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TheTull Family

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S: The Tull Family

1: Table Of Contents Pearl Beck Cody Ezra Jenny Slevin Luke Ruth Emmaline Mrs. Scarlatti The Archery Incident The Break Up The Homesick Restaurant About the Author

2: Pearl | losing her vision | She felt that going to college would be an admission to defeat. | To a pearl among woman | It wasThe purest fact of her life: she did not understand him, and she never would | Her one mistake: a simple error in judgment.

3: spare children, like spare tires, or those extra lisle stockings they used to package free with each pair. | She was the most cultured and refined little lady that he had ever known. | She often lost her temper.

4: Beck | Beck was away on business. | The Tanner Corporation | Lean and rangy | She met him at church | "NObody Knows The Trouble I've Seen" | He didn't want to stay married. | He looked like a fool. | His father had ruined their lives. | If I just saw him on the street, I would have passed him by.

5: Looks like I'll be moving up the ladder Little place convenient to the railway station Told me i was doing well. Ed Ball is retiring in June, and i step into his territory which has the highest per capitta income in Delaware. | This was not a person.

6: Cody | The Trouble Maker | Meddlesome Cody | lacked patience | prone to unreasonable rages | Always hard to locate. | You've been mean since the day you were born. | If I hear one more word, Cody Tull, you're out of the game. Forever! Understood? You're always cheating, tormenting, causing trouble. | Time is what i deal with.

7: Why can't you be more like your brother? | The First Born | He became so successful. | He insisted on winning any game he played. | Is that so. Well, I sure am proud of you, son.

8: He had refused to go to college and started instead what is mother openly hoped was a temporary job in Scarlatti's Restaurant. | Ezra | So sweet and clumsy. | The second child | a glimmer in the twilight, slower and more wandery in him movements | inept | hadn't lived up to his potential | She likes Ezra best, my dumb brother. Sissy old Ezra. | No, no i quit. | He'd been discharged, honorably, for sleepwalking. | Ezra irritated her, with his calm and his docility. | "Le Godiveau de Poisson"

9: He was always so quick to catch his family's moods, and to offer food and drink and unspoken support. | He'd let a person walk all over him but then display, at odd moments, a deep and rock-hard stubbornness. | Ezra was her favorite, her pet. | The longer he piddles about in that woman's restaurant the harder he'll find it to get back on track.

10: Jenny | such fun to dress, to fix her hair in different styles. | her greatest dream was to be a doctor. | Dear Jenny: I unreasonably took offense at what was, in fact, a natural reaction on your part. I much have seemed ridiculous. What i had intended was that we might become better acquainted over the summer and then marry in the fall. The above sounds more pragmatic then I'd intended. Actually, I find I love you, and an awaiting your earliest reply. Sincerely, Harley Baines | Dr. Tull is Not a Toy

11: too flighty | so flippant | She was skinny and sever and studious-looking. Her bones were so sharp, they seemed likely to puncture her skin. | If you don't go and get married, you'll be destroyed by love.

12: Slevin | He's not sociable at all, has no friends, seems moody, with-drawn. | He is very intelligent, but English: D- Math: C History: D Science: D He skipped February. | Slevin stole my vacuum cleaner. | I just needed to borrow it for a spell.

13: Slevin may be experiencing emotional problems due to the adjustments at home. | I believe he steals what reminds him of his mother.

14: Luke | Nine pounds, Three ounces | A beautiful baby with a head that seemed adult in its shape-sharply defined, the golden hair trimmed close and neat. His firm, straight lips seemed adult as well,and he had an unchild-like way of walking. | They won't go to Ocean City; they'll go to beaches on the moon.

15: He was accustomed to relying on his mother for such things. iIn the old days, his mother had done everything for him. She had got on his nerves, as a matter of fact. | Isn't Ezra the real, true father of Luke?

16: Ruth | A small person in overalls, a girl. She was a weasel-faced little redhead. | There were calluses like pebbles on her palm. | The beautiful, black-haired Ruth of his dreams-gone. | Skinny and boyish, overalls flapping around her shinbones, she races giggling down the assembly line with Ezra hot on her heels. | Welcome to our family, Ruth. | In fact, he [Cody] felt full of her.

17: I think you're perfect, You're the most beautiful woman I've laid eyes on. | Dear Ruth, Had lunch with Donna the other day and she told me you were going with a real nice fellow. Was kind of hazy on the particulars but when she said his name was Tull and he came from Baltimore i knew it must be Cody. Everybody here knows Cody, was all just love him, he really is a good man at heart and has been misjudged for years by people who don't understand him. Well' Ruthie, I guess you're smarter then I gave you credit for, I always thought you'd settle for one of those dime-a-dozen blond types but now I see I was wrong. I'll be waiting for the details. Love, Laurie May

18: Emmaline | Pearl's Best Friend

19: She reminded him of a woodchuck | She was the only friend Pearl ever mentioned.

20: Mrs. Scarlatti

21: She was a bleak and striking woman. so fashionably dressed that it seemed an insult to her particular section of Baltimore. | Her black hair was swept completely to the right, like on of those extreme Vogue magazine model's.

22: The Archery Incident | Some hoe she got hit. it was Cody who drew the bowstring, but that was accidental; Cody was not the one she had blamed, after the first little flurry. She blamed Beck | Jenny was running to get there first | See what you've gone gone and done? Gone and done it to me again. | First Pearl claims she's not athletic, then Jenny says it's too cold, then you and Ezra get in some kind of argument or quarrel, end up scuffling, shoot off an arrow, and wing your mother.

23: The things he spent his money on. | Now wait, son you want to do things right, now. | I thought it would be such fun, bring us all together-a family drive to the country, where we'd set up a target on a tree trunk and shoot out bows and arrows.

24: The Break Up | She couldn't tell them. | She'd been an angry sort of mother. She'd been continually on edge; she'd felt too burdened, too much alone. And after Beck left, she'd been so preoccupied with paying the rent and juggling the budget and keeping those great,clod-footed children in new shoes. | Children there's something I want to discuss with you. | And all three gazed at her coolly, out of gray, unblinking, level eyes exactly like her own. | She wore Me out. Used up my good points. Used up all my good points. | I was sitting over a beer in the kitchen that Sunday evening and all at once, not even knowing I'd do it, i said,'Pearl, I'm leaving.'

25: Beck was still not home, jenny cried. couldn't he ever be home? | The money stopped when Jenny turned eighteen-or two months after. | I'm worried about Daddy. Cody, you can see that he doesn't come home anymore. I think he's left us. | Notice where I've got to, how far I've come without you. | I wish Daddy were here. | He's really not ever coming home, is he? | I saw that you could live without me.

26: The Homesick Restaurant | A toast to the new full partner of Scarlatti's Restaurant. | With this dollar i hereby purchase a partnership in Scarlatti's Restaurant | Waitresses belonged in truck stops. | Gizzard soup | Tell Ezra to change the sign

27: He ran a restaurant on St. Paul Street-not at all what she had planned for him. | A real family dinner. | He'd cook what people felt homesick for. | Oh, my God, you might at least waited till i died. | Wonderful! | This group. This gathering. This...Assemblage. | It looks like this is one of those great big, jolly, noisy, rambling...why, families! | I want this family to finish a meal together.

28: Andrea Elizabeth Haddad

29: About the Author | Andrea Haddad was born in Denver, CO in 1991 but grew up in Fort Wayne, IN. She graduated from Hickory Grove Baptist Christian School at eighteen and will be going to Glenville State College in the fall. This is her first scrapbook. This album was made for the Tull Family. It holds the wonderful and not so wonderful memories about the Tull's. This album tells the Tull's life. I had a pleasure making this album for the Tull Family. I enjoyed getting to know every member of the family plus the members that were added on by marriage. I ran into a couple challenges along the way. The family didn't provide for me enough information about some of the family members so I had to go with what i knew.

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