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The Ugly Spot

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FC: The Ugly Spot A children's adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Birth-mark by Paul Kemper

1: Many years ago there lived a man named Aylmer; he was a very smart man that enjoyed studying nature and all of its wonders. He prepared scientific experiments in hopes of finding answers to Mother Nature's many mysteries.

3: Science had always been his love, but one day he noticed a beautiful women named Georgiana and asked her to be his wife.

5: Georgiana accepted his offer and they married. He loved Georgiana very much but he also remained dedicated to his scientific experiments.

7: Georgiana was a very beautiful women, but Aylmer thought that a red mark on her cheek made her less beautiful. Georgiana viewed the spot not as a defect but rather a beauty mark. Aylmer told his beautiful wife that she was almost perfect; her only defect was that shocking red mark on her face. Georgiana was deeply hurt by her husband's comments and responded, "You cannot love what shocks you!"

9: Aylmer paid little attention to the red mark before marrying Georgiana, but as time passed he could not stop thinking about the red mark and how it destroyed her beauty. It was a flaw that he found to be frightful and causing him great trouble. Aylmer could not go through the day without recognizing the awful symbol of imperfection. When they sat by the fire together he could not stop his gaze from examining the ugly mark.

11: Unfortunately, Georgiana noticed his gaze and she became extremely self-conscious of what was once a lucky beauty mark and now and ugly flaw.

13: One night Aylmer had a dream in which he considered the removal of this ugly mark from Georgiana's face. Unfortunately, he must have spoken horrible things during the dream which Georgiana heard. She confronted her husband and asked him if he rememberd the horrible dream. At first, Aylmer denied the dream, but after careful consideration he admitted that he did dream about cutting off the ugly red stain.

15: A very sad Georgiana finally agreed that removing the ugly red spot would free both of them from their pain. But Georgiana wondered how could the spot be removed? Aylmer was quick to offer a solution. He told his wife that he could remove it with his special powers. Georgiana wanted the spot removed so badly that she agreed to let her husband experiment with the removal of the spot, regardless of the risk. Aylmer gently kissed his wife on the cheek without the spot.

17: The next day Aylmer formulated a plan for the removal of the red spot. He brought Georgiana to his laboratory; she was amazed by all of the scientific investigative notebooks and equipment that Aylmer had. She had a new appreciation of her husband's scientific knowledge.

19: In the underground laboratory Aylmer had an assistant named Aminadab. Aminadab was an unusual looking fellow. Aminadab was very short with long shaggy hair dangling in his face. His arms were unusually long and they crudely hung down around his knees. He walked very clumsily with a bad limp favoring his left leg. His head was very large, and shaped like a prehistoic Neanderthal.

21: Aylmer had Georgiana lie on a table and he confidently began experimenting on his wife. Aylmer felt great excitement with the experimentation. He was excited with the thought of the ugly deformity being removed, but there was also another reason for his excitement and it had nothing to do with the improvement of his wife's face. Aylmer had a secret; the truth is he was even more excited with the prospect of using his powers and knowledge in science to defeat Mother Nature.

23: After the first few medicines failed to improve the condition, he brought Georgiana a drink and told her that this will surely cure your deformity. Georgiana was confident and impressed with her husband's knowledge of science. Prior to drinking the magic potion he warned her there could be danger and Georgiana responded that she did not care. She wanted the horrible spot removed at any cost. Aylmer confidently gave his wife the magic potion and told her that his knowledge of science will not fail him. Perhaps Aylmer was more interested finding out if he magic potion worked than concern for his wife's safety.

25: Shortly after drinking the medicine, the spot started to fade, and Aylmer believed he had defeated human imperfection. Unfortunately, Georgiana slipped into a deep sleep never to awaken again. The End

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