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The Phantom Tollbooth

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S: The Phantom Tollbooth

BC: For Milo, everything's a bore. when a tollbooth mysteriously appears in his room, he drives through only because he has nothing better to do. But on the other side, things seem different. Milo visits the island of Conclusions (you get there by jumping), learns about time from a ticking watchdog named Tock, and even embarks on a quest to rescue Rhyme and Reason! Somewhere along the way, Milo realizes something astonishing. Life is far from dull. In fact, it's exciting beyond his wildest dreams!

FC: The Phantom Tollbooth

1: Part One

2: Milo is never really interested in anything. He has never come across anything that caught his attention, but when the a package showed up at his door mysteriously he imagination goes wild. As he assembles the pieces they turn out to be a tollbooth. As his imagination flourished, he stepped into his car and drove up through the tollbooth, slipped in a coin and drove to Dictionopolis. As Milo drove along he was suddenly speeding across an unfamiliar highway. As he continued, he passed a sign labeled 'Welcome To The Expectations'. As he continued to drive along, he drove up to a house. A man called the Whether man came out and told him how to get to Dictionopolis. Milo was so wound up in his thoughts he stopped thinking. The color of the land began to disappear as he slowly entered the Doldrums. His car went slower and slower until finally it stopped all together. As Milo looked around he saw a bunch of small creatures that were called Lethargarians. These hopeless creatures did nothing all day long,

3: as did every else in the Doldrums. They told him about the watchdog and how he would catch you if he saw you doing nothing. Then suddenly, from out of no where, the watchdog comes running up to Milo. He told Milo that wasting time was bad and he told him that because he wasn't thinking he was now stuck in Doldrums. Then he forced Milo to think and they drove away from the Doldrums. As Milo and the Watchdog drove along, Milo was wondering what the watchdogs name was. The watchdog apologized and told Milo his name was Tock. Milo was confused and asked why his name was Tock if he goes tick-tick-tick-tick-tick. Tock told him about how his parents were mistaken when they named his brother and him. He was very upset so Milo changed the subject. Tock

4: also told why time was created. At last Milo and Tock got to Dictionopolis. The guard at the gate told Milo that to get in he had to be buying or selling. Milo asked why and the guard said that if he didn't have a reason that Milo would have to have an excuse. Milo pulled a small round, golden excuse that said, 'why not?' in capital letters. The guard said it was rather used but he let Milo in anyway. As Milo and Tock rode around the market of Dictionopolis they met the five members of the kings cabinet. The cabinet members explained how words grew on trees and that all the word in the world were made in Dictionopolis. The five cabinet members explained a lot about word s and invited Milo and Tock to the royal banquet. In the market Milo and Tock got very confused because there were many yelling people and many word stands. Milo was considering buying some, but when he asked how much the price was just too much. As Milo and Tock continued he stopped in front of a booth that read, 'DO IT YOURSELF'. As Milo was looking a man came out and helped MIlo and Tock pick out letters. He gave Milo an A and Tock a C. The man also introduced Milo to the Spelling Bee. The Spelling Bee told Milo and Tock about how he could spell anything that he was told to spell. The

5: Humbug told his name and his life story. The Humbug told all the places that his family had been to, and the Spelling Bee told Milo not to believe that humbug. The Spelling Bee got mad so he knocked the hat off the Humbug's head. The Humbug grew furious and began to swing his cane back and forth trying to hit the Spelling Bee. Suddenly, the Humbug tripped and fell and knocked over all the stalls, but on the way down he whacked the Spelling Bee and he hit the ground. Milo tripped on some words and landed on the Spelling Bee. Tock was covered in letters and was ringing his alarm Everyone in the market was confused. They were so confused that they were talking all backward instead of forward. The Spelling bee was furious and flew of in a huff. Suddenly from out of no where the whole police force appeared to resolve the matter. Then the shortest policemen Milo had ever seen came and accused everyone in the market place of being guilty. Officer Shrift asked the Humbug to tell him what had happened here in the market place and the he told Officer Shrift that Milo did everything. Milo didn't even get a chance to explain what had happened before Officer Shrift had out him through court, and had sentenced

6: Milo to six million years in the dungeon. As they all walked down to the dungeon, Officer Shrift told them about a horrible witch who was supposed to live in the dungeon. When Milo and Tock sat in their room they looked around and saw a small old lady sitting in the corner of the room. Milo told her about the witch that is supposed to inhabit the dungeon. The old lady told him that she was the witch. Milo jumped back in fright , but the little lady explained herself. She really was not a witch but a which. Before she was put in jail she used to be the Official Which. Her job was to decide which words to use on signs and which words not to use on the signs. As she grew older she liked the words more and more and the more she liked them the more she kept. Finally she was thrown into jail. The only way that she could escape was the return of Rhyme and Reason. The old woman told them her name, which was Faintly Macabre. Then she told the the story of the kingdom of Wisdom. The first people to settle here was a very handsome prince. In this time there were many demons about the land and they had to drive them all further to the other parts of the lands. The prince soon became a King and married. He had two sons. Every year the kingdom would go further out into the wilderness to drive off more demons and create new cities in the kingdom of Wisdom. One year the king told his sons that he was no longer strong enough to complete the journey's any more and this year they would go by themselves. The only problem was that they were constantly nickering. They both went out and

7: established two new cities, Digitopolis and Dictionopolis. Some many years later the king was wishing that the had had at least one girl. One day he was walking in his garden when he found two beautiful girl babies of which he bestowed the names Princess of Sweat Rhyme and Princess of Pure Reason. Many years later the two sons were at a very intense brawl about which were better: words or numbers. Just as the king was about to say words, the sons decided to ask Rhyme and Reason, for many times they had settled an argument between them. After many hard and long days of thinking the princesses finally decided that the two were both equally important. The princes wanting to end the brawl with an answer of the best, banished poor Rhyme and Reason to the Castle in the Air. Milo began to get worried about how long the time in jail would be and the which showed him the way out. Just as he stepped out into broad daylight the five cabinet members snatched him up and took him to the banquet.

9: Part Two

10: The five cabinet members, Milo, and Tock drove up to the castle they noticed that they were considerably late. The people inside were very hungry and wanted to eat. Since Milo was their guest he got to choose the meal. Milo remembered that in order to be polite in some one else's company you needed to eat lightly. The meal was brought out and was beautiful, but not very filling. Then Milo asked for a square meal and they brought out squares, but they were too painful because many people got choked on them. Then they all gave a speech, but when Milo said his he didn't know that he would have to eat his words. The five cabinet members got into a huge fight about whose food was best and the king was furious. He was so mad that he made every one there eat from the half-bakery. This was a bakery that was filled with half-baked ideas. Half baked ideas are those that are not quite thought through enough. Ideas like "THE MOON IS MADE OF GREEN CHEESE" or "THE EARTH IS FLAT". Milo thought that they were very delicious and decided to take his on the road. After the great feast was over every one left to go eat dinner. The king was giving a speech

11: and hoped that no one would notice that every one was gone. The king was crying and Milo asked him a big question. He suggested that some one could bring Rhyme and Reason back to the land. The King at first was very reluctant because the journey was very treacherous. The Humbug was very helpful and told all about the dangers, but he quickly explained that they weren't really dangerous. The king became very convinced that he would let them go and save Rhyme and Reason, but they must first go to Digitopolis and make sure that it was okay with the king of Digitopolis. Milo thought that it was absurd to make him go alone, and the King said that the Humbug should go with them all since he knew the way to the Castle in the Air so well. Milo was very scared, the Humbug was furious with the king, and Tock was very cautious. As Milo, Tock, and the Humbug drove along they came to a forest. As they drove through the thick and perilous forest they finally came to an open clearing. It was a beautiful field with wide grassy expanses. Suddenly, from out of no where they all heard a voice. It told them that it was all in how you looked at things. Milo was confused and the voice told him yet again the same thing. It is all in how you look at things. Then in front of his eyes a small brown pair of shoes appeared. At

12: the top of these shoes was a boy. The boy quickly explained that his name was Alec Bings and he grew from the top down to the ground. Alec was born in a family that every one grew that way and he found it odd that Milo grew from the ground toward the sky. Alec led them and they all got lost. Milo asked directions from The Giant who told him to go to the The Midget who told him to go to The Fat man who told him to go to The Skinny man. Milo found out that they were all the same man and told him that. The man told him that to each person he is a different man and when they come to see him they feel better about themselves. Then Alec told them that it was time to go and he led them a staircase. They all went up the staircase and came to a huge orchestra filled with every instrument known to man. As the orchestra's conductor conducted them they all began to play. As Milo, Tock, the Humbug, and Alec watched they noticed the sky and the whole Earth around them starting to change color. Alec explained that the orchestra would play and that was what changed the times of the day and how the day was what it was. Then the conductor introduced himself to everyone. He told them his name was Master Chroma. Master Chroma told all about how his

13: orchestra. He told them about what would happen if the orchestra didn't play. He demonstrated by telling the orchestra to stop and they all watched as all the color of the world slowly faded. The whole world looked like coloring book that had not been filled in. Master Chroma told him that all through the night, whether he stayed awake or not, the orchestra played, and when it was time for sunrise he would wake up and start conducting them into the sunrise. Chroma finally went off to bed, but he told Milo to be sure and wake him at 5:27 the next morning so that he could be ready for the sunrise. Milo woke up the next morning at exactly 5:27. He was very interested in directing an orchestra and decided that it would be a shame to wake any one, no matter who they are, that early in the morning. Milo decided to conduct the orchestra himself. He figured that the orchestra already knew most of the music already so it would be okay to do it just one time. he started off pretty well, but as he continued things only got worse. By the time that Milo had finally gotten them to stop and had awoken Chroma nearly a whole week had gone by. Chroma was not mad art all, in fact he even told Milo that he might just let him conduct the orchestra again one

14: day. Milo, Tock, and the Humbug said their goodbyes and left on down the road. As they drove they came across a carnival wagon. Milo walked up to it and knocked of the door and a man with huge ears and a small mustache named Dr.Dischord came out. He told them all that they had not enough sound. He tried to make them drink a medicine to fix them, but they down right refused. Dr.Dischord didn't make them take the medicine, instead he gave it to the awful DYNNE. Milo didn't understand who the awful DYNNE was so the doctor explained to him. He told him that the awful DYNNE is the horrible sounds that you make when you are doing something bad. He told the awful DYNNE's life story and then they awful DYNNE had to go to collect sounds. As the group drove along the country they came across the Vally of Sound, but there wasn't any sound to be heard. Milo and Tock and Humbug were all confused and scared until a large group of people came and explained all that had happened to them and all the sound in the Valley. They told them that the sound keeper had taken up all the sounds because people in the Valley weren't listening to them. Then all the people asked Milo if he would go into the fortress and find a very small sound so that they could fire

15: it at the vault of sound and release all of the sounds that were being kept from them. Milo didn't like the idea too much, but he finally told them that he would do it. he walked up tho the castle alone and knocked on the door. The sound keeper told him that he could come on inside. She asked him what he wanted in the castle. She quickly understood what he wanted. She showed him all around the vault. She even showed him how sounds were made. He asked if he could have one as a souvenir and the sound keeper said no. On the way out Milo told her about how he felt about silence yet he still didn't have a sound to take back to the people. Finally he said a short 'but' and before it even left his mouth he had it trapped inside. Then he made it outside before the sound keeper realized what he had done. Once outside he was cheered for and every one was very excited and proud of him. Milo loaded the sound into the cannon and they shot it right at the vault. The vault burst wide open and every sound that had ever been spoken was released into the world. A large pile of debris was the only thing that was left of the vault and sitting in the very middle of it was the sound keeper. Feeling sorry for her, Milo walked over and talked to her and apologized. She told him that it was

16: her fault because she shouldn't have kept all of the sounds from every one else in the Valley. She felt bad because it would take many years to re-collect all of the sounds again. Suddenly, the awful DYNNE showed up with all of the sounds that had escaped. His large sack was full and he gave them all back to the sound keeper because they were not awful enough for him. Milo and Tock and Humbug all left and went on toward the trek to Digitopolis. On the way they saw a small island out in the middle of a lake. They all began to float up into the air and landed on the island. A man came up to them and they asked him where they were. The man would not answer any questions until they answered his first. He described himself to them and Milo came up with an answer. He told the man that he was Canbe. Canbe then answered Milo's question. He told Milo that he was on Conclusions and the reason that he had jumped here. Milo asked Canbe how you got off of Conclusions. Canbe told them that the only way that you can get off of conclusions is to swim. He told him that they wouldn't get wet because most people don't. Milo, Tock, and Humbug all swam back to shore and the only one who didn't

17: get wet was the Humbug. Milo hated Conclusions and decided never to jump to Conclusions ever again.

19: Part Three

20: Milo, Tock, and the Humbug drove up to a sign pointing three different directions all the distance to Digitopolis. Milo was very confused and wondered which road he should take. Out of no where a man called the Dodecahedron. He told them how everything was named and he told them his name. Milo introduced himself and so did all the others. The Dodecahedron wondered why they were named this because where he lived they were all called what they were. Such as if you were a triangle you were called triangle. He gave them a math problem to solve and they thought about it for a long while. Milo was very confused and so was Humbug. As the Dodecahedron explained, Tock was working the problem in this head silently. Finally Tock got the answer and the Dodecahedron explained. Each road was the same distance to Digitopolis and each road would take them the same amount of time to get there. Milo was very disappointed. Then the Dodecahedron turned the sign around and all three roads disappeared. One new road appeared, and they all rode down it toward Digitopolis. When they reached Digitopolis, The Dodecahedron led them into a mine. The Mathemagician told them how numbers worked and how they mined numbers. Then he called

21: a feast. The group was so hungry that when they brought the pot out for them to eat out of the ate and ate and ate and ate and by the time they had finished they were more hungry than they were when they had started. They quickly explained that Subtraction stew makes you hungrier and hungrier and by the time that you are ready for supper you have just filled right back up again. After Milo had finished eating he had a few questions about numbers. He asked the Mathemagician about many numbers. He asked what the number with the greatest value was and the number with the least value. The Mathemagician told him that they would be inside the smallest box in the entire world and inside of it there would many more dimensions. And that box would be at the end of the longest string in the world and you would turn left at it's end. Milo asked if there was a shorter way to get to the infinity and the Mathemagician told him that he could take the stairs. Milo felt very confident and took the stairs all alone. Milo went on and on and on and on until he was very tired, and he decided that there was no infinity and went back down the stairs to the Mathemagician. Milo brought up the question of

22: whether or not to bring Rhyme and Reason back. He asked if his brother had agreed. Milo told him yes and the Mathemagician said that if his brother agreed he would never agree with whatever it was. This made Milo think very hard. He finally came up with a way to trick him into saying yes. He figured it out and tricked the Mathemagician. The Mathemagician was very mad, but he thought that it was a good idea to let them go. The Mathemagician set them on their journey and he gave Milo a magic staff. Not too long after they had been driving they came to a very dirty bird. The bird took everything that they said out of context. Milo got very mad at the bird and told it to go back to where it had come from. This made the bird cry as it flew off. They walked yet a bit further until they came to man. He asked them to do three jobs for them. The jobs were useless, but they didn't know that. They all spent many days working on these jobs. They found this out when Milo used his magic staff to find out how many more days it would take to finish the jobs. They saw that it would take many many years to finish the jobs and so they ran away from the demon. He

23: ran after them, but stopped when he found another job to do. They listened to a voice that called out to them. It told them where to go, but when they listened to it they fell into a hole. The demon was called the incensity demon. Milo was very scared at first, but when he looked closer at it he saw that there was nothing to be afraid of and outsmarted it. As they climbed out of the hole they landed into a big gelatin monsters hand. He was mad because they had woken him from his nap. The monster was going to eat them, but Milo told him that he would use his ideas on him if he didn't put him down. The monster was scared so he put Milo and the rest of them down. The news spread fast throughout the land as all the demons came to protect the land of ignorance. Milo, Tock, and Humbug had to hurry to the Castle in the Air. At the bottom of the staircase that lead to the castle the senses taker took their senses away from them so that they couldn't get to the castle in the air. Only a moment separated demon from Milo, as he leaped up the staircase. They all finally made it up to the Castle in the Air and found Rhyme and Reason. They all talked to Rhyme and

24: Reason and Milo felt a lot better. The demons at the bottom of the stairs chopped off the stairs so that they couldn't get out of the castle.. Tock was brave and carried everyone all the way to the ground. Milo, Tock, and Humbug ran for their lives once they reached the ground. At the last moment right when they were going to give up they made it to the very edge of Ignorance. The friends and all of the wisdom armies came and battled the demons. After the battle every one celebrated Rhyme and Reason and Milo and Tock and The Humbug for all coming back alive. All of the people were very happy to see Milo but, Rhyme and Reason told them that it was time for Milo to go home. He said goodbye to all of his companions and friends and headed home. Milo finally returned home only to find that an hour had passed while the was gone. He went to bed and to school the next morning, but for some reason all he could think about was getting home and taking another trip in the tollbooth. When the bell rang he raced out the door and flew down the street. He ran in the door and in to his room only to find...

25: That the Tollbooth was gone! He was very upset until he realized all that could be done here at home in one hour.

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