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The Salad

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BC: Plot chart Exposition- The Young girls house and the farmers house. Rising Action- The young man came back after being left on a mountain. Climax- The young lady getting turned into a donkey. Falling action- The man turns the young lady human again. Resolution- The man and the young lady get married.

FC: The salad | by Stephanie Durbin

1: "Mother we have become quite poor " I said one day. "Yes dear I know, but one day being a witch will pay off." "If you say so Mama" I replied "but we need money know we are running out of food." "Shhhhhhhhhhhh" she said "pipe down." "But Mama." "Shut it" she said "look out the window that man has a birds heart!"

3: "Ewwwww thats so gross" "Yes but its magic it brings him a piece of gold every morning" Mother said. "You will steal it from him and give it to me." "Ewwwwww, i dont wanna touch it." "Do has I say" She said. Then she invited the young man in.

5: We sat and talked the rest of the night. When I was sure he was a sleep, I crept into his room. Slowly I removed the birds heart from beneath his pillow. "Got it" i thought "time to get out of her." "Mother" I said softly "Mama Wake up, I got it."

6: She opened her eyes and sat up. "Good girl" she said "give it to me." Slowly i opened my hand and revealed the birds heart. Mother Snatched it so fast I though i dropped it. She placed it under her pillow and went back to sleep.

7: The next morning she showed me the gold piece the bird heart had left. "The young man also has a wishing cloak" mother said "you shall steal that to." "But Mama" "No buts now go!" "Yes Mama" I replied.

8: I sat in front of the window staring at the beautiful blue mountains that where just out of reach. "Whats wrong" asked the boy "you seem sad." remembering what mother said i replied

10: "I wish to visit the mountains but they're so far a way that I cant." "I'll take you " The young man said . Slowly and gently he wrapped the cloak around me. In a flash we were standing on the mountain.

11: We sat and talked for hours. I started to notice that he was falling asleep so I sang a quite lullaby. Finally he fell asleep. Slowly and gently i got the cloak of him and wished myself home. When i got home i threw the cloak at

13: Mother. "Heres your cloak" I half screamed half cried "hope your happy now!" I ran up to my room crying. A week passed and there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it" i said. I opened the door and was met by a young man. "Yes" I said "can i help you?" "Could I trouble you for a place to stay for a few days?"

15: "I am to bring these two cabbages to the king" he said "but I am tired and cant walk much longer." "Sure come on in" I say. I showed him to the quest room and he quickly fell asleep. The next morning he asked my mother and I if i would like to try the lettuce he had.

16: "It's the best in the world" he said. "Why we would be honored to" Mother said "I'll make into a salad." "Wonderful" he said. While we waited I talked to with him. "Have we met before " I asked "you seem familiar." He didn't answer "Whats taking

17: Mother so long" I thought aloud. "I'll go check" he said. He came back with the salad and offered me some. I felt my body change and realized I had turned into a donkey. I suddenly realized who the man was. It was the man from before whom I

19: I had left on the mountain. He payed one of our Neighbors, a farmer, to take care of me. Over the next week or so my health declined the farmer had not been feeding me. Several days later the young man returned. He took me back from the farmer who had neglected my

20: my health. When he had taken me back to my house, he placed a salad in front of me. Remembering what had happened last time I ate that salad I was weary. I was so hungry though I decided to eat it any way. I felt my body change and realized I was back to normal

22: I started to cry and screamed "You turned me into a donkey" I yelled. "Well you left me on a mountain" he replied "remember?" "Mother made me" I screamed "I'm not that evil!" "I'm sorry" he replied "but these days all I have been thinking only about you."

23: "I mean I turned you back didn't I?" I thought about this and realized I had though about him since the day I met him. "So you mean to say you love me right" I asked. "Well" he said I yeah I do" "Thats good" I said "Because I love you to." "Will you marry me" he asked. "Yes but" "But

24: what" he said. "You better get me a really big diamond ring to make up for the crap I went through at that farmers house. He smiled and sighed "Course my dear." The next week we were married and lived happily ever after. THE END.

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