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The Sun God

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S: The Sun God

FC: The Sun God

1: Long, long ago in the Island of Kithara there was cruel old King named Argus. Argus didn’t care about his people and never paid attention to their demands and had them working for him all the time. Argus did not make friends with any of the surrounding Islands and refused to do anything with them, not even communicate or trade. Doing this, the surrounding Islands made enemy of Kithara and avoided them at all time. There was no bright future for the island, as Argus’s son Basil was just as cruel as Argus and would secede to him as King. Argus also had a daughter named Helen who was not like Argus and cared about the people of the island

2: At the time, Kithara was very much in dept and didn’t know what to do since the King refused to trade with anybody. All The people outside the castle walls hated their life and their king very much having to protect their Island all of the time and paying high taxes. The people needed a knew king and hoped there could be a good king in Kithara, even though they knew Basil would secede to Argus as King. They still had their hopes for a better life and King no matter what happened to them.

3: Mean while in Olympus the gods and goddesses took notice in what was happening in Kithara and wanted to take pity on the people of the Island. To help, the gods sent a baby boy to Helen and gave him special talents for him to become a great hero

4: When Helen recieved the baby from Hermes (the god of messengers), she was overjoyed with happiness and could not wait to raise and take care of her baby boy. Helen decided to name her baby boy Apollo, meaning the sun in Greek.

5: Sixteen years later… Not much had changed in Kithara other then Basil being the King and having a son named Gus. Gus was a year older then Apollo who was sixteen. The two had created a rivalry of each other and were both trained by Chiron the old Centaur. Gus was like Basil; Strong and Smart but not brave and hardworking like Apollo was. They both wanted to secede to Basil as King, even though Gus had already won the spot being Basil’s son and Basil not liking Helen or Apollo. It’s just not fair thought Apollo “I deserve that spot more than he does and he gets it because he is the Kings son.”

6: Because Apollo would not become King of Kithara, Helen became very mad at Basil and there became a civil war on the Island. The people wanted Apollo and the Kings court wanted Gus. In the big picture that wasn’t as big of a problem because Kithara was still doing horribly economically and were being attacked more frequently know.

7: Since Basil was very lazy and did nothing about the attacks or the economic problem, someone needed to take control. So Apollo took his chance and went to the Kings court. Since Apollo wanted to gain respect from the Kings court, he thought he should do something brave and noble to impress. So he asked, “Dear King Basil, May I lead your army to the island of Mykonos and lead them to victory in combat as they have attempted to attack us quite a few times.” King Basil knew he should let Apollo go but he didn’t want to insult Gus who was eager for a mission himself. At the end he let Gus go to Mykonos and win the battle which he knew would no easy task as they were fairly good warriors. Apollo was so disgusted with Basil he almost went on a rampage and almost killed him.

8: A month later Gus and the Kitharans were at battle with Mykonos. Apollo grew violently angry and after each day became even angrier. Then one day a messenger came to Kithara telling Basil that his army was being depleted and called for help. So finally Basil had no other choice and sent Apollo with 25 other men to help. A couple weeks later when Apollo and the other men arrived, both sides were doing terribly. When Gus saw Apollo there when he came he was furious. But before they got to each other, the general commanded that the men must get ready for battle.

9: When the sides got to the battle field it was blazing hot and men were fainting here and there. After a couple hours of fighting the battle still hadn’t been decided yet. As the temperature grew hotter and hotter as the battle went on. All of the men were getting tired and weak except Apollo who seemed to be strengthened by the hot sun, as he fought harder and braver than the rest. Kithara was out numbered two to one, kept on fighting bravely. Apollo was taking men down three at a time and had won the battle for Kithara with his courage.

10: Apollo went on to be one of the greatest warriors of all time, as he did things no other man has done or accomplished. He was feared by all and even the gods themselves were very impressed with Apollo’s sun powers. He even eventually became the rightful King of Kithara and had a queen named Zo. All of the people of Kithara and even the people of the other islands all respected Apollo and his family. Since the gods were so impressed by Apollo they made him the god of the sun and gave him his own throne on Mount Olympus. When Apollo died and became a god, his son Hector became King and the people of Kithara lived happily ever after.

11: The End

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