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The Turkey Who Saved His Speices

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S: The Turkey Who Saved His Species Lacey Wetzel 2010

FC: The Turkey Who Saved His Species | weaver publishing | Lacey Wetzel

1: The Turkey Who Saved His Species | 2010 | Author: Lacey Wetzel | Illustrator: Lacey Wetzel

3: dedication I would like to dedicate this book to my grandma and grandpa. Every year they cook for tons of people from the family. Driving over the mountain for Thanksgiving every year to see them and the rest of the family makes the holiday worth celebrating.

4: It was Thanksgiving Day and all of the families on the block were buying their turkeys and hanging their decorations. “Mary, are you excited that the whole family is coming over to celebrate thanksgiving?” asked Mary’s mom. “I sure am!” replied Mary.

6: While Mary’s mom was hanging the decorations and her dad was cooking the turkey and the sides that go with it, Mary was playing outside and waiting for her cousins to arrive. Mary decides to play on the miniature playground that her dad had built for her before she was born. Mary was swinging on a swing when a turkey walks up to her very shyly and said “Excuse me, but, are you Mary?”

8: “Turkeys can talk?” asked Mary in amazement. “Only my family can,” said the turkey, “but I must know for a fact that you are Mary.” “Yes I am Mary,” said Mary, still in shock that a turkey was talking to her and that she was talking to a turkey.

10: “Good morning Mary, my name is Mr. gobbles. My family has sent me here to talk to you about eating my family for a certain time in the year, it should be coming up so..."“you mean thanksgiving?” Mary asked cutting off Mr. Gobbles. “Yes, that's it, thanksgiving!” shouted Mr. Gobbles. “That's today. My daddy is making the turkey and my mommy is hanging the decorations,” said Mary. “Yes, about that, I want to ask you to not eat turkey for Thanksgiving anymore,” said Mr. Gobbles. “But why, it's tradition to eat turkey on Thanksgiving,” said Mary. “I am aware of that, but the holiday of Thanksgiving is putting the turkeys on the path of extinction,” explained Mr. Gobble.

11: “So, because humans are always eating turkey around this time of year, soon there won't be any more turkeys?” questioned Mary. “That's correct,” answered Mr. Gobbles. “Maybe I can do something about that, but it might not make a big difference because I am just a little kid,” said Mary. “Yes you are just a little kid, but your opinion means the world to your parents. They will listen to you, because they respect you. They don't even know I exist, or that turkeys have feelings,” said Mr. Gobbles. “Okay, you wait here and I will try to talk dad out of eating turkey from now on.” “Okay, meet me back at the playground,” said Mr. Gobbles. Mary headed back to the house to see what her parents were up to.

12: Mary spots her mom tending to her baby brother, when she turns around to find a voice calling her name. It was her father asking her to help him out with the turkey. Mary walked over to her dad and asked him how she could help. “You can go inside and ask your mother for the tongs for the turkey pot,” said her dad. “Ok dad, be right back,” said Mary. Mary walks into the house and asked her mom for the tongs.

14: Her mom sets her little brother down. She takes the tongs out of the drawer and hands them to Mary. “Thanks mom,” said Mary as she scampered of to her dad.

16: When she reached her dad she handed him the tongs. Mary’s dad thanked Mary for fetching the tongs. Mary turned around then stopped. She turned back around to face her father. “Dad?” said Mary, “I know its tradition and all, but I was wondering if we could not eat turkey anymore,” said Mary very shyly, waiting for her father to respond. “Why Mary?” asked her father, in shock.

17: “Well because turkeys are on the path to extinction and because turkeys have feelings just like people. How would you like it if the turkeys ate you for dinner?” asked Mary. “Well I don't know how to reply to that, but I know that I wouldn't enjoy it that much,” said her father. Mary’s father thought about it for a second. It was silent between the two of them.

18: The silence was broke when her dad finally said, “Since I respect your feelings and opinions we will no longer eat turkey as a Thanksgiving dinner, but we will have it this year since we already bought it and since it is already cooking. Is that alright with you?” asked Mary’s father. “Yes it is, thank you daddy,” said Mary. “But Mary, before you run off and play I have a quick question for you,” said her father. “Sure anything,” said Mary.

19: “Well since we won't be eating turkey anymore what are we going to eat for Thanksgiving from now on?” asked Mary’s father. “Maybe we could eat ham or chicken,” said Mary. “Sounds like a plan,” said Mary’s father.

20: Mary headed back down to the playground where Mr. Gobbles was waiting for her. When she arrived at the playground Mr. Gobbles was there. He asked Mary if it had worked, and if she and her family would no longer be eating turkey for dinner. “It worked, we will no longer be eating turkeys for dinner,” said Mary.

21: “Mary you are a life saver, and I want to thank you with all of my heart,” said Mr. Gobbles. “You're welcome, Mr. Gobbles,” said Mary. “And now that my mission has been accomplished I must go,” said Mr. Gobbles.

22: Mary watched him walk away as she started to head back to the house. Her family arrives, and according to Mary, it was the best Thanksgiving ever.

24: About the Author | My name is Lacey Wetzel and I am a seventh grader at Lower Macungie Middle School. In my spare time I enjoy writing short stories for my friends and family. Someday I hope to get my short stories published.

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