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The Scarlet Letter Soundtrack

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S: The Scarlet Letter Soundtrack

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FC: The Scarlet Letter Soundtrack | The Scarlet Letter Soundtrack | Sarah Huffman Destiny Dawson

1: Soundtrack Contents Characters: Pearl: Born This Way Hester: Proud Mary Dimmsdale: Let The Guilt Go Scenes: Prison scene: Headlines Scaffold scene:Smokahontas Theme: Sin: Heaven Help Us

2: “In the religion of the insecure I must be myself, respect my youth” "Cause God makes no mistakes I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way" "Don't hide yourself in regret Just love yourself and you're set" | Born this way- Lady Gaga | P e a r l | Full Lyrics: http://www.elyrics.net/read/l/lady-gaga-lyrics/born-this-way-lyrics.html

3: Pearl was born from sin. Her mother Hester involved herself in adultery with another man while married to Roger Chillingworth. Pearl was "Born this way" as it says in the song title. She was forced to grow up in a world that criticized her every move, thought ,and feeling. As Pearl aged, she was confronted with criticism, hate, and judgment. She never "hid [herself] in regret", Pearl just lived and loved life as her mother did everyday. In the puritan beliefs, adultery is a sin. In the lyric "Cause God makes no mistakes/ I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way" it describes how Pearl and Hester thought. To Hester Pearl was no mistake, she was her daughter and she loved her. This quote explains the great love and importance of her daughter Pearl, "But she named the infant Pearl, as being of great price,-purchased with all she had,- her mother's only treasure!"(Page 59, Chapter 6). Society could not grasp the concept of Pearl being born of sin.

4: H e s t e r | Proud Mary- Tina Turner | “ I never lost one minute of sleeping Worrying 'bout the way things might have been” | "Big wheel keep on turning Proud mary keep on burning And we're rolling, rolling Rolling on the river" | Full lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/t/tina+turner/proud+mary_20137717.html

5: In the novel, Hester has to overcome some of the worst situations a woman could ever face. She has been abandoned by her husband for two years, she has no evidence whether he is still alive or not. What was she to do? Wait? Or keep on living? She falls deeply in love with Dimmsdale, and they conceive a child together. Though a sin, she is not ashamed. She is then marked as an adulteress, a burden to her community. Her towns people outrage that " This woman has brought shame upon us all, and ought to die".( Page 34-35, Chapter 2) They are ashamed and burdened by her. But she stays strong and holds her head up high with a child slumbering in her arms. As the lyrics quotes " Big wheel keep on turning/ Proud Mary keep on burning/ And we're rolling, rolling/ Rolling on the river" Hester never ceases, she takes the humiliation with pride and dignity. "I never lost one minute of sleeping worrying 'bout the way ting might have been" explains how she never turned to look back or think how matters could have been better if she had waited. Hester is in essence a "Proud Mary", fighting and striving for what she loved,and believed in no matter the cost she still stood strong.

6: D i m m s d a l e | Let The Guilt Go- Korn | "All the lying and cheating will surely bite you Dishonesty tears you apart and will eat you" | "All the anger, the pain and the suffering, and the shame And the voices in your brain will really haunt you" | "Now we waste our lives away Letting guilt lead the way" | Full lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/korn/lettheguiltgo.html

7: Dimmsdale is a reserved preacher in the puritan town, religious and truthful as he seems, within him lies a dark secret. This secret could potentially ruin his holy image as it stands. This dark secret reveals that he is Pearl's father, he had conceived a child with the Adulteress, Hester. As the lyric quotes "All the lying and cheating will surely bite you/ Dishonesty tears you apart and will eat you" Dimmsdale keeps this secret to himself, it eats him away like maggots to a dying carcass. "The minister, conscious that he was dying,-conscious, also, that the reverence of the multitude placed him already among the saints and angels.." (Page 175, Chapter 24). He starts to go mad, he secludes himself from everyone and everything. "Now we waste our lives away/ Letting guilt lead the way" explains how he lets the guilt take over his life, mind, and thoughts. "All the anger, the pain, the suffering, and the shame/ And the voices in your brain will really haunt you" give a sense of how Dimmsdale was trapped until he couldn't take the burden of this guilt, which ultimately lead to his death.

8: "Started not to give a f*** and stopped fearing the consequence" | "Faded way too long I'm floating in and out of consciousness"

9: Prison Scene Headlines- Drake In this scene Hester holds her head up high. She never lets anyone make her depressed about her decision. While walking out the crowd was whispering and judging her by her "mistake". Hester held her head up high like it did not bother her. Nevertheless Hester did not care what they thought or felt about her. Hester was always Joyful she wanted to stay that way she never let anyone bring her down. In the scene Hester is wearing a letter A on her clothes. This A represents adultery. She made the letter A by herself. The A was very glamorous the Puritans thought it should not be that exquisite.Hester even held her baby pearl in her hands walking to the scaffold and walking out of the jail. While she was walking out of jail people were saying "Mercy on us, good wife" (Chp. 2)

10: S c a f f o l d S c e n e | Smokahontas- Attack Attack | "I'm pathetic and lost They are so separating I am no longer in control You are upon me" | "What is this life void of love? It's not a life at all Can you feel your heart as it hits the ground?" | "Show me the way, allow me see cause my heart is broken Be my escape, allow me to hear with a word unspoken Oh, let me feel this love again let me feel this love again Oh, I am separated from the one I was made to love"

11: Hester had Pearl in her hands walking to the scaffold. Hester got up on the scaffold with her husband "Chilling worth" standing right there in front of her. The man she has not seen in 7 years. Now knows she cheated on him with another mysterious man. Hester still held her head up high. Everyone was standing around starring at her. No one knows who Hester had a kid with yet. Neither would Hester tell she always kept it a secret even if some one threatened her. Hester was not the only one with a secret in this scene. "Chilling worth" also had a secret he was hiding the fact that he was her husband. According to every one in the crowd he was a new doctor. No one knew who he was, No one even had a clue except Hester. Everyone had a secret at this point in the story. "It was, in short, the platform of the pillory; and above it rose the framework of that instrument of discipline, so fashioned as to confine the human head in its tight grasp, and thus hold it up to the public gaze."

12: Sin | "Make your choice They say you've been pleading Someone save us" | "And would you pray for me? (You don't know a thing about my sins How the misery begins) Or make a saint of me?" | "Heaven help us"- My Chemical Romance

13: Sin In " The Scarlet Letter" Everyone sins. No one in this book is a clean person. Even the priest he slept with Hester. Chillingworth lies to everybody in the town no one knows who he really is. Hester sleeps with someone who is not her husband. Pearl is just the sin all around. She did not have anything to do with it but everyone in town knew her as a sin because her mother should not have had her with another man.No one in the town really knows about Dimmsdale (priest), They all thing he is the best thing that happened to Hester. Every one thought Hester should be punished but they never had a chance to punish him. Dimmsdale died before anyone could decide. In this book all these people lie and sin. That is why I chose sin for my theme.

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