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The Little Mermaid

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FC: The Little Mermaid | By: Emily, Tyler, and Emily

1: The story is about a little mermaid who lives under the sea with her grandmother, father, and her five sisters. Her Grandmother had always told her that once she turned 15 she could finally go to the surface. This was something the little mermaid had been dreaming of her whole life. Once on the surface, she falls in love with a prince, who she had saved from drowning.

2: In order to stay on land longer she must make a deal with the sea witch and trade in her tongue for legs. Walking on her legs puts her in so much pain but in order to stay human, the prince must marry her. She continues to dance no matter how much pain she is in. She wants to do everything she can to make the prince fall in love with her. He is supposed to marry a princess but tells the mermaid she could possibly win her heart. The prince falls for another girl who happens to be princess and they plan to get married.

3: The little mermaid's sisters give her a knife to kill the prince with but she cannot get herself to come around to kill him. The mermaid throws her body into the sea and she turns to foam. She does not get her happy ending but after a while she is able to go to heaven, which was always a goal of hers.

4: The other ending of this fairytale is once she falls in to the water she begins to feels the warmth of the sun. The sun has turned her into a spirit and she became a daughter of the air. The other daughters of the air tell her that she is like them because she has struggled to achieve an eternal soul. They tell her the only way to earn her soul is to complete 300 years of good deeds and for each good child she found, she would acquire one less year. But on the other hand for each bad child found would make her cry and each tear would mean one month would be added. She will ultimately rise up into the kingdom of God.

6: There's a famous Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Denmark. The statue stands 5 feet tall and has been posing for the cameras since August of 1913.

7: While The Little Mermaid contains common fairy tale and folklore elements, especially those about mermaids, this fairy tale is the literary creation of Hans Christian Andersen. The tale has no direct oral predecessor in folklore.

8: Sometimes it is not always good to sacrifice and the good guy doesn't always win in the end.

9: The Little Mermaid has been made into numerous movies, plays, and even a t.v. series called The Adventures of Little Mermaid

10: Coney Island Mermaid Parade (five hundred thousand people) takes place the first Saturday after the summer solstice (third week of June) Hundreds of mermaids, Neptunes, and mer-men celebrating the beginning of Summer & official opening of Atlantic Ocean

11: According to Beatrice Phillpotts, in her book Mermaids, mermaids are usually depicted as beautiful and always combing their hair. Just beyond reach of men, mermaids have beckoned the adventures to the unknown and the promise of forbidden fruits. The mermaid is found in all Western countries, some Eastern countries. Mermaids, in the numerous tales told of them often foretell the future, sometimes under compulsion; give supernatural powers to human beings; or fall in love with human beings and entice their mortal lovers to follow them beneath the sea.

12: There's aDisney film called The Little Mermaid. Fairy tales are used to teach children morals The Little Mermaid teaches girls that they don't need a voice, that they can depend on their looks to get by in life Makes an illusion that the man or a prince charming will always be there to save the day

13: Mermaids have been symbols in myth & culture for thousands of years Contemporary society: mermaids appear in advertising, movies, and culture in present day society

14: 1. The Quest- This motif describes the search for someone or some talisman which, when found and brought back, will restore fertility to a wasted land, the desolation of which is mirrored by a leader's illness and disability | 2. Battle Between Good and Evil- These situations pit obvious forces which represent good and evil against one another. Typically, good ultimately triumphs over evil despite great odds.

15: 3. The Journey- The journey sends the hero in search for some truth of information necessary to restore fertility, justice, and/or harmony to the kingdom. The journey includes the series of trials and tribulations the hero faces along the way. Usually the hero descends into a real or psychological hell and is forced to discover the blackest truths, quite often concerning his faults. Once the hero is at this lowest level, he must accept personal responsibility to return to the world of the living. | Archetypes

16: 4. Father-Son Conflict- Tension often results from separation during childhood or from an external source when the individuals meet as men and where the mentor often has a higher place in the affections of the hero than the natural parent. Sometimes the conflict is resolved in atonement. 5. Air- activity, creativity, breath, light, freedom (liberty), movement 6. Sun- Hero, son of Heaven, knowledge, the Divine eye, fire, life force, creative-guiding force, brightness, splendor, active awakening, healing, resurrection, ultimate wholeness 7. Feet- stability, freedom

18: 8. The Devil Figure- This character represents evil incarnate. He or she may offer worldly goods, fame, or knowledge to the protagonist in exchange for possession of the soul or integrity. This figure's main aim is to oppose the hero in his or her quest. | 9. The Star-Crossed Lovers- These two characters are engaged in a love affair that is fated to end in tragedy for one or both due to the disapproval of society, friends, family, or the gods.

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