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The Life of William Shakespeare

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The Life of William Shakespeare - Page Text Content

FC: By: James Delia | Queen Elizabethan (England) and William Shakespeare (Italy)

1: How does the Renaissance influence Literature and history? | Art and Literature was affected by the Renaissance because the people who are popular today for their poetry, books, and plays, would not be who they are today. The Renaissance made people like William Shakespeare poplar today, because back then literature was very appreciated and enjoyable (not as much today). If it wasn't for the people and the supporters, these artists and play writers would not be famous. The Renaissance was a rebirth and with the rebirth, art and literature became very popular.

2: Italy consisted of separate city states because Italy is a peninsula, and the mountains and water broke up the communication. | Geography of Italy

3: Geography of England | -England was rural, virtually by humans, and is an island -The capital is London -There is water ways, for example the English Channel

4: Religion of Italy | -The religion in Italy was Christianity, mostly Catholics and they believed that there were rewards after death (Heaven). - People in Italy also believed in Humanism, which means intellectual movement on human potential and achievements.

5: Religion of England | -Queen Elizabeth forced Protestant religion on the people by Law -There were also protestant churches

6: Achievements of Italy | During the Italian Renaissance some achievements were artworks, ancient Latin manuscripts, music, and Italy had fine goods and foods

7: Achievements of England | -England's warriors advanced in armor -England also got luxury items, like gold purses -Had achievements in art, sculptures, and paintings

8: Politics of Italy | The politics in Italy had merchants who dominated politics, it had dictators, and Italy looked to Greece and Rome. -Their government system was a dictatorship.

9: Politics of England | The queen of England was Queen Elizabeth and she had Catholics and Patriots that occurred to her

10: Economy of Italy | During the Italian Renaissance, Italy's economy had over seas trade, and eventually Italy's trade had expanded.

11: Economy of England | In England, there was poverty, fear of poverty -Poor laws were also made in England -There were vagabonds and rogues

12: Society in Italy | -Italy's society believed in humanism. -There were merchants, nobles, scholars who drew inspiration from the rulers of Rome, and artists (Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, etc). - The Black Plague also occurred. | Italian Renaissance- Time of re-birth, and a cultural explosion.

13: Society in England | -The language in England was old-style English (Thee, Thou, etc) -People wanted to be known for their hostility -Gave alms to the poor

14: Old Style English Examples thy...your hath...has art...are canst...can hadst...hadn't wouldst...would | During the time of Shakespeare the language was different because people often rhymed naturally and the words were different. William wrote the language in a unique way that no one spoke.

15: Similarities and Differences between Italy and England | Similarities: Both the Italian and English Renaissance had a belief in humanism. Humanism is the celebration of an individual's potential. Also both Renaissance's were a time of peace, prosperity, and advancements in art. | Differences: In Italy, many artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo were honored, while in England they weren't. Another difference is in England play writers were honored because people paid to go watch and see them. People enjoyed plays and enjoyed going to them.

16: My Life | William Shakespeare was born in Stratford upon Avon on April 23rd, 1564 and died in 1616. He was baptized on April 26th, 1564. People don't know how he died, but he died at the age of 52. His mother's name was Mary, who stayed at home, and his father's name was John, who was a glove maker. He also had 7 other siblings. William went to school at the age of thirteen, because his father was wealthy because he made gloves that were only worn by the wealthy. William's family lost all of their money and became hated by Queen Elizabeth because one of his cousins made a dumb action.

17: Due to this action, William had to drop out of school to help make money for his family. Many of William's relatives were executed and it was a true tragedy for him. William eventually married Anne Hathaway and one of his three children died at the age of eleven. Shakespeare eventually moved to London, while being married to Anne and cheated on her. Anne Hathaway ended up passing away on 1623. Shakespeare's life was very distraught because he went from being wealthy to poor and he lost many family members and one of his own children.

18: My Career | In 1503 Shakespeare moved to London and left his family to become a play writer, actor, and poet. Shakespeare's company's name was The King's Men. He wrote a total of 37 plays and one of his most popular plays was called "Romeo and Juliet." This play was a love/romance between two teenagers. This play was a tragedy because the two teens loved each other, but their parents didn't approve of each other, so this resulted in suicide. One of the reasons why Shakespeare became popular was because of Queen Elizabeth. She supported his plays and had a lot of power.

19: On June 12th, 1599, William opened up the Globe Theater. This theater was created for play writers to get actors to act out the plays. In the Globe Theater the poor had to stand in the front, and the rich got to sit far up, so they had a view of the whole play. During this time women were not allowed to be actors because their job was to take care of the family. Because of this men had to play women roles. unfortunately in 1613, the Globe Theater burned down and came to an end.

20: Bibliography | Leonardo. Mona Lisa (Online Image) 1479-1528. Work Museum, Paris. ( 4/24/12 | Shakespeare's Wife. N.d> Molly Flatt. (Online Imahe) Molly, Flatt, 19, Sepember, 2007 4/24/12 ( | Jig Zone. Michael Angelo's David (online image) 2006 4/24/12(

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