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The Snake Chronicles

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S: The Snake Chronicles Book 1 The wave

FC: The Snake Chronicles Book 1 The Wave By Jason Williams

1: The Snake Chronicles Book one The Wave

2: Character Pages

3: Jeremy

4: Viper

5: Leo

6: Sarah

7: Map

8: Chapter 1 The Rock

9: Jeremy don`t forget your lunch. Ok mom. Jeremy was walking to school when he saw his friend Viper then she said hey Jeremy I found two more people to join are group their names are Leo and Sarah. Awesome Jeremy said back hey when you see them tell them to go to the park ok meet you at school Viper yelled slithering faster than ever

10: before.After school they all met and introduced one another they became great friends.Three years Later. Jeremy can you come out no i`m taking care of my little brother just leave him here for a few minutes uh ok. so lets get to the park Leo`s got to show us something said Viper they finally got to the Park with the others Leo had a drape

11: over something, right then he took it off and their was a projector he said i have something cool to show you. he also had a electric generator to plug it into then out of nowhere the light shone and it looked like a life like meteor was falling out the sky and Viper,Sarah,and Jeremy said cool then .Leo turned around and saw what they

12: were calling awesome immediately he said thats not the but it was to late it landed right in front of them they stumbled back woozily and looked at the half meteor something white ,blue,red,and yellow glowed inside the light slowly lifted and shot towards them on Leo was a blue circle on his tail, on Jeremy there was a white oval,on Viper

13: their was a red octagon on her head band and her tail,on Sarah there was a yellow square on her hair and tail also. Whoa i feel different and stronger I think it`s these colored crystal feeling shapes that are making us feel this way Sarah said. Well it`s a good feeling for me said Jeremy looking up in the sky, wait are those other

14: four coming from the projector. Hey let us see said Sarah and Viper who were now looking up. Awesome they all yelled then Leo looked at what they were calling awesome immediately he said that`s not but it was to late. The first one landed right in front of them after that they all started slithering trying to get away.

15: After all of the meteors had fallen they took a look there were four giant machines one was white, one was blue, one was red, and one was yellow hey look said Leo and Viper on the sides of the machines the red one said Tyranno Shield Liger, the yellow one said Snake Liger, the blue one said Tricera Shield Liger.And the white one said Triassic

16: Shield Liger then they all said these must be what they are called. Wait do you feel that Sarah said what Jeremy said then the ground rumbled and the machines plumaged through the ground being covered by dirt and then the soil fixed it`s self. Wait! i have to get back to my brother checking his belly watch he slithered away it was midnight and

17: he gonna be in trouble later at the park Viper left and Sarah helped Leo carry his stuff home.

18: Chapter 2 The Missing Familys

19: Jeremy why didn`t you come to school to day asked Viper read this said Jeremy "if you want your brother and parents back meet me at growl gristle cove in 7 days or they die and also bring the crystals to me for the trade" a couple hours later ok I say lets take this guy on plus we would have the advantage we have more strength and may have

20: super powers and we have those machines to rely on but how are we going to dig them up said Jeremy we don't said Sarah. The crystals may be the answer maybe we could call upon them so were going to go. yes. lets go pack and then meet back here in 30 minutes said Leo ok lets do this 30 minutes later Jeremy we got the same note at our

21: also said Sarah,Viper,and Leo except it said to tell your friend to go to the beach and you also as well it said six days so one days up Sarah said. Well lets go its a 5 day trip and we might run into traps and I don't want to be late and if the person knows about the crystals he might have super powers too and might have minions to slow us

22: down. I brought two maps one is regular the other one i wrote were we had to go in numbered order theres 6 numbered and there the quickest way to our family's. First stop Nagi Forest and they slithered away. On the way Sarah felt that someone was watching them, then the feeling went away but she still was cautious now they

23: were at the edge of Nagi Forest when they heard something in the bushes but it turn to be a snurle (a mix between a snake and a squirle). well the found a lake half way in Nagi Forest they tried to find a way past it with out having to go through the water but they knew that was the only so they slowly started toward the lake when a crocodile

24: wearing armor came out of the water and shot a blast of lightning at all of them then the crystals shot out beams of light and sucked the energy of the blast right into them and they all felt more powerful than ever before Jeremy said I`ll handle this and touched the crystal on his head and yelled fly and then yelled heat blast and a stream of

25: fire blasted from his mouth and broke the armor on the crocodile then the crocodile opened its mouth to spit a water ball at Jeremy right when the crocodile opened its mouth Jeremy open his mouth and yelled poison spit and spit a huge wad of poison in the crocodiles mouth it swallowed it then it gaged and disintegrated

26: then Leo,Sarah,and Viper all said awesome whens my turn then Jeremy said hey we`ll take turns Leo next Sarah you after and Viper you last ok lets go we`ve got to get to shonka passage to camp and in a flash they were of slithering again and made it to shonka passage and after they set up camp they went to the center and Jeremy said put your

27: hands in they all did then said focus on the energy of your crystal every time it absorbs energy it gets stronger now think about a barrier around the camp ooommmppphhh now open your eyes whoa a barrier now think of a warm fire,tent,and a roasted chicken on a plate with forks and knifes for your selfs ooommmppphhh awesome eat and go to

28: sleep because at any minute we could be attacked just like with the crocodile just in case im putting my own little barrier just encase if the other one broke he took his stuff went in his tent and put up a barrier

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