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The Phantom Tollbooth

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S: The Phantom Tollbooth

FC: The Phantom Tollbooth By: Kayla Arrowood

1: Table of Contents Part One: Chapter 1-5 Part Two: Chapter 6-13 Part Three: Chapter 14-20

3: Part One

4: Milo is a young boy who thinks everything is a bore. He believes everything is a waste of time. One day when Milo arrives home from school, he finds a mysterious package in his room. As he opens the package, he finds different pieces and parts that look like they could possibly make something. Milo assembled the pieces

5: together, he discovered that he had just built a tollbooth. Milo decides that since he has nothing better to do than, he is going to take a journey to a magical place called Dictionopolis. Milo gets into his car, insets a coin into the tollbooth and begins his journey to Dictionopolis.

6: As Milo was driving along an unfamiliar highway, he soon came upon a sign reading, " Welcome To Expectations." Milo drives a little farther where he sees a house. There outside of the house, he is approached by the Whether Man. The Whether Man tells Milo that there is no wrong way to Dictionopolis.

7: Milo begins traveling along again, and soon stops thinking. As he stops thinking, the color of the land and beautiful trees, disappeared, and his car began traveling at a very slow rate until it finally came to a stop. Milo was in a city called Doldrums. In Doldrums, Milo meets the Lethargarians.

8: The Lethargarians tell Milo all of the rules of Doldrum, and soon tell him about the furious Watchdog. Milo meets the Watchdog, and the Watchdog told him that he was willing to help him arrive in Dictionopolis. The Watchdog tells Milo that in order to escape from Doldrums, he has to begin thinking.

9: As Milo begins to think again, his wheels on the car began turning faster and faster and faster until he was soon away from Doldrums. Now, Milo was back on track and heading toward Dictionopolis. While Milo and the Watchdog are traveling along the road, he tells Milo that his name is Tock. Milo was

10: lost in curiosity because the Watchdog goes tick,tick,tick, and not tock. The Watchdog tells his story about why he was called Tock and not Tick. The reason Tock was called Tock, was because when his brother was born, his parents thought he would go tick,tick,tick, so they names him Tick. But when

11: Tock was born, his parents thought he would go tock,tock,tock, so they decided to name him Tock. After finishing his woeful story, he also tells Milo why time was invented. Milo and Tock finally reached Dictionopolis. They soon were told by the guard that it was market day and

12: were told that they had to either be buying or selling. Milo was trapped in confusion, so he asked the guard why you had to have an excuse. The Guard's reply was, " If you don't have a reason, then you had to have an excuse. Milo and Tock finally came up with an excuse, and were soon in the

13: Market Place of Dictionopolis. After wondering around the market place for awhile, the two friends were joined by the King's five Cabinet Members. The members explained that words grow on trees, and that every word in the world was made in Dictionopolis.

14: The Cabinet members continued explaining about words, and soon invited Milo and Tock to the King's Royal Banquet. In the Market Place, Milo and Tock still continued looking around, and became confused because there were many shoutimg people, and may different word stands.

15: Milo and Tock looked at many different words and letters, and even tasted some. As Milo was tasting letters, he soon met the spelling bee. The spelling bee could spell anything and everything. As the spelling bee began spelling, along came the Humbug. The Humbug was not very nice,

16: and was quite mean. The Humbug introduced himself, and told his life story, and everything there was to know about his family. The spelling bee shouted and told Milo not to believe anything the Humbug said. The Spelling Bee became angry, so he knocked off the Humbug's hat. The Humbug

17: grew furious and began swinging his cane wildly, trying to strike the Spelling Bee. The awful Humbug tripped and fell, causing bookcases and letters to fly wildly across the Market Place. As he plumeted to the floor, Milo tripped and fell on top of the spelling bee. Tock was covered in letters. and

18: his alarm was ringing loudly. After the big fight, everyone was very confused and upset. The Spelling Bee was so upset, he flew off in a hurry. Suddenly, appearing out of nowhere, the whole police force showed up to resolve to conflict that was going on. Arriving at the scene, was

19: the shortest policeman that Milo had ever seen in his life. The officer's name was Officer Shrift. Officer Shrift blamed everyone at the scene for making the big mess. The Officer asked the dishonest Humbug to tell what happened, and he accused Milo for everything. Officer Shrift believed what

20: the Humbug had said, so he told Milo that he was going to be put in a dungeon for 6 million years for his punishment. As they walked down to the dungeon, Officer Shrift explained to them about a horrible with that was believed to have live down in the dungeon.

21: As Milo and Tock looked curiously around the small room, they noticed a small old lady sitting in a corner all alone. Milo started telling the lady about the witch that was suppose to be in the dungeon. To turn out, she was the witch. Milo was so scared, he jumped. But soon he calmed down and let the

22: poor little old lady explain what she had to say. She was not a witch, she was a which. Before the which was sent to the dungeon to stay, she was known as the Official Which. As the Official Which, her job was to decide the different words to use on signs, and words that could not be used on signs. She explained that

23: the only way she will be able to escape, would be if the return of Rhyme and Reason was completed. Before explaining herself, she told Milo and Tock that her name was Faintly Macabre, then she began to tell her story of the Kingdom of Wisdom.

25: Part Two

26: Faintly Macabre tells Milo and Tock the story about Rhyme and Reason. She tells them how Rhyme and Reason became princesses after t he King's rescued them. Rhyme and Reason's brothers however, never came to an agreement about anything, but one day they came to an agreement to send the two

27: girls somewhere where they will not be able to come back. After Faintly's story, she t ells Milo and Tock how to get out of the dungeon. After they escape from the dungeon, they run into the King's Cabinet members, and they reminded them that they had a banquet to attend.

28: As Milo and Tock approach the banquet with the Cabinet members, they meet king Azaz the unabridged. The King was a very large man with a gray beard that reached his waist. Milo mentions numbers in Dictionopolis and soon discovers that King Azaz was one of the selfish brothers of

29: the princesses. They began eating and discovered that the meal was horrible. The King began by asking everyone to say a speech. After everyone's speech, Milo realizes that you have to eat what you say, so Milo had an unpleasant meal. After everyone ate dessert, the King soon

30: realizes that everyone has left, so he wants to pass a law. Curiosity tells Milo that he should bring Rhyme and Reason back, so he tells the King. The King decides to send Milo, Tock, and the Humbug to Digitopolis to ask permission to the King of Digitopolis. As they leave the palace, everyone cheers.

31: As the three explorers travel down the road, hoping to reach Digitopolis they came upon a sign reading " This is the Scenic Route: straight ahead to point of view." Milo is approached about his height, but floats 3 feet into the air, whose name was Alec Bings. Alec explains how he starts in the air and goes

32: to the ground. Alec also explains how he sees and does things, and how he grows. As they explore with Alec, the Humbug begins thinking that they are lost. After asking Alec they still believe they are lost, so they are told to knock on the Giant's door. The Giant tells them to knock on the Midgets door.

33: The Midget tells him to knock on the Fat Man's door and the Thin Man's door. Soon they realize it's the same person. Alec takes the three friends to reality where they see nothing at all because it has all disappeared. As they travel, Alec takes them to see the orchestra. Th orchestra they saw, did not

34: create sound, but created music in the sky. Milo meets the conductor, and he tells Milo to watch the orchestra over night while he sleeps. He tells Milo to awake him at 5:23 A.M. As Tock and the Humbug fall asleep, Milo also falls asleep on the music stand. Instead of waking Chroma

35: up at 5:23, Milo decided to lead the orchestra by himself. Everything was going right at first, until things were changing colors that shouldn't have been there. When Chroma awakes at 5:27, he was pleased. As they left the orchestra, Milo saw a wagon that said" DISCHORD, DOCTOR of Dissonance."

36: Milo and Tock were invited in and realized that the man was a doctor of sound. They also met a DYNNE! The DYNNE tells Milo, that on there journey, they will come upon the Valley of Sound. As Milo, Tock, and the Humbug are traveling on their journey, they come

37: upon a silent valley. If anyone tried to talk, nothing could be heard, so the people had to write on chalk boards. The Townsman tell Milo about the Soundkeeper, so he desides to go visit her. When he arrives, he is told about how sounds are made and what they look like. As he leaves the Soundkeeper,

38: he goes back to Silent Valley to tell what he learned. As he arrives back into town, they have a cannon so he can say his words, and all words will be released. Milo suddenly sees the soundkeeper sitting to the side crying because there was no way they could catch all of the words again.

39: After they leave, they arrive at conclusions, where they meet a confused man named Canby. They do not stay very long, and soon swim out of conclusions to the path leading to Digitopolis.

41: Part Three

42: On the road to Digitopolis, they run across the Dodecahedron, a 12 faced figure. The Dodecahedron has many expressions. It leads Milo, Tock, and the Humbug into a mine where they dig up numbers. In the Mine, they meet the mathmagician.

43: He tells them about the smallest number and the largest number. Since King Azaz is his brother, Milo must get the Mathmagician's approval to free Rhyme and Reason. The Mathmagician offers Milo, Tock, and the Humbug something to eat before their journey.

44: The three explorers keep getting more and more and more food. By the time they were finished, they were hungrier than they were before. The Mathmagician shows Milo and his friends more numbers, and different equations. The Magician told them that the smallest number

45: was kept in multiple drawers. He said the only way to get to it was to climb the stairs. As Milo climber the stairs, he came upon a boy who was .58 of a normal person. The boy tells Milo about the percentage of what an average person is, and about decimals.

46: Milo returns to the cavern and begins telling the Mathmagician about King Azaz. The Magician does not like the conversation because he believes numbers are more important than letters. The Magician then agrees to free Rhyme and Reason, so he leads Milo, Tock, and the Humbug on their way.

47: He tells Milo that he has to tell him something, but only when he returns. Along the way, they meet a very Dirty Bird that is quite confusing. Milo says they are looking for a place to sleep and the bird begins confusing them. After they escape from the bird, they come upon a

48: man leaning against a tree. He ask them to do so errands for him, with very small tools. The crew worked hour after hour, after hour, after hour, and still hardly anything was completed. As they worked, Milo uses a special tool that the Magician gave him to calculate

49: how many hours it would take to complete the task. It would take 837 years each for them to finish. As they were working they heard a voice that was telling them to run and escape. As they escaped, they fell into a deep hole. In the hole, they could see a small creature who was a demon

50: that you could not trust. When they finally got out of the hole, they landed in a huge Giant's hand. The Giant looked like a mountain, so that he could blend in with the things around him. He was a fearful Demon who threated to eat them. They escaped before the demon could start chasing them to

51: the Castle in the Air to rescue Rhyme and Reason. As they climbed higher and higher in search of the mountain, they came upon a man with a notebook and ink plastered all over him. He began asking there name, then started asking very unusual questions. The Demons began catching up

52: because it took so much time to answer all of the man's questions. They ran up the stairs in search of Rhyme and Reason. They found them right before the castle began to collapse. Rhyme and Reason helped them escape by leading the way through the sky.

53: As they rode along, Demons and Giants were approaching from every side and angle. The Demons escaped and ran away when they saw the Wisdom of Armies. The trumpets sounded and the Demons ran and never came back. When Milo, Tock, and the Humbug arrived back, they

54: were honored at a ceremony. The Magician was at the arrival and told Milo that what he wanted to tell him was that the trip was impossible to complete. Milo said his good-byes to everyone and was thinking that his parent's must be worried because he had been gone for so long.

55: So Milo left, and headed back home. When Milo arrived home, he discovered in amazement that he had only been gone for an hour! Milo was very tired so he went to bed. The next day at the end of class, he rushed home to see if he could take another trip on the tollbooth.

56: Milo couldn't because there was a letter left for him saying that other children needed to use it too!

57: The End!!!

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