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The seance

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FC: The séance by: Joan Lowery Nixon

1: This journal is dedicated to Aunt Mel

2: Dear journal, I saw Sara sneaking in the house, really late last night, again. I don’t mean to be spying, not at all, I’m just curious. Who was she out with? Jep? Casey? Some older man? It makes me wonder. They clearly only like her because her shirt is three times too small for her body., So why do I stay up? Why do I care? Not because I want to be like her, because I want someone in my life. I won’t juggle guys around and treat them like stepped on gum. I just want someone there for me, and I’m jealous that she has that and I don’t.

3: Dear journal, Sara and I fought today, she brought up my parents. How they were never there for me. She talked about all the things she did with her parents that I never got to do with mine. I mentioned something about Jep at dinner. That’s how it all started, she lied to aunt Mel, she said she was at school I saw Jep pick her up. She told me that she knew I see her sneaking in and out of the house, and if I slip up to Aunt Mel like that again something bad was going to happen. What was she going to do kill me? She doesn’t scare me, no matter how hard she tries to be better than me. I can tell she’s dying in side, because a fake smile can only cover so much.

4: Dear journal, I’m going to this séance tonight, who knows what’s going to happen, then again who cares. Ally dragged me along. Sara’s going to be there though; maybe she’s trying to get more friends than all the guys that drool over her at school. Personally I don’t really believe in this whole supernatural phenomenon. Roberta can apparently talk to “ghost” she’s just new and is attempting to score some friends. Just for some strange reason I have a feeling something bad is going to happen tonight, hopefully not to me.

5: Dear journal, I take back all of the bad things I have ever said about Sara, not because we made a truce, because she’s missing. She went missing at the séance and I have no idea what happened. No one of us do, at least I hope so. I know I may have said a lot of bad things about Sara in the past, but no matter how much bad stuff I did say about her. I still do care, no matter how much we didn’t get along. It happened as fast as the flash on a camera, the lights went out. She just was gone but the wired thing is all the doors were locked, and everything. So how’d she do it?

6: Dear Journal, “All that live must die, passing through nature to eternity” – William Shakespeare Everyone is asking me questions, I’ve gotten more attention then I think that I ever have in my whole life. That’s because of Sara’s death, all I ever wanted was attention, and now that I have it, I hate it. I hate constant questioning, I don’t know what happened with Sara, so people should STOP asking me. WE hated each other, why would she tell me anything? We didn’t talk at all, but no one in town knew that. So I guess they have the right to ask, but its just flat out annoying.

7: Dear Journal, Murder is always a mistake. One should never do anything that one cannot talk about after dinner. – Oscar Wilde Today at the store I was talking to Jep, and then Sherriff Norvel ran in and said they found Sara. I was reveled for a second thinking she was alive, but then I died inside, she’d been murdered. Everyone knew something was strange, it wasn’t just like she ran off never to be found again, people had hope to find her. They did find her sure enough but it was dead, not alive. The drama is stirring in this little down bigger than ever before, it’s also stringing in my head because I’ve never had to face something like

8: Dear Journal, Her funeral is today, I hope this is closure for me, because I want to get all of this stuff out of my head. Her mom Came a couple days ago, I see where Sara gets her looks from her mom is beautiful. I can also see where she gets her dressing habits, her moms skirt barley covered her butt, and she had on the lowest cut shirt I’ve seen in my whole life. I felt bad, she had a good heart, she didn’t give sara away because she wanted to party. She gave her away because she wanted her to have a good life, not living of the little bit of money her mom makes.

9: Dear Journal, Why does this keep happening to me? We live in a small town, were everybody knows everybody. So it makes me wonder how there can be yet another murder, she’s dead. No not Sara, Roberta. A man just passing through the town thought he saw something on his way through the thicket, he found something mortifying. A high school girl, face first inot a body of freezing cold water. It had to be the same person that killed Sara! But who? There are plenty of weird people in this town, but I thought I could trust them. Whoever killed Sara and Roberta, there evil anyone that can KILL innocent girls are evil. I hope we find the person that killed the girls, but most of all I hope that I’m not close to them.

10: Dear Journal, I never really came out and said it before but I’ve always known it. I have a huge crush on Casey, and he’s actually talking to me. We are having long conversations and not just about Sara, about everything. I never really thought that I wanted to go to college but Casey makes me want to, He gives me the boost that I always needed. Who wants to be stuck in this small town, with the daily reminder of what happened, how TWO people that you were close too died? I just can’t have that on my mind all the time, if I want something I need to get up and do it, Casey taught me that. He just left; we were talking for at least an hour. I hear something strange coming from the living room, I’m scared!

11: Dear Journal, If you’re going to be two faced at least make one of them pretty – Marilyn Monroe That wasn’t the case with Ila Hughes, she may come off nice but she is two faced. Both of her faces are ugly and that’s because one of those faces is a face of a murder. She killed two high school girl for the sake of Casey, Sara and Casey where going to run off but she killed her before that could happen, she killed Roberta for no reason, but me. I was too strong for her, she tried to kill me but she didn’t, I just got shot in the leg, but she has to spend the rest of her life in a mental institute. As far as Casey goes, he’s heading off to college and I’m going with him. Were leaving this small town, all I have let to say in this journal is rest in peace Sara and Robert.

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