. During this celebration, they ate special foods and danced around a fire. They had to make sure the fire stayed lit for the whole ceremony. The Supreme Medicine Man led the celebration. This ceremony was an important part of Iroquois culture. | Some other ceremonies the Iroquois had were the Strawberry, Planting, Maple, Green Corn, and Harvest Festivals.During the Maple Festival, they would collect sap for syrup and sugar. They held a Strawberry Festival because they believed that strawberries were the first fruit of the earth. The Iroquois had a Planting Festival to ask spirits to help their crops grow. At the Green Corn and Harvest Festivals, they would harvest crops. The Iroquois had many different festivals and ceremonies. | Ceremonies and Festivals

2: Even though the ceremonies mentioned in the last paragraph seem short, some can last days. The New Year's festival, for example, lasts 4 days. At all of the ceremonies there is singing, dancing, praying, and playing games. The Iroquois religion and beliefs are much different from ours today. Instead of having priests, rabbis, and ministers, they have keepers of faith. When you become a keeper of faith, your name is changed. You do not get any special costumes or rewards but you get very special responsibilities like organizing festivals and doing rituals. Becoming a keeper of faith is a great honor.

3: The spirits are an important part of Iroquois culture. They believed that the Great Spirit is in all living things and that all living things are in the Circle of Life. Mother Earth is honored as the source of life. All natural things were under care of the spirits, who are assistants to the Great Spirit. The Iroquois believed that religion was a part of all life.

4: Food And Hunting The Iroquois hunted many different animals and ate many different foods. The Iroquois hunted seal, fish, moose, deer, bear, beaver, rabbit, squirrel , wild turkey, pigeons,waterbird,raccoon, and other game. Women planted crops like beans squash sunflowers, corn, berries, cherries, huckleberries, crops, and other good plants to eat.They used birchbark canoes if their was smooth water and if their was rough water they would use dugout canoes.The Iroquois usually fished at night. They ate a lot of food . The Wampanoag, a nearby tribe, dried steak for dinner. Men fished shellfish, cod, bass, and lobster. Every family had their own hunting territory.

5: The Iroquois planted many things, too. They moved when there was not a good source of crops. Corn, bean and squash were called "The Three Sisters." You might eat nuts like chestnuts, beechnuts, hickory nuts, butternuts, acorns, and black walnuts depending on the place they were. Maple sap was one of the few sweeteners. Women made a snow cone candy treat for their kids from sap. The Iroquois used plants to make medicine. Crops were very important to the Iroquois diet. They used corn as cornmeal, corncakes, soup, and pudding. Finally, they ate beans like kidney and lima beans. Their lives were very different from ours!

6: Hunting Tools The Native Americans go hunting to get food. They use sticks to make bows and arrows. Fishermen use spears for fishing poles. They used rocks to make knives. If they kill an animal, they respect it. The Native Americans used tools to make clothing. They used sticks to sew. They made digging sticks by sharpening the end of a wooden pole. They also wore blouses or vests made of decorated deer skin. They used flint knives to skin the animals.

7: Interesting Facts The Iroquois have a lot of interesting games. The Iroquois called lacrosse "the ball game" in honor of the thunderbirds. The winter snow snake was probably the most popular game. These are some of their favorite games. The Wampanoag ate fish and animals. They ate food from the land and grew corn, beans, and squash. Animal skin helped keep them warm.

8: Housing | The Iroquois had long houses to live in. They long houses kept up to 10 to 15 years, then they moved because the crops wouldn't be good anymore. The long houses held up to 30 or 60 people. They used zigzag poles to stand the long house up. They were about 20 feet tall and 25 to 50 feet long. The space was 6 by 9 feet wide. Children helped around the house with their families. They had pathways. The long houses were near streams and hilltops.

9: The Iroquois used different materials for making longhouses. They used animal skins and put bark on top of the poles to old the house up. They also put seats in the walls.

10: Clothing The women wore different kinds of clothing. The Iroquois women wore long skirts up to their ankles. Women also wore leggings under their skirts. Women wore wrap around skirts with shorter lengths than the men. These were what the women wore. The men wore breechclothes with long leggings. They used fur and animal skins. Everything was hand made.

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