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the story of Galileo Galilie / jazmine pierce

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FC: Galileo Galilei by:jazmine

1: Galileo Galili By:Jazmine pierce

2: "Galileo stop correcting me i know what i am talking about" the teacher would yell. "no you don't" Galileo would yell back. "Do we have to go through this everyday" she would say in a slight whisper. Galileo would hear her and he replied "no if you would get the facts rite then we wouldn't have to do this" the teacher rubbed in between her eye brows as a measure of frustration. "Galileo you are seven you dont know everything" "YOU JUST WAIT ILL BE THE GREATIST PHILOSOPHER EVER SINCE WE DISCOVERD GEOCENTRIC THEROY AND HELIOCENTRIC THEROY YOU WILL ALL SEE." he yelled as loud as he could.

3: Galileo continued to argue with all of his teachers until he got to college when the teachers would kick him out of class and wouldn't let him back in until a week later he learned his lesson the firs time.

4: Galileo was amazed with science and space. one he learned how to use the scientific method he could not stop experimenting. not all of his experiments went so well.

5: Galileo continued his life with his fascination with planets stars and science. after discovering that a dutch man had invented what we now call a telescope which magnifies thing far away. Galileo was immediately interested. "something to see the stars with he thought."

6: "i shall go to the salon tomorrow and ask if any one knows of this inventor"he thought. Galileo was so excited to go to the salon he could not sleep.

7: at the next salon he asked every one about this inventor and no one knew who he was. he had asked the men talking about the enlightenment and one of the know it all men not even he knew, he had also asked Montesquieu ,and even a man named Issac newton. none of them knew he was so disappointed.

8: As he was walking down the street on his way home he over heard two men talking about this new invention. Galileo ran over to the "where is the man responisable for this invention" he asked. "a street down in the blue house i would be carefully though he dose not like strangers he dose not take to kindly to them" the man warned . "THANK YOU SO MUCH HE YELLED"

9: At first Galileo was excited but then as he was about half way there he got a little frighted "be careful he doesn't take well to strangers" the mans voice played over and over in his head.

10: finally he was on the street he needed to be he looked for a blue house ah there it is the second house to the left. he went up to the door "all u have to do is knock and ask" he said to him self. he knocked on the door once no answer he did it again still no answer. one more time and it worked a large tan man came to the door. Galileo told him very nervously "do you have the new seeing invention."

11: "ha is that what you are here about come in come in.' Galileo stepped in the mans house smelled like fresh tea had just been made. it smelled like his child hood home in Italy. "would you like some tea mr... ughh what is your name?" "Galileo" he replied

12: "oh well would you like some tea?" he asked Galileo noded his head up and down as to say yes. "about your new invention is it for sale?" he bravely asked. "yes for the highest bid" his anwser was not what Galileo had expected. "whatever the highest bid is i will out bid it"he replied

13: the tan man gave Galileo a funny look then said "ok if you can out bid them it is yours but if you cant it go's to them." Galileo bidid as much money as he could give . "all right its all yours he" said to his bid.

14: Galileo was so excited he allmost jumped out of his skin. "ill cary it down stairs but you have to carry it the rest of the way." "no problem my house is just on the next street" Galileo said the man went up stairs to get the telescope. when the man returend with the telescope. Galileo asked the question that was on his mind the second he saw his new telescope. "what did you do to make it."

15: i just used the scientific method i knew something like this would come in handy you know because i think we are going through a scientific revolution." Galileo was to excited to ask anymore questions. he ran home as quick as he could holding the telescope in his hands it was about the size of him but he didnt care getting home was the only thing he cared about.

16: as soon as Galileo had got home he set up the telescope lucky it was a completely clear night. when he looked through the telescope he was astonished at what he had seen. the moon was rough and uneven Jupiter has four moons the sun has dark spots. his whole life he had been taught different .

17: In1610 Galileo had written stary message in which he described his discovery. soon after the church hade put there opinions into it. the church did not like his discovery becouse they went agenst church teaching and authority.

18: the church knew they had to do something about it and soon. in 1616 the catholic church warned Galileo not to defend his discovery , Galileo remained publicly silent after that but never stopped his studies.

19: then in 1632 he published the dialogue concerning the two chief world systems.which clearly pointed out his observations in space. soon after the pope angrily summoned Galileo to Rome to stand trial before the inquisition.

20: Galileo stood before court a year later. Galileo was scared the pope was a very powerful man any smart man would only agree with him. and so he did Galileo. Galileo agrees that his observations were false.

21: soon after the hearing Galileo was under house arrest and there he stayed for the rest of his life. the end

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